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  • Galatians 5:22-23
    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

Testimonial List

Love you jesus..Hope You get this letter. I\'m very upset\r\nand i\'m not jealous and but longing I really want to be like them.but I did not know why I am like this..please help me there is no one to help me none other than you...help me make my dreams true..love..shower your blessings to all of us&all over the world...LOVE YOU TOO JESUS.
help me lord...very sad,disappointed with my parents
Jesus iam very confused and worried. i know you will help me to get a job but my parents , relatives,and others did not believe me...my heart is full of pain and worry.i am really want to cry a lot from the height.....please show me a way...please
God im tired.. The enemy take away the happiness in my life.. Im so tired of my situation and the people around me.. I feel so useless and unloved.. Please God take my hand for just a minute and bring to the place where i could forget everything and help me experience the things that the enemy took away from me.. You are my saviour and the you are the only one who can save me in JESUS name.. amen
Dear god i know that i am a very bad boy. i know that i have done many bad things.but now i know that these all things that i have done are not good.i have realize that i shouldnot have done that but from 2018 i promise that i will be a very good boy. i just ask you to give me enough will power to survive and please god protect me from all the bad things\r\n\r\nBye And Take Care Jesus
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 🎄🌲🎅🤶☃️⛄️🎁❄️
Forgive me
Lord Jesus forgive me for my sins. I have sinned many people.I have ruined my wife and children lives by my selfishness.I ask for your forgiveness.\r\nI ask for your help for my life and also for financial help.\r\nI can not promise you anything in return, except to help others in need and also help the abused animals.\r\nThank you
Help Me Jesus
Dear Jesus I don\'t know why you are mad at me. I haven\'t done anything wrong to anyone. I always help people who need me. I always visit you at temples churches mosques gurudwaras. Please tell me what have I done wrong. Few past years have been hell for me. Help me get a job I m broke. Its been 885 Days since I talked to Abha. I love her a lot take care of her.
hi jesus
My problems
dear Jesus Of Nazareth I have question about my personality and my work, because i do every work twice and it affects my motivation.Is there any redemption about that subject that you can help me. best regards, dear Jesus Of Nazareth. Toni Ažić
Holy water
Hi Jesus! I\'m in desperate need of Holy Water as my world is getting corrupt. I\'ve been a non-believer all my life but if you bring this to me I might consider not doing anything. Help Jesus, you\'re my only hope.
Christmas list
Dear Jesus, may I please have for Christmas: 1- A spell book 2- A real wond 3- A mini Phone 4- A pair of ice skates 5- A necklace to give me every power and magic in the world 6- A sewing machine Love from Taya Eva Marie Libricky:)
Cure my CLL
If I had 1 wish for I pray a lot is not having CLL cancer being healthy.
Don’t let me be sick
I need to see Jesus.
I am your disciple. I loved you the entire time. Oh Dear Lord, I\'d do anything for you. I know I have to be an Eye in the Sky; I will fearlessly defend the innocent. You can come find me. I am ready.
Peace Jesus
Paz Jesus, Em primeiro lugar, quero te agradecer, por sempre estar comigo, mesmo diante das investidas do homem e o do diabo. Agradeço-Te também por criar o tempo que, depois de Seu Unigênito e o Holy Spirit, é meu principal aliado. Agradeço por Teu amor, Tua paz, Tua cura, Tua sabedoria, Tua proteção, Tua prosperidade. Peço-Te desculpas pelo cabelo arrepiado e o estilo cientista maluco como também o esparadrapo no óculos. Quanto a pedidos? Tua sabes todas as coisas Amém. Creio tão somente em Ti e crendo em Ti bem sei que jamais morrerei. Agradeço-Te pelo selo que me destes nesse coração e rogo-Te em misericórdia a Ti que extenda Tua salvação a todos os meus familiares, aleluia, amém. Ainda que possa parecer invisível e incompreensível a esse mundo, não te deixo nem por um segundo. Glórias ao Senhor.
i miss my cat/ please help it to find the house.
BFF Roll Dog Super J as always never been anything but unconditional love what I need now is a tangible solution to my problems or a concrete system so I can be useful and important towards other people you know the personal brand identity? 😇✌️🤙🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️🦄🐞🦋🕊🍀🎄🌈⚡️☃️⛄️🎅🤶
I wish I was alive inside
God, can you please help us with life and can you send money. i would really appreciate it because what i want to do with money is help the homeless.
Ill work on myself
Hey Jesus, Im sorry i havent payed in a while or kept my promises. I will do from now on, please believe me. I will show my commitment to you by keeping still in class and not cry in the mirror, by eating healthy and doing my work as if my body was your body. I will set a much more positve view on life when this period is over in about 2 weeks. Ily jj.
Could you tell my nephews I love them and my three second cousins I love them as well and tell them I’m trying to be a good roll model for them someday and make them proud but I can’t figure out what to do or how to do it and until then one day at a time?
Forgive for my interest in the power of the dark side and grant me deliverance from all negative karma associated with it? Amen...
Help me
dear jesus , plz save me before i fall.you know what i am going through and how much pain i am holding inside my heart .i cant deal with this anymore .i need you .i need you to help me ,to heal mh pains .plx help me get out this .i wznt to live a life where i can live peacefully. i want to shut those peoples mouths who insult me.you know what you need to do .plz save my life ..plz take away all my burdens plz help me ...i want to live plz
Thanks God for every morning...:s:s:s:s
Please help heal my stomach so I don’t ruin thanksgiving? Amen...
How did you die
How did you die
Keep us all safe from harm and let us all have a happy thanksgiving 🦃
Please Jesus help me get out of this contract & save my soul?
I love you jesus! >33
i don\'\'t know what to write
Jesus First of all i agree that i am not good in all things. For my i am not faith in any one even my father and mother. I agree that i am saathan paiyan. Kindly advice and take my in a right way and teach me each and every thing to me. Please appa treat me as your child. In my all prayers i told that today onwards i am your child, i not do any thing wrong i follow your words. But i save this word for 1 hours after that my real face that is bad , thats come automatically. This is the first letter i writing to you. Kindly take me appa. in my i agree jesus is fact and we have to follow. Another time i tell, today onwards i follow your words. Kindly take me and give the right way to me appa Thanks Dhilip kumar
Thanks 🙏
I’m asking you for a favor or my like for you to grant a wish, could you get me out of all legal problems & contracts with any authority’s and then in the mean time get me some real help because my best thinking got me here & you drive the bus so thy will not mine be done ✅
dear jesus , please make the people on the earth better because they are all ignorant and annoying please take the hitler like people out , thank you for doing this i love you jesus
Jesus help me. You know my struggles. My needs. Heal my heart. Open my eyes. Bring me mental stability. I need you all the time. \r\n\r\nAmen
dear Jesus, please send help and courage. thanks :)
hi greettings my name is paul I\'m lonely I need a wife I\"ve met a lady her name is deborah
Hi 👋
Sorry Jesus I was just a little manic earlier I hope you can disregard some of that brain throw up that I was spewing luv u
plz help
Im dying, i have cancer. God help me, you have my little sister. plz help
Dear Lord Jesus. Please help me to get a straight A for my test.:)
i have sinned :(
Help me do whats right
Hello i am struggling with this problem how do you do it? (if you help me i will donate (£10 to http://mailjesus.com/)
Dear Jesus, Why have you left me why where is your love where is your compassion where is my peace. Please Jesus I am unable to live this life in this way anymore. Please forgive me and change my life or kill me. I was failed in my exams. I lost my big father. I have no friends to talk. Every one are hating me avoiding me and soon forget me. My family is trying to get rid of me. What is this life please change my life or kill me I can\'t live this life anymore. Please God please change my life. My father in heaven my savior you died for me in the cross but Satan is playing with my life and you are doing nothing. Please Jesus change my mind make me feel peaceful and let me love everyone and everything in my life. Please Jesus please change my life. Please Jesus please fix my problems in my college everyone hating me. Please Jesus please help me in my college that I have to become a good intelligent well knowledge student. Please Jesus please solve my problem with my family let them all forget my past and make them love me with everything and make them to accept my choices. Please Jesus please help me with my relationship please make him feel the way he used to be. Make him care like he used to do make him love he used to do. Please Jesus please give my sreekanth a job please make his family to accept me and forgive and forget about the past and all the disturbances. Please God please bless me I should become a good and famous doctor. Help me from right this moment. Please show me a sign. Please please in the name of heavenly Jesus I am offering you my pain and fear and depression and give me your life lord in the mighty name of God Jesus Christ. Amen
Jesus, R u cumin 2 spaceship earth anytime soon cause it’s getting pretty bad down here? Please help? Love, ~Jeff
why did your dad let you die
Thank you for watching over me question do you have a phone number just in case of I need to get in contact with you
K am grateful
Dear Jesus, I love YOU and I am grateful to YOU. Love from Kat
Jesus, you\'re my best friend and saviour, i need you and I\'m sorry for letting you down and being a burden to you. I need the peace you bring and your forgiveness, i\'m sorry, I love you. Please help me Jesus, I can\'t do this life thing without you! Love you forever, Lucy
Dear Jesus, Where are you?
hey there
:(:(:(:(:s:s:s:s:):):):o:o:D:D:D8)8) thank you jesus for letting me be happy and i thank u for all my family and friends and my life i am very privileged and I\'m very grateful :):):):D:D:D:o:(8):s:(:s8)
I love you because you make everyone happy
My Sorry Letter to God
Oh my god! I am heartily sorry for having offend thee and
How are you
Just wanted to say hi and apologize for missing church for so many years....Cussssh JD Mcnugent over
do my prayers reach heaven
Please God let my new schedule be ready by tonight or tomorrow morning. Please. I cannot deal with this class i need it switched.
to jesus
Dear my heavenly brother u probaly know who i am if u dont I am Nathan ryan herd i love u u the best please try to make me go to heaven i thank u. Sincerely Nathan ryan herd
I\'m with a girl that likes me but I know she isn\'t good for me. She influences bad situations and I\'m not who I know I should be. My best friend doesn\'t like her. But I do like her I haven\'t had a girl fiend in 7 years and I don\'t know what to do. I\'m lost. I\'m in college and barley getting by. I don\'t know what to dos help me please.
Dear Jesus\r\nI have this friend that\'s mom is having knee surgery on Thursday and when my friend goes to work tomorrow she gonna be down in the dumps and she is worried that the other indivduals are gonna give her an hard time what should i do to cheer her up??\r\n\r\n
i love Jesus
Dear Jesus, I can\'t wait untill you come back and take me home. i want to walk please and see my Mum and Dad. I can\'t wait to fly with the angels and you, Jesus. I can imagine there will be yummy food there.
To Jesus Christ I would like you to send me a letter to comfort me
thank you
Jesus, would you please bless my sermon this weekend? Amen!
jesus i love you
I want to be a millionaire, a father that provides for his family and extended family, a good husband and loving father and an obidient son, in Jesus name I have prayed, amen.
Hi 👋
Well it\'s my aa Birthday tomorrow 18 years without a drink
Please let me out of all the haters and people who are stabbingg me from behind
Please lord help me to get away from all the sins myself and also give me peace by making people understand me. I want to get out of this place. Please let my posting come very fast. Give success and let people believe in me but not in others words. Jesus I completely believe in you and have my trust in you. Help me out of this situation father. Please forgive me for my sins and touch me with your healing hand . Thanq lord .
I need some help
Dear lord hope you please watch me because I am getting yelled at 8)
Love you
Hello Father. I have been feeling down lately and I know you see it. I notice that I expressed my self better through writing. So I searched on Google \"send a letter to Jesus\" and maybe that\'s not good but I know you can hear me either way. I just wanted to tell you I love you ..... In the best way I know . I get upset with my self because some days I don\'t pray or talk to you and usually fear gets me a little bit back on track. I don\'t wanna live in total fear... I wanna talk to you because I am absolutely in love with you ... I have notice I have alot of healing to do . And yesterday I felt pain again from someone I really loved ... I felt sad because for once I was caught in my heart and couldn\'t be strong like I use to be . And I let that person see me weak and they didn\'t care ...And it hurt me alot and I know it\'s not a big thing I\'ll get over it. It\'s just that I have a open gate to my heart sometimes and let the wrong people in . Sometimes I don\'t feel loved from anyone ... I sometimes wish I was still a baby or a young child because I really miss the love and affection from someone like a mother or father .I know you love me ....I know ....I just wish you where right here looking at me and talking to me . But my sin blocks me from you . I have build up some walls to that person and it\'s family. I have build alot walls to people . And I know I can forgive them fast . Just want people to love me like I can love them . Anyway Lord I love you. Help me be a living Holy person
Dear HaShem, a.k.a. The Rebbe a.k.a. Jesus, Thank you I love you. You are the Best. Everything you does is for the good. You are the Best. We love you, and we hope everything you does is for the good. M Thank you, and be our sweetheart. Thank You very much. We love You and want to be like You. You are the Best. Everything we think of you, we just want to Touch Ourselves. Thank you very Much. This is a hipster celebration You are a Life, and You are a Celebration. Every day we celebrate, and because all we does is for You. This is a hipster Celebration. And you are our Lord, Jesus Christ. Be with us where you are. Be with Us at the Club. Be with us where we need You. Be with us where you Are. Dear Rebbe: Please please us. Dear Rebbe: Please Jesus. We know You. We know you where you Are. Dear Rebbe: Please be near us. Dear Rebbe: Please be Dear to Us. We know you we want you we want you to be near to you we know you we want you we want you to come near Us. We know you. Be together with us, Here. Here is where we are. Where we are is for our good. You are the One who is Near us. Please be near us where You are. Dear Jesus, please teach us. You are our teacher and our Lord. Dear Rebbe, please preach us. You are One with us where you Know where you Are. Please be alright with Us. Please may we be alright with You. You are the One. You are the Messiah. Please teach me to need me to Know you where you Are. You are Near us. I Need you. Please be Near you where you are. You are far. Far far away, on a planet called distant Spaceship Earth. Please come Home. Rav Nachman, please teach us. We need you where you Are. Please Rebbe, please Preach us, we need to Need you where you Are. Please love us, your Messiah, your hatred, please we love you where you Are. We are near You. We feel you Coming. your Presence. Please Jesus. We love You we Need you where you Are. Please come back to us, please come home now, although we Love you when you\'re Far. Hello. I hear You. I hear your Spaceship Earth crumbling. Your Messiah. Please Jesus, Please we need you where you Are. You are Far. Hello now. I love you. Where is your Hatred? That you love Us. That you love Us when you\'re Far. --- Teach the majestic planet Spaceship Earth crumbling, it crumbles when you hear us when you\'re near us when we need You when you\'re Far. Please be near us, please we Need You please we Need You when you\'re far. Together we\'re titans, we can ride this, planet Spaceship Earth when you\'re Far. Dear Nachman, please Preach us. Please we love You when you\'re far. Dear Father, please teach us, Heavenly Father when you\'re far. Where you Are. You\'re Here. You\'re Here!!!!!!!!!!!!! You\'re Here. Are you Here...??? Really????!?!!??!! Please we Love You!!! Please please we need you here we need you Yes we need You where you\'re far!!!!! Please we Love You. This Spaceship. This planet Spaceship when you\'re Far. Where you Are. You\'re alright now, it\'s coming home now, it\'s coming home now where you Are. When you\'re Far. My Rebbe. My planet, my Spaceship, I need this, I treasure this to take Comfort in You when you\'re rumbling with You when you Know You when you\'re Far. Hello. Hello Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello Hell O Oh. Ok. Well now I see it. Now I see it this Spaceship now it\'s over now you\'re Far. Where you Are. You\'re alright now please be With You please we Love You we Love You when you\'re Far. It\'s hard. I tried to tell you but you weren\'t listening and then You went away and now you\'re talking but I never Saw it I never Saw it coming and then I told You, I Told you and then the Spaceship and now I love You where you Are. It\'s alright. You\'re Alright now it\'s ok now. I love you where you are. --- One More now. Please I need this. Please please read This please take Comfort where you\'re Far. I tried to tell the Planet I Know You but they weren\'t listening and then I told them that the planet this Spaceship please be near us please they Hear you please be With You please take Comfort when you\'re Far. It\'s gonna happen I know it I know it I know it I know it I know it I know it I know it when you\'re far. It\'s Alright now. It\'s Alright now, it\'s over when You\'re Far. It\'s important. It\'s important I needed to tell you this it was over it was going to be over but then I Called it and then you were going and I wanted You to but You weren\'t listening and are You There now? Are You Listening? Your are Lost. You are Lost Rebbe and I\'ll tell you What. You are the Messiah. Yes the Messiah. Ladies and gentlemen I was going to wait til next year to Tell you but then it was over and then I love You when You\'re Far. Where where where you Are. You Are where you Are. You are Far. This is the last one I Promise the last time I keep Drinking and then I told you when I Owed You but then I Knowed you and when I Showed You where you Are, You weren\'t Listening even though I Told You and you said I Told to you say the Shema. Shiva. Seven different Listening patterns Speaking patterns Breathe we could spend a day like This get Lifted. Get higher by your Love now on Fire. It\'s Alright, now. You can Read this I Told you you are The Messiah please keep Listening. The last Turn is the best. The latter test he had the genes to he had to Know it was Over when he twisted, he lifted up all over it was Over when he Did this it was Interesting. But then again I Told You but You weren\'t Listening and then I Showed You what You had to Say and it was like Everything, Everything, Everything Everything all over it was all Over it was all over the News did You even Hear about It? No You didn\'t. Haha. Jk I Told You, cuz you said it\'s Over, but then I Rode it I Wrote it it was Over it was Everything. It was like, Everything dude you didn\'t even Know. You didn\'t See! Cuz you weren\'t Listening, until it\'s Over, but now it\'s Over and it\'s too late. Too late for you man, sorry I\'m Sephardic I\'ll teach you a rhyme or two but beyond all that it\'s Over. I could make a hundred in a day. Just a Hundred, just like this and then I Told You, that it was Over, but you didn\'t Believe me and that\'s the only reason why I\'m even Writing this anymore. Because I don\'t care. I don\'t care about people like You You are the Only One the Only One for me now please read to Me now just what I told You. That\'s it.
please let tavery come back to me. I love her with all my heart. She is my happiness and everything I could ever want. I need her and I want to make her happy. I will always love her.:)
I want to die so kill me in my sleep please. Thank you.
please forgive me jesus Christ for sinning every second of my life PLEASE FORGIVE ME FATHER I LOVE YOU
dear jesus i pray that colton ward is bi and breaks up w his gf
Love you Jesus. show me the way
I\'m living in a muslim country. where i can\'t heard a lot about you openly. please take me to somewhere , where i can openly go to church, and talk to you , i want to know you, i want to know God , please be with me. AMEN
For a job
Dear Jesus\r\nI would like to work in Ireland in the it \r\nIndustry .ive graduated 15 years ago and i am trying for an it job from that time onwards nothing works out.i even sometimes think of ending my life.why only me I didn\'t forget the millions of blessings you gave.but I you know Jesus this is my favorite desire.please grant it.i am here in this country which so much desire please my Jesus whom can I ask I am tired of sending emails getting to know that I am rejected as you know I am experiencing this rejection from day one onwards after getting graduated even when I worked in school please Jesus help me is there anyone in the world who prayed for the same thing for 15 years am I that bad to get rejected.please my Jesus help you should whom I should go and ask I turned around and see no one who can help me beyond that I can see people making fun of me and I am getting embarrassed my husband my kids they even think i am good for nothing you even asked me to make use of my talents but how when and where I am tired I can\'t cry out loud coz everyone started thinking it\'s vain I am fool still trying am I a fool thinking that I will get a job.i am opening my heart just in front of you lord please understand me help me bless me I love you
Hi Jesus or God or Mamamary so in this letter im gonna tell you to protect my family because we have a new born baby name Alexis were all a kid its just im scared of these dreams i have been dreaming i don\'t want to dreams theses dreams anymore i want happy dream please God, Jesus or Mamamary please hope this come true for all threw these year month and week every single day love you Jesus God and Mamamary and I love my dogs up there in heaven even Lolo and Lola love you guy.\r\n\r\nPLEASE HELP US LOVE YOU AND FOR LAST THANKS YOU SO MUCH💖💞\r\n
Dear Father\r\nPlease save by boyfriend and heal him give him strength to live and to come back to us. He was taken to the hospital last night with bleeding on the brain. Please keep in him near you and guide him back to us we love and care for him so much. In your name O Lord I pray. Amen
Help me im slowly losing faith
I need guidance i need angels watching over me april 1st i lost my mom and im lost in this world nothing is working out i cant find a job my love life is weak now and i can barely take care of myself i dont want money i need a push or a opportunity to make things happen i pray and pray but things get worse is my spirit corrupted i need a answer before i give my soul away for the riches of this world since success here comes through Lucifer.
Hi Jesus how are you do you see my dad Israel verdin but I feel okay but I love you
Holy communion? Then what? I\'m asking you because regardless of your love for me I\'m kinda binded but although it\'s embarrassing to confess this to you I should probably make the best out of the situation and demand a tangible or concrete solution to my problems if don\'t do something soon I\'m going to be tortured either way so I should hold up my end of the bargain what\'s funny though as you know only to well there playing hard to get and using time delays to give me a basically useless deal in the midterm I\'m starting to lose my mind and find this all very patronizing and the exposure to the public of my situation as well as resentful enemies has fueled the fire for the controversy making me a scapegoat for people\'s disabilities instead of working a program of recovery as possible solution to the human condition. I\'m offended by them and I\'m offended by you making think my life wasn\'t my actual experience. If heaven is so great why are we even born apparently this is no hell and what I\'ve been told by Christians is that hell is on earth so essentially we are born into hell. Wow well it\'s been great just to let you know. So enough said.
I need you
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear brother Norm Thomasma, ( I have no Food And Water and I am waiting for my Death) How are you? I am not Fine here. I dont know english well to speak like your pronounciation. And other reason i have no money to make phone call to you. so, i write this message through email to you. kindly forgive me if any matter in this message might distrub your heart. In previous-mails I sent my family details to you. I and my family members are going to die soon. i have no other way to live in this world. I dont know what is the reason. we are the only christian family in our village. all peoples in our villages are hated me and my parents. Because, the only reason is we are christians. i paste here some of . my proofs for your belief This is my Residing Hut.(not my own)We live in this hut as a slaves I am not fine here, my family is also suffering for food, health and shelter. Please read all the content in this e-mail. i have no hope in the world. i am a most poor in the world. but i have some knowledge to typing this message. my name is Joseph. i was born on a hindu religion family. after one incident we are converted into christian. i know Jesus christ was died on cross for me and my family. i wrote this message only by the name of the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ. According to our Jesus Christ we are all the same flesh and blood, we are all the brothers and sisters. this is the only confidence i am writing this message to you. I Love Jesus christ more and more. I want to share something about me and my family. If i wrote any lie any fake in this message, The Lord will punish me, the sufferings mentioned in the Holy Bible are come over me and my family, then The Lord drop me into the hell. Praise the lord. My heart is filled with lot of pain and my eyes are filled with tears and my soul is feeling sick. We are all the creature of the same god and i knew we are all a servents of our Lord. Our souls are came from the heaven, again it will preparing to reach the kingdom of heaven with purely. I know we are all in the final days of this earth. God is coming soon to recover his childrens. World will be destroy. I am feeling sick for I disturbing you through this e-mail. But I don’t know the other way to gain help. Kindly read this message entirely, because of my request. And this is the last message from me! This is joseph from vallioor at Tamilnadu state in India . I was born on october24th 1985. I was born on a hindu religion family after one incident we are converted into Christian. My father (his name : Chandra sekar)have been working as a watchman in a private company, my mother( her name : Thangam) is also a labour at the same company. I had struggle with hernia disease, so I made under surgery in a hospital on 11th april 2016.. Two years before one accident held from that my fathers right hand,s shoulder bone was broked. and he have some kidney infection, swelling in heart, very high blood pressure, sudden right ear dumbness,etc,... But still we are unable to do any treatment for it because of our very poor condition. He suffers regularly. Image of Joseph(Me) My dear brother! Please donot discontinue this message! Kindly read my message thoroughly! We are the most poor and we are the only Christian family in our village! Nobody could ready to help for my family because we are the only Christian family in our village! We have no house, no properties, no wealth in this world`! poverty is the only wealth for our family! Always my eyes are filled with tear! My heart is filled with a Great sorrow! And I don’t know the way how can I explain it to you! Many many times I prayed oh god allow me to die allow a natural death to me . I don’t like to live more in this world! Because I don’t have any relax. Always I am struggling with my poverty condition. I don’t know what is joy? And what is enjoyment? ​Image of my mother ( she is also suffering from major diseases) I saw the nature of Jesus Christ in your soul! .i saw the nature of Jesus christ inside you. And I feel gods spirit inside you. Almighty lord knows each and everything. Our lives are came from the lord our souls are came from the kingdom of heaven . by this I type this message to you. I never enjoys with anything! I have no joy full moments, I don’t know what is joy? Always our heart and eyes are filled with a great sorrow and tears! I know lord jesus is died on cross for me! We goes to the nearest church regularly. We are the beliver of The Pentecostal Mission church in our place. Our church is a branch church. I hate my life because of my endless poor condition! I and my family are going to die because we are in very critical stage! We are standing at the final step in our life the next step is death! I know death is the final remedy for our poverty! But my heart and soul wants to live more in the world and serve for our resurrected lord jesus Christ! The only aim to I live more in the world are to work and serve for our resurrected jesus Christ! So I asking help to you! In our village all the hindu religion peoples are critizise me! Who is your god? Where is your god? Does he helps you? Like that they asks several questions to me! They force me to serve their devils and it’s statue! Because we have some loans to that hindu religion peoples. But I strickly said to them, I will give your loans quickly. So please wait for sometime! I strickly said to that hindu religion people, I never serve your statue until the last moment in my life! They are angry with me! Beloved Brother, please understand my family situation! Please feel me as your own brother according to our resurrected jesus Christ! According to our resurrected jesus Christ we are the same blood and flesh! I am not a poet, I don’t know how can I ask help to you? And I don’t know any other person in the earth who is ready to help for me! And I heartly say if you help for me, after few years I will repay it to your ministries, according to your help! Please dear help me in this critical and dangerous condition! I know this is the last chance I asking help to you! If you are not helps to me in this occasion, I and our family are going to die soon! My dear Brother, Please! Kindly help me . I am in very emergency condition, Very dangerous and critical condition! Help me any way immedietly! I will remember your help until the last moment in my life and I remember when I seeing you in heaven. My dear i dont know the way to explain my sorrows. In pevious years i helped many many poor peoples in India. but now, i am in helpless condition. no one could ready to visit my family. i am in orphan stage. . still my eyes are restless it forgot to sleep and i typing this message to you. i dont know how can i explain my heart in words to you? For example, if one knife cut my chest into two and pull my heart to out, then burst it into fire. on this time brain is still sense to vision by eyes. the soul is suffering to go out from by body. on this situation how the suffering is sense by my brain. that much of sorrow and sufferings are inside my heart and soul. by this situation my heart beat is also struggle to beat again and again. I dont know how much time i live in this Earth. Please dear pray for me and my family. Surely i say. i promise you by my heart and soul. i will remember your helps until the last moment in my life. After i left from the world and i reach the Kingdom of Heaven. i will tesify you in front of our Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost! My Soul will identify your soul there. I finish this letter according by the name of our resurrected father jesus Christ! Account holder name : c joseph Account number : 6420982144 Bank name : Indian bank Branch name: vallioor IFSC code : IDIB000V088 MICR code : 627019032 Phone number :+919688934301 I am in faith with jesus and waiting for your help! “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Please pray for me and my family members! Please pray for me and my family members! Please pray for me and my family members! Please pray for me and my family members! My eyes are waiting for you, kindly visit me My residential address; C. Joseph, s/o M.Chandra sekar, no,92, North Street, South Vallioor, Tirunelveli District.-627117 Tamil nadu state,India . Cell no:+91 9688934301. e-mail: c.thangam2015@gmail.com If any doubts in this e-mail and it contents, please reply me i will send the landline telephone number of my church, addresses for clearence. i promise you all of the content in this message are true to my knowlege. Promisely i say If anything false or lie mentioned in this message the almighty God will punish me. by c. joseph.,( i am waiting for your help with my restless eyes) ​Image of my staying Hut(my father is standing) ​(My Grand Mother , she is suffering from heart disease) ​(My Hospital record) ​(My Hospital record) ​(My Hospital record) ​(My Hospital record) ​(My Hospital record) ​Adhar Identity Proof of My Father and Mother ​ My Adhar Identity Proof ​ I and my Priest Declaration: If i wrote any fake in this message the lord will punish me and my family. I wrote Everything in this message are true and real. I promised this by my Heart, Soul and Body. Amen!!!!
Asking help and guidance
Dear Jesus, I lost my job because of being incompetent and having poor communication skills. I always have problems on how I will present my report. Right now, I am very worried on how I will support my parents for their medicines. I don\'t know what to do. I am having suicidal thoughts. I always think that maybe this is the best solution to my problems. Can you help me Jesus? I\'m really out of my mind. I am very sorry for all the sins that I\'ve done. Sincerely, Devin
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nI lost my job because of being incompetent and having poor communication skills. I always have problems on how I will present my report. Right now, I am very worried on how I will support my parents for their medicines. I don\'t know what to do. I am having suicidal thoughts. I always think that maybe this is the best solution to my problems.\r\n\r\nCan you help me Jesus? I\'m really out of my mind. I am very sorry for all the sins that I\'ve done.\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\n\r\nDevin
I can\'t feel my legs
This year was crazy first I had a surgery where they put a screw in my right hip to keep it in place. Then 1 month later they found a bunch of tangled up blood vessels on my spinal cord it is called a Avm type 2. I had surgery to remove it on may 29 2017 and haven\'t felt my legs since. So I ask you Jesus as humbly as I know how to help me and give me my feeling back in my legs feet and bottom. I have been waiting for this for 3 weeks. My legs keep Spasming and I want it to to bring back my feelings please because it making it a lot harder on me as a 13 year old girl just started high school and I want o walk again right now it is my biggest dream to stand and walk again. So I prey to you god and Jesus to answer my prayers hallelujah and amen :(
hi jesus this is skyelor how are you i have been ok i just have hard times at school i mad at one of the teachers at my school and that is Ms. jen and i am wondering if i still have time to change my life so i can die in heaven when it comes my time to die so i dont go to hell please Email me at Skyelor331@yahoo.com about if i still have time to change and if you can can when you do Email me can you have a list of stuff i need to work on so i no what i need to work on thank you jesus Amen
Hi Jesus Lord\r\nPray and you shall have!! THAT is your words Jesus. And I pray and pray, so LET ME HAVE!! Heal me 100% when I wake up tomorrow. A miracle like no one believes. Just HELP ME DAMMIT!! No more of this damn wheelchair, rigning, microlax and glasses. I am SO tired of all this. I am loosing my will to live. And I hate it. Specially tomorrow when im going to rejsegilde(?) Just let me come.....on my legs, no glasses and no rigning and microlax. Just 100% healing without any memories of these horrible years. Jesus Lord YOU CAN !! SO PLEASE HELP ME!!\r\nAMEN ! ! ! !
To:Jesus From:Jamila Cintron
Jesus I pray for the kids who are in the hospital and who are hurt.And today I hope that every one has a great day and everyone won\'t be mad everyone deserve to be happy. Thank you god for everything love you.❤❤
Hi Jesus I got your Email and my dad has been asking me dum ? And he ask me when I was not in the mude my lags hurt from running and he just keep wanting to talk to me and do I still have time to change my behavior and my life so that way when I die I won\'t go to hell I will go to heaven please give me a Email st \r\nSkyelor 331@yahoo.com amen
I\'m sorry, I have no faith. I\'m breaking down I need u to keep all the demons and bad spirits away from me, I need a car a home to see my kids I miss them I miss my wife but she belongs to another I don\'t know which way is up I don\'t want to give up if ur real please help me
Jesus I liek to take the place of army officer, Major Andrew Petrov in hell and you let him join Xenia Grigorievna Petrova his wife in heaven \r\nthank\r\nhelen
im so so proud of you, you walked on water and gave them fish. true hero
Hello god, I need your help to make me more kind and loving to others. No great change can be made, such as that, other than using your help. May you please send the holy spirit to guide me to help me rethink my actions before I do them. Thank you for listening.\r\n\r\n\r\n Your follower, \r\n Jacob
Please let me have a good day?
So why do you give me more than I can handle? Why isn\'t my pain over with these are end times man? 😪
Thank you, Jesus.
Jesus, thank you for loving me today.
help my frien pls
hi jesus please hlep my friend she is nice and her boyfriend will be sad without her make sure she does not die ok thank u amen
Dear Jesus I beg of you please hear my prayer. I ask for Your help and guidance with my visa application and interview. Dear kind God you can do everything, nothing is impossible for you, so please miracle for me, the embassy officer approve me and my Mother\'s USA visa because my sister is alone there. Thank you God for everything you have given me, I know you always take care of us. I will always be obliged to you. Dear God bless and guide me. and give me success in my interview. Amen
Freedom 🇯🇲
Please help me with the Landmark situation
Please let me have closure with the Carter Wellness Clinic
What should I do please tell me
Dear heavenly father I know the church is true I just need to know what should I do I\'m hurting myself and I need help to stop my friend Allison Howard is making me really sad and I\'m usually happy and I need help to know how to be happy again sincerely your daughter Haley brimhall
Dear God, Please help me get through the things i\'ve been going through. Let me leave him and be a strong independant women. Please don\'t let me fall in depression. Let happiness fill my life. Let me enjoy and have more time with my mom and family. Take care of my mom and dad where their at. Help Kenny Understand the importance of school. Let me find happiness in you lord, don\'t let me fall in temptation. Help me see who\'s fake and who\'s real. Please lord I\'ll say it again, don\'t let me fall in deppression.
Can you help me gain respect from my girlfriend, she treats me badly and I don\'t know what to do.
Dear, heavenly father lord I thank you for this day lord and I just want to say You are also but can you heal my poppop lord because I want him home better and healthy your name I pray amen.
I said a bad word at age 10! And I\'m balling my eyes out! Do you really forgive me?
I said a bad word, and I am only 10! I am balling my eyes out! Do you truly forgive me??😭😭
Lord my Jesus, my God and my Savior,\r\n\r\nI would like to start my day by giving you praise and thanks. I am here to lift your name on high. I am here to glorify you and tell you that you are my God and my Savior and my only way to heaven.\r\nLord I thank you for my life. I thank you for giving me a restful holiday, for keeping all of us safe, for protecting my child and my family. Lord I thank you for never failing to bless me abundantly, for always filling me with good food, and for being a loving and caring God to me.\r\n\r\nLord thank you for giving me an answer on y question on suffering and why you allow it. My Lord, I would want to share to the pregnant ppl in Manila, Lord please help in putting that into reality. Lord right now, I pray that you heal my heart from pain towards my mother, that I totally forgive her, and to mend our relationship. I admit Lord that I am truly hurt with her words and I don’t want to mend this relationship, I just want to stay away far from her as possible, but I know that that is not what you want. I know you would want me to always forgive and honor my mother. Please help me Lord, as I can’t do it myself because of the pain. Lord please change my heart. I also pray if according to your will to soften my mother’s heart. Allow her to heal as well from all her pain, and please let her mouth stop saying filthy words and I pray that you change and talk to her to respect and submit to my father, as it is your will.\r\n\r\nLord, I also pray for myself that I always remember my role as a wife. That I always submit to my husband in everything and that I be a good and responsible home maker. Please help me be organized and not to be timid at home Lord. Please forgive me for all the days that I look down at my husband, and not treat him right, on days that I question his authority and don’t want to submit.\r\n\r\nLord, I Pray for my child Sadie, that she grows up knowing you and loving you and accepting you as her Lord and Saviour, I know I have a big part on that so please always let me remember to be always a good model to her of how to love and honor you and how to treat other as how I would want to be treated. Lord, please let her grow up protected from any men/women from hurting her Lord. Please give her wisdom abundantly so she may always make good decisions, only for the purpose of pleasing you Lord. I also pray that for myself and my husband Lord, that you give us abundant wisdom, for us to be able to please our earthly masters, and for us to make wise decisions to bring you glory. Lord, always make me remember to fear you in everything Lord, as you said that it is the beginning of wisdom. \r\n\r\nLord, today please help me finish the playbook of Joey Koh, and that I do it well without any errors. Please help me spot all the errors and may my bosses be pleased with my work. Lord I pray that you always guide my words at work, to always be loving and gentle, and to mirror your love and kindness in everything I do.\r\n\r\nLord, I pray for my baby inside my tummy Lord that you keep the baby safe and healthy. May it grow properly and healthy. May it not have any defects Lord, may the baby grow up normally without any sickness. I pray for myself Lord for my pregnancy, please give me a quick and normal delivery just like before with no complications Lord, and if it is your will not to my Lord. Please get me quickly, without me experiencing pain, and may I never be a burden, even for a day to my husband and my parents. \r\n\r\nThank you Lord for loving me, thank you Jesus for saving me, and Thank you God for coming in to my life. Please always fill me with your Holy Spirit. I want to live for you my God.\r\n\r\nI love you very much Lord, please fill the void I am feeling now, please give me joy and contentment. Thank you for giving me peace my Lord. I love you so much my Jesus, my God.\r\n\r\nYour loving daughter,\r\nJanna\r\n
Thank you lord
Hi god!
God\'s Intervention
Lord Jesus, you word said ask it shall be giving , seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened...i need your intervention in my life ...i could barely feed, i lack basic needs in my life...i ask for my basic needs to me met not luxury wants...i beg you in the name of Jesus...Amen
reason for this being is ive been feeling pretty bad about something terrible to someone back when I was in middle school and well its been a few years now since ive had no contact with a certain important person that was in my life that is no longer not since my school days and I\'m thinking I need to personally deliver an apology letter in order to relieve myself of this guilt that has been haunting me now pretty much ever since finishing grade school I don\'t know how this person feels about me all I know is that the letter is in my room and any day now will be delivering it and I\'m not sure if this person is completely discussed with me or misses me anyway I\'m starting to ramble on so that\'s all I have to say
need a good girl friend
Hi Father,\r\n\r\nNeed a good girl friend,\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nDinesh
Hey Jesus! How are you lately? Ive been ok, but some things arnt going that great. My parents are going through counsling, but I feel responsible. The bathroom at my house is falling apart, and between the meds and therapy, I dont think we can fix it. Do you have any ideas on how to help? Thanks, Preston
Wife wishes an divorce
Dear Jesus, I\'m at the age of 58 retired and married to a loving caring wife Rongbi Duan. Their is an 12 years difference between us but to us it\'s only numbers. Many times we get into an argument she always threatens for a divorce but this time she does want to go through with it. When I retired 3 years ago I did put my retirement fund into an IRA, big mistake due to I was under ago 59 1/2 pulling it out to soon, I had to pay BIG penalty and taxes on it every year. Now I\'m about completely dried up. It\'s my fault I didn\'t the the wife I was pulling it out because I didn\'t want her to worry about the bills we have and sometime helping out my step son. I pray to you asking for forgiveness and please fix our marriage. I do love her still I always apologize for everything even at times it\'s not my fault. I wish to keep this marriage alive with your help and prayers. Please hear my prayers Lord Jesus and forgive me of my sins.
Ohh Jesus Lord. I am so tired of hearing of all you things that you can do and all your saying: Pray and you shall get. Well I pray but Nothing has happen. NADA, ZIPP! I need your help. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU CAN DO!! HELP ME! HEAL ME! I need your help for healing. A damn healing miracle. Cus I KNOW you can. JESUS, heal me when I wake up tomorrow. Just fully healing. With my legs, my bladder, my intestine, and my blind left eye. DAMMIT I need a healing miracle. I cant live like this anymore. I want to bed with my family, my friends and all people here on LBG 100% healed. Jesus, I pray and pray EVERY DAY. Cus I need a miracle. A HEALING MIRACLE! Just 100%. Like I never has sit in this damn wheelchair, rigning, microlax, medicin and these damn glasses. Oh JESUS. Help me now. TOMORROW MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP. I am SO ready to get my old life back and I really really ned it to live on. So HEEEEELP!! JESUS, you can. I know it!! So show me and save me. Thanks for your offer and everything else. So AMEN!! I Jesus Christ name. AMEN!! AMEN!!
Ohh Jesus Lord.\r\n I am so tired of hearing of all you things that you can do and all your saying: Pray and you shall get. Well I pray but Nothing has happen. NADA, ZIPP! I need your help. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU CAN DO!! HELP ME! HEAL ME! I need your help for healing. A damn healing miracle. Cus I KNOW you can. JESUS, heal me when I wake up tomorrow. Just fully healing. With my legs, my bladder, my intestine, and my blind left eye. DAMMIT I need a healing miracle. I cant live like this anymore. I want to bed with my family, my friends and all people here on LBG 100% healed. Jesus, I pray and pray EVERY DAY. Cus I need a miracle. A HEALING MIRACLE! Just 100%. Like I never has sit in this damn wheelchair, rigning, microlax, medicin and these damn glasses. Oh JESUS. Help me now. TOMORROW MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP. I am SO ready to get my old life back and I really really ned it to live on. So HEEEEELP!! JESUS, you can. I know it!! So show me and save me. Thanks for your offer and everything else. So AMEN!! I Jesus Christ name. AMEN!! AMEN!!
:)Hey god it is Emma Ames i love you jesus can you say hi to my grandma
Life Plan
Jesus, You came up with a plan for my life in the next 9 days, I ask that Your will be done, and that You give me the strength & power to carry out Your Will. This is the plan You showed me, please help me carry it out. I thank You in advance for Your glory in my life. I love you, man! -Jim Destiny Shift 3/26/17 Get Hired @ New Job 4/1/17 Start New Job 4/4/17 Fianlize Plea 4/5/17 IRA Contribution 4/13/17 Case Settled 4/14/17 Pay Amanda Back 4/21/17 Hire BG Clearing Firm 5/21/17 Opt-Out BG Sites 5/21/17 Hire Firm (Expungement) 10/14/17
I only see no hope of living.
Jesus, I lost the job that makes me happy because I\'m too old now. I apply to other jobs but only get rejected because I\'m too old. I have no income to support myself now or in my very old age. I constantly think of my bleak future that includes living on the streets and being homeless. This worrying is giving me anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I also get thoughts of dying because I see no hope of living anymore. My family is very sad because of the sadness I\'m in. Please bless me with a great financial windfall through the lottery so I can feel calm about my future and be happy again so my family can be happy again. I very tired of this constant anxiety, depression and panic attacks but if no relief comes soon, please forgive me if I take action to end my life.
I need you help my Lord..
Dear Jesus, Thankyou for the good things you have given me in life and especially my little outbursts of whitty joy lately. Thankyou for making my opperation today a success. Thankyou for making me recover from the anasteticic and survive through it. I know it was minor but it was still something. Thankyou for making me pull round as rapidly as i did, one monent it was in bad sick and befote long i was perked up dancing around the place, it wasnt the toast that pulled me round, it was your kind healing that pulled me round so quick, the toast was to stop me getting hungry, which of course you see food as a blessing which ir is certainly so, a blessing away from hunger, but it was your kind soul that blessed mine to heal me. Thankyou for the life you have given me, i will make the bast of it, be kind and always have you in my heart. Can you give a massive hug to my mam please and tell her i love her, and give kind regards to everyone else who are my relatives or people i know that are up there with you in heaven. If you can reply back to me and dont worry if you cant as i would never disrespect your honour - can you ask my mam what she thinks about me in terms of my textiles and doing art foundation and hopefully doing a textiles degree. im curious to know. Before you blessed her soul and took her, she said \"always be happy\", textiles makes me happy and doing art foundation will make me even more happier. Thankyou Bless you my kind Lord Owen
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nThankyou for the good things you have given me in life and especially my little outbursts of whitty joy lately. Thankyou for making my opperation today a success. Thankyou for making me recover from the anasteticic and survive through it. I know it was minor but it was still something. Thankyou for making me pull round as rapidly as i did, one monent it was in bad sick and befote long i was perked up dancing around the place, it wasnt the toast that pulled me round, it was your kind healing that pulled me round so quick, the toast was to stop me getting hungry, which of course you see food as a blessing which ir is certainly so, a blessing away from hunger, but it was your kind soul that blessed mine to heal me. Thankyou for the life you have given me, i will make the bast of it, be kind and always have you in my heart.\r\n\r\nCan you give a massive hug to my mam please and tell her i love her, and give kind regards to everyone else who are my relatives or people i know that are up there with you in heaven. If you can reply back to me and dont worry if you cant as i would never disrespect your honour - can you ask my mam what she thinks about me in terms of my textiles and doing art foundation and hopefully doing a textiles degree. im curious to know. Before you blessed her soul and took her, she said \"always be happy\", textiles makes me happy and doing art foundation will make me even more happier.\r\n\r\nThankyou\r\n\r\nBless you my kind Lord\r\n\r\nOwen
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI am praying right now to You for restoration. Restoration of my relationship, job and family. My heart is so heavy right now, my mind is full of anger and sorrowful thoughts. I do pray that You melt down our hearts and clear our minds from problems. For nothing is impossible with You God. And right now I know that You are already working, i am claiming and embracing it God. Thank you Lord. I may not deserve this but still You love and understand us. Thank You Lord. Thank You for Your answers and Im sorry for my attitude. Thank You God. I love You. Amen.\r\n\r\nMarch 15, 2017
pray for us
hai praise the lord could u please pray for financial problums.so u pray the lord. thank you.
what is next?
I don\'t beleve in you. I have no more faith.
Priere pour la guerison de ma mere
Cher Jesus, je t;en supplies gueri ma mere. Elle a tout oublie, elle nous a tous oublie et elle ne se prend plus en charge. Seigneur e l\'univers, j\'ai de la peine pour elle, fait qu\'elle retrouve ses senses, afin qu\'elle puisse au moins confesser ses peches pour qu\'elle la vie eternelle. Je tee remercie parce que tu m\'as entendu, j\'attends voir mon miracle, au nom de Jesus Tout Puissant, Amen. Une autre chose oh Roi Jesus mon Maitre, je te demande une promotion dans mon travail, que mes chefs regardent mon CV et me voient que je merite ce post vacant de division manager. Merci encore et j\'attends aussi voir ta main puissante intervenir en ma faveur. See you soon Lord Jesus. Amen
Please dear lord heal me. Please rid me of anxiety. Please help me to be a kind loving person. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for my family. Love, Jess
I love you God.
i luv u jesus
JESUS CHRIST - TOMORROW YOU KNOW WHAT i SHALL. BUT PLEASE. NOT HANDICAPED ANYMORE. I cant live like this anymore. Just give me a miracle. A miracle healing over this night. Cus I know you can. And I have really tried to get in touch with you SO many times. JESUS I bealieve and KNOW you can create miracles and heal. So tomorrow: 10000% healing when i wake up. Just a miracle. DONT dissapoint me anymore. Just HEEEEELP. PLEASE. AMEN!!!!
I sell my soul to Jesus Christ
Thanks for making me the biggest wimp on the planet??? ☹️
Please bless me I love you very much I don\'t want to get in trouble so can you please bless me! Thank you
Oh Lord Jesus, please bring my life back on track.
The last couple of years have been very rough on me. Please help me get over these times. Thanks.
I need to get an A on this test.
Dear God and Jesus and whoever else,\r\nI will stop drinking and smoking and sneaking food up into my room and having parties. Just please give me an A on this test. Please help me, Anna, Delaney, and Elizabeth get a good grade and have the knowledge to pass not only this class, but the test. \r\nThings I will stop doing:\r\n1. drinking (probably not gonna happen)\r\n2. smoking (also probably not gonna happen)\r\n3. sneaking food into my room (definetly not gonna happen)\r\n4. having/going to parties while sneaking out (okay i promise on this one)\r\n5. talking back to people/being salty (THAT WONT HAPPEN)\r\n\r\nPlease give me adn them an A on this test,\r\nAmen or whatever you christians say.
Jesus I know you Hear me I know you love me the most I know you always care about me I know you are their to forgive me. Jesus I scaped from you through my sins I desobayed your rules. I just missed to be in your home I\'m lost so many a long time a go. My life is now complicated I became in the control of Satan. Now I want to come back to your home I can not live without you and I can\'t die without you too. I need you Now Jesus I want to change my life forever. Jesus please forgive me. Please clean my sins in your blood .i love you jesus I trust you you will never let me down in the shadow.
Hello jesus, I\'m writting this letter to ask you what\'s the point of religion and can you ask satan if i\'m on the hell list. thanks
JESUS!!!! DAMMIT!! I need your help. And I KNOW YOU CAN!! When I wake tomorrow. FULL HEALIN WITH EVERYTHING. A full miracle healing. PLZ!! Help me dammit. Cus I cant live like this anymore. JUST HELP. AMEN!!!!
Help me jesus
Help me jesus. Help me Please
Blood of Christ 🍷
Please let me have a safe day tomorrow? St. Christopher pray for us? Amen? 😇🍀⛪️⛲️
kelly needs jesus
hi kelly needs jesus, thanks amen praise the lord :)
I thought 💭 you\'d eventually give me something tangible 🔮
Jesus first id like to thank you for all my blessings. Lord i need you more then ever now im n a need of a job please forgive me for not being thankful for the jobs i did have please bless me with another to better for my kids
Happy Valentine\'s Day 🌹
God will pray for a baby boy in 2021
God will give Joe & Elexus 2 Boys name Frank Will born 2021 & Ferdinand Will born in 2023
God can you pray I want two boys in 2021 & 2023
God Me & Elexus wants 2 Boys name Frank Paul Sandoval In 2021. Fernand Nicholas Sandoval in 2023
I wish for a change?
I\'m not going to fight I still don\'t believe in myself and probably never will?
jesus please make my computer rebuild
i love you\r\n
I have lot of financial problems my lord.Suffering slot.I couldn\'t concentrate on my life.Jesus please save me,my situation is critical,can\'t concentrate on family.You are the only to save me my lord.
Dear Father\r\n\r\nMy prayers for you.\r\n\r\nI have lot of financial problems in my life.\r\nEveryone cheated me includes my mom and dad.\r\nMy husband is struggling slot to clearing of debts.Even me to doing support to him.\r\nAll my relatives cheated me.\r\nI couldn\'t concentrate on my life.\r\nLord save me in my situation.\r\nI believe you and trust you slot.
I have questions
Hello Jesus! Here are some of my questions! What does heaven look like? Will I go there? Will I get a girlfriend? Are nachos your favorite food? Have you heard the song \"Rapping for Jesus\"? Its okay but there are some cuse words, its kinda a catchy song. Who sits next to me in social studies class. Love, Rocky Marusco :o
help me plz
I need prayer 4 my finances I\'m unemployed. 0836662290. Plz help me I\'m requesting prayer. I dono wat 2 do wid my life as u c I\'m so broke nuting working out 4 me n dis irritating person only cursing my life n wants 2 kill me plZ help me GOD. I\'m in CHatsworth durban south africa. 5 Razena place moorton chatsworth 4092. N dear lord I have my Nedbank account but no funds der my account number is 1105442071. Jesus bless me mulltiply my finances jesus let every1 open they hearts n give towards my bank account jesus perfom a miracle in my life I need a job car gfrend nyc gold teeth n nyc meals. Bless me lord jesus christ u said open yo mouth n ask so I open my mouth n askin I wana receive now lord jesus Y must I suffer dis life lord jesus plz help
Lord JESUS help to be strong in your faith. Thank you JESUS
O Lord Jesus cover my children with your seven folds of blood.Protect them and guide them,so that they will live according to your[GOD]wish and serve the LORD.BLESS them with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. I should have strong faith in GOD.When I have handed over my children in your hands then I should not have any doubt. I should blindly believe in GOD.Please help my husband also to know more about you JESUS and what you want from him. BLESS our parents, brothers ,sisters and friends. In JESUS name AMEN.
regarding my life
Hai thisthis is Pradeep I am not satisfied about my life..I am suffering from problproblems.Idon\'t have a job from last three years.Ihave done btech on 2014.my family was in struggle.there is no life for me.please find a better solution and please give a job for me.
please pray
i need your prayer so i wanna be seizure free
sorry and help
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nThere is no other way to say, and that\'s why I\'m going to be direct.\r\n\r\nI\'m so sorry for the bad decisions I made in the past 5 years and for every and all stupid errors and bad things I made...\r\n\r\nAlso for throwing out all the outstanding opportunities and people you put in my life...\r\n\r\nFor that, I beg your forgiveness.\r\n\r\nIn almost all of those cases, I screwed it up...\r\n\r\nI really believe that the past two years were awful and I really deserve the punishment - as we say: All punishment in the world is still not enough for stupid and Bad people...\r\n\r\nBut, after 2 years in the middle of shit, I realized and understood each and every stupid/BAD step/decision I did in my past 5 years... I am truly very, very sorry... \r\n\r\nI learned...\r\n\r\nI haven\'t talk to you in years... you know that, and you also know that\'s always in the verge of being thrown down the hill, people always turn to you... you\'re right... but I really had to pass through all of this to learn.\r\n\r\nNow I know this...\r\n\r\nI learned... I learned... and I\'ll never do it again. I\'ll never stop talking to you... I\'ll never stop believing and loving you...\r\n\r\nPlease save me.\r\n\r\nNow, I need to reconstruct my life and that\'s why I turn to you, because only you can save me... only you can pull me out of this swampy shitty life I\'m living in...\r\n\r\nThanks for using your precious time reading this letter from this stupid sinner...\r\n\r\nI\'m not good at prays, you know that... I\'m not good at songs, but I\'ll try finishing this letter in the only one I know:\r\n\r\nPai Nosso que estás no Céu,\r\nSantificado seja o vosso nome,\r\nVem à nos e ao vosso reino,\r\nSeja feita a vossa vontade, assim na terra quanto no céu,\r\nO pão nosso de cada dia nos dai hoje,\r\nPerdoai as nossas ofensas, assim como perdoamos a quem nos tem ofendido,\r\nNão nos deixeis cair em tentação, mas livrai-nos do mal,\r\nPois teu é o reino, o poder e a glória, para sempre... amém... Jesus !\r\n\r\nObrigado !
Please help me . 😞
I need help god please help me , I don\'t have friends 😔 I hope you hear and see me ... I need help [ul] [/ul] I love you 🙏🏾❤️ Please show me a sign 😞 That you hear and see me , thank you - aireyonna Adams :(
Hi Jesus it\'s Makenlie!!!
Hi it\'s Makenlie and I just want to say I love you and you are the best person ever😍😍😍
Heeeelp me
JESUS!!! For fu.. sake. I beg and beg but NOTHING happens. I know you can heal and create miracles. So I really need your help. Tomorrow when I wake up TOTALLY HEALING. Cus I cant live like this anymore. Not in this damn wheel chair, with rigning, nicrolax and these damn glasses. JESUS, I know you can and I REALLY REALLY need your help here. REMEMBER WHAT YOU SAY: Pray and you shall have! So I pray and pray and expect to get it when you say it. Just totally healing over a night so I can wake to a miracle. JESUS, HELP ME NOW. Cus I know you can. And I really need it. So AMEN!!!
I hope the young family buy\'s our house? Amen...
Sorry for sinning that day before, and the week before that, but yahweh you\'ll always have my back. Love you, peace.
There is no testimony I have heard about you and known about you for all my life. You failed me as a child. I told you to show me your face and talk to me but you wont. Now I want my kid back I\'m broken and alone.
I\'m embarrassed
I look stupid in the eyes of my community?
Body of Christ Magically?
Why aren\'t we saint\'s?
Please don\'t get me in trouble?
I\'m baptized Catholic I hope you can help me Jesus Christ?
Hilfe und Glaube
Lieber Jesus-Christus, bitte glaube an mich und gib mir eine letzte Chance. Bitte hilf mir.\r\nIch möchte so gerne mit Deiner Hilfe gut machen und ein neues gutes Leben beginnen. \r\nOhne Deine Hilfe geht es wirklich nicht.\r\nBitte, bitte, lasse heute noch ein Wunder geschehen.\r\nDanke Jesus-Christus für die Chance auf den Weg zurück zu einem guten, ehrlichen Leben.\r\nDeine Margret
May I ask you for help
I really want to go to Japan with my grandma, and I don\'t want her to be scold by others, I hope all my family will be happy everyday, and I also want them to believe in God, but they don\'t, I hope that I can let them to be comfortable, and happy and believe jesus thanks
Lord, Heal my dog, stoi.
dear jesus, did you really turn 2017 from rhus
[img]cancel it [/img][ol]\r\nLord don\'t let us go to mrtyle beach lord cancel it lord in Jesus name amen. I don\'t know were the hotel in Mrtyle beach is at jesus Chirst \r\n[/ol]Also I got a half Sister God she is living a life style. She claimed she want to work it you jesus give my mom information to work it out
To Jesus ~ McKinsey
To:Jesus\r\nHello Jesus! Thank you for all the things you have done to all of us,I think you are very wonderful,I am very proud of you to make us happy,I may be rude sometimes,But I still am nice in real life,I may be rude in games :(\r\nPlease visit us if you can LOL\r\n\r\n\r\nI believe in Heaven\r\n\r\nI think it is a VERY VERY VERY wonderful place.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n-McKinsey Jennette\r\n\r\nP.S I seriously love you :D\r\n\r\nBy the way\r\nYou are the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST I mean BEST!!!\r\n\r\nMcKinsey ~ amandagellis79@Yahoo.com
How are you?
Long time. My son Jack is not yet Baptized. Where are you living these days.\r\n\r\nSincerely with love,\r\nStephen & Jack Wysocki
Jesus I call on your name
Dear Lord, I just wanted to say thank you for my life. thanks for all the help you\'ve given me through the tough days in the past because I didn\'t think I\'d make it this far, but bc of your GRACE I\'m taken care of and I know my best days are in front of me!!! Please continue to help me find me path and be the best I can be. Thank you Jesus... THANK YOU YOU Lord Love you Father
Dear Jesus I love you please tell granny and chris and grandpa and bill that I love and miss them thank you your friend Tristine
i have something to report
someone in my neighborhood was always mean to me and cranky and yelled at me and always grumpy and rude but like worst of all I still loved him no matter how many dirty looks he gave me love Kelly.
I need Ur help bcz Ur my father who created me i love u
Father my name is Anand u I completed graduation my dream is to study in abroad I got admission to study in Australia as born in poor family I\'m not getting help from my parents or eles I\'m asking u bcz ur my father please help me
Can I talk to my pa
Hi am i able to talk to my pa Henry gorge miles. Please.\r\n thanks.\r\nHarrison
:)juses christmas over i wish next christmas can be better than this time
Hi Jesus my name is Dasha and I am so pumped to send letter to u!
:D8):o:)I love u Jesus thank u for earth. Amen.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\nDEC-25-2016
Hi friend..!!\r\n\r\ni know it\'s kinda stupid to right you like this coz i know you can hear me anywhere at anytime but still wanted to wish you a happy birthday all fashioned way thanks for coming this world and saving our poor souls im sorry for everything we\'ve done to you please forgive me..!\r\nwhatever enjoy your day don\'t drink too much have fun and come home early love you
Jesus, \r\n\r\nI try to be a good person. I am nice to people and I help when I see someone in need. People seem to take advantage of my kindness. Sometimes I feel like not everyone is meant to find happiness here on Earth, maybe some people are meant to be alone and to suffer, maybe it\'s just part of the bigger plan. I don\'t know. My problems may seem petty when compared to some of the other requests you get. But if it\'s in your plan for me, please send me a husband.\r\n\r\nThank you for all that You have done for myself and my family.
Some times I feel as God himself have given up on me. I feel so alone in this world. I know my husband and my children loves me. However, I feel like a failure. Their are times when I can\'t even buy my kids what they want, and it hurts. It\'s getting
Some times I feel as God himself have given up on me. I feel so alone in this world. I know my husband and my children loves me. However, I feel like a failure. Their are times when I can\'t even buy my kids what they want, and it hurts. It\'s getting harder to pay the rent let alone the bills. I\'m just tired Lord knows I am.
Why me?
Why did I have to be alive. Sometimes I wish I was dead. Why couldn\'t i be someone who you could be proud of. I\'ll never feel your persence and ill never be able to feel your holy spirit. I wish I was dead, but you\'ll never see this letter. I don\'t hate you, I could never hate you. It\'s not your fault i\'m the way i am. I\'m in a very bad place right now and I feel like everytime I think i\'m doing somewhat better, I just get worse. God can\'t see me through sin, but I know you can jesus. You lived here on earth, you understood man. Well, help me out. Talk to me. Because I know you can see me, hep me fight might sin.
hi I believe in you
Please reply
Jesus lots of love
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nPlease help me, You know I\'ve been longing to study abroad for higher education but then due to financial problems I will never be able to make my deam come true...but dear Jesus...I know you can do anything....i trust you...so please God...give me a chance...open up a door for me....\r\nWithout you I\'m nothing
Dear Jesus I just wanna thank you for everything I know things isn\'t perfect but thank you Jesus I know u know my needs n wants . I really need a job because things really getting to hard on me father I just want to say I know u don\'t put more on me than I can bear feel like I\'m going insine.
Help Paeton
My little girl is struggling with many issues, I have come to you many times for healing for my daughter I hope you read and hear my prayer, she is in your hands and your hands only. Heal my daughter of her issues, she is only six and I believe she has many things to offer this beautiful world. In your name I ask you for your help and hope you see past my sins so my family can live in peace.\r\n
Lord. First I want to thank you for everything you\'ve blessed me with. Please bring the one that I want to be with back to me.
I hope you are looking carefully at me and I love you 😘
I love you so much Jesus xx
I love you
Hello thank you for making everything I love you Jesus thank you for building the world building us amen...
Pass my Exam
Dear Lord Jesus,\r\n\r\nLord Jesus, I\'m a student in certain university. Recently I just finished my test and I wish that You allow me to Pass all my exam. I know that You can help me and I believe you will help me.\r\n\r\nThank you.
dear god im sorry for all ive done pls help me wrote this essay and most importantly stop lying and hurting the people around me and help ke get into bca and i will leave it up to you
Thank you Jesus,\r\n\r\n Lord, thank you for my life. Please watch over all of us during the Holidays and keep us to remember YOUR THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!!! We love you and we can\'t wait to be with you and serve you one day in HEAVEN
Seigneur Jesus, \r\nJe t en supplie, Eric c est l homme de ma vie, fais le revenir a moi pitie. Exauce ma priere pitie.\r\nJ ai confiance en toi Seigneur tu es mon seul Sauveur J ai besoin de cette Grace accorde la moi pitie. Amen
Paryers needed
Dear heavenly Father Lord I come to you today to tell you that I love you with all my heart. I\'m sorry Lord for all my past sin and I ask Father in your name for your forgiveness I apologize for everything I\'ve dun wrong. Lord you know I\'ve had a different and difficult life growing up and even now more so. Lord I\'m sorry Father for not being a good Dad to my children and a loving husband to my Ex-wife they deserved so much better. And now I struggle to go on with out them you know it\'s been years since I\'ve seen them and NOT one day goes by that I don\'t think about them are wish I could reach out to them are see them. Lord you know I\'m all alone no mother no father and a family that never wanted me and no where to turn. Lord you know I struggle with depression, drugs and alcohol. Lord help me with finding a good job, a clean life and a clean heart and mind and a good church to join.. HELP ME FIND YOU FATHER!! before it\'s to late..\r\n\r\nlove you, sincerely your son Darrell
My Family
Hello my beloved Jesus,\r\n\r\nI love you & you have been there for me my whole life. I know you love me & I cannot wait to be with you in person!\r\n\r\nI am grateful for my whole family. Thank you because I know it is you that gave them to me. I am filled with love and would love to have more family to love. Please bless me & Dennis with healthy Christ loving children just like the one we have. She has been a blessing to me so I would like to have more children naturally bio of me with my husband as soon as possible!\r\n\r\nYou are an amazing healer provider & friend.\r\n\r\nI love you very much!\r\n\r\nThank you!!\r\n\r\nYour forever daughter & servant Erica
I\'m tired
I love you Jesus
Help me help me help me
Fly stuck in my ear.
Fly stuck in my ear similars to Jonah and the fish in the bible. \r\nHere\'s the story. While I was sleeping a fly sneaked into my right ear. Then, I got panicked and left to e.r., after that I left the e.r. because it took too long of waiting and the fly was gone. I believed God wants me to see sick people at hospital.
I´ve ran out of words
Dear God,\r\nIve been sleeping all this time.. ive ran out of words to say to you. I guess you too, because you dont talk back. i dont have motivation anymore, i have no reason to wake up anymore. What the meaning for waking up? its funny because i just search on google whats your address but couldnt get a hold of you... i have no clue where this is going.. but if your reading this dont get me wrong.. i believe in jesus i just dont beleive in myself anymore...
I just want you to know I love you and I\'m sorry for everything I did. I need you lord. financially, physically, and emotionally.It hurts just knowing that financially I\'m not stable. Today I know it was you that gave me this money in my pocket that I revealed please lord please continue to help me I need you really bad. Lord I love you forever and always and please just bless infinity back in my life lord please.
I need you
Jesus i need you and i am sorry because \r\nI love you as a friend please help me lord. And speak\r\nTo me thanks.
Forgive me Lord... I\'m feeling lonely.. where r u?
Hello I can\'t wait to see you when you come back to earth
You too I can\'t wait to see you on earth 😃😃😃😃😃
yo jesus how are yah doin\'?
help me.
Father jesus, please help me god. Please forgive all my sins i have made. I will recover all my mistakes and be a obidient child of yours. I want my nirmal back to me. I want your blessings jesus. You only can make the impossible into reality. I am not ordering you jesus. I dont have that rights. I am begging you to make my wish done jesus. Pls help me my lord. Amen..\r\n\r\n
Dragi moj Isuse,\r\n\r\nbojim se i jako sam zbunjena. Znaš što su mi rekli liječnici i što je ispred mene. Danas sam dobila tvoju poruku..evanđelje po Ivanu u kojem mi poručuješ. Sve što tražite u moje ime ja ću učiniti kako bi se otac proslavio u sinu. Dragi moj Isuse ja sam te odlučila zamoliti da ti meni pomogneš. Da sve moje nalaze preokreneš na dobro. Molim te Isuse da mi se smiluješ da ne moram prolaziti kroz patnju liječenja. Možda me kroz taj križ želiš približiti još I vise k sebi I potaknuti u meni duhovni rast. Ja to ne znam. Ja želim da me ti izliječiš od raka kojes su mi rekli da imam. Ja taj križ Isuse ne mogu nosit. Umorna sam od svega, a još ništa nije niti počelo. Bojim se Isuse iako znam da si pored mene I da me nećeš ostaviti. Neka me mimoiđe taj kalež patnje molim te iz dubine svog srca. Moja mama je već u svojim godinama. Njeno srce je već napuklo od svih tragedija koje je proživjela I radi smrti njene braće. Bojim se da je za mamu to previše. Otac je bolestan I takav kakav je i ti ga Bože obrati na samo tebi poznat način. Ne želim ja proći kroz dolinu smrti radi njegovog obraćenja. Molim te Isuse!! Sestra je također bolesna I teško joj je. Poštedi mene radi nje i svega što bi samnom morala proći. I naravno neka me mimoiđe taj križ I radi mog najdražeg supruga na svijetu…mog Vladimira koji je moja najveća ljubav I najveći dar koji mi je poslan baš od tebe. Na njegovim leđima su tone tereta, ima puno problema I neka nema I mene još kao problem. Ja znam da ja njemu nisam problem niti teret, ali ja te Isuse MOLIM da me ozdraviš.\r\nJa niti ne znam kako te za izliječenje trebam moliti. Ne znam da li dok ovo pišem griješim, da li ti se trebam obratiti nekim posebnim riječima, obećanjem, molitvom…ja ti to ništa ne znam. Ja samo znam da je tebi sve moguće i da ti ne želiš moju patnju. Moli svog Oca da mi se smiluje I da se on proslavi kroz ovu situaciju.\r\nTi znaš da ja brzo učim pa te molim da to uzmeš u obzir. Ja ću prihvatiti sve što je tvoja volja, a ti mi DAJ SNAGE da nikad ne izgubim osjećaj tvoje prisutnosti. \r\nTi isto tako znaš da je moj život već promijenjen I da više nikad neće biti isti bez obzira na ishod. Ja sam se vratila zahvaljujuči tebi u sakramentalan život I ostat ću živjeti u bračnoj čistoći sve dok moj suprug ne dobije crkveni razvod. Ako ga nikad ne dobije, ja ću I dalje ostati živjeti u čistoći I neću imati djecu.\r\nJa Isuse želim biti sveta majka, supruga, tvoja sveta kćer jer si ti moj stvoritelj. Ti znaš da ću svjedočiti za tebe bilo kada I bilo gdje, da više nikada do kraja mog ovozemaljskog života neću otići s tvog puta I da te neću prestati slijediti. Već sada si me obilježio pečatom, vratio si me nazad u svoje stado I ja ću u njemu ostati za života. Ti to Isuse već sada znaš. Moj novi živo je već počeo I zato te molim da me kalež patnje mimoiđe. \r\nDao si mi puno darova I puno ti hvala na njima. Dao si mi Supruga kakvog sam oduvijek htjela, dao si mi puno lijepih trenutaka, poslao si mi u život I neke jako dobre ljude, omogućio si mi da doktoriram iako su sve prepreke ovog svijeta bile ispred mene I bez tvoje pomoći od toga ne bi NIKAD BILO NIŠTA!!!Ali stvarno nikad ništa!! Samo si ti znao zašto to tako treba biti. \r\nPrije dva dana dok sam se vozila u autu sam čitala tekst od fra Ive Pavića u kojem govori koji su to “uvjeti” koje čovjek mora zadovoljiti das bi ga ti izliječio. Ne sjećam se točno svega, ali mislim da je to sigurno povratak u sakramentalni život..e pa tamo si me vratio u roku manjem od 24 sata, sveta misa ( znaš da je više neću propustiti), Ispovijed I pričest (To si mi isto riješio ko da je išlo preko veze), čvrsta vjera ( e tu sam malo tanka, ali obečajem progresivan rast.. I ti ćeš se sam začuditi jer mi već sad daješ tu milost). I konačno….oprost. Ima ljudi kojima još do sada nisam bila oprostila jer su me ranili, jer su te rane obilježile moj život, jer su te rane poremetile moj život, jer su te rane srozale kvalitetu mog života, jer su te rane otvorile put..znas ti vec kome, jer su me one izložile na vjetrometinu života). E pa dragi moj Isuse ja sada opraštam majci I ocu što su me ranili I napravili od mene emocionalnog invalida, što su mi ulili strah u kosti, što su me preusmjerili na taj način da mi život može izgledati I kao pakao..opraštam im I molit ću se za njihovo obraćenje. Oprašatm I mojoj sestri iako joj zapravo ništa ne zamjeram. Ali ako postoje rane koje mi je ona nanijela..ja joj opraštam!!! Opraštam I svima drugima koji su me povrijedili I obećajem da ću se za njih neprestano moliti I za spas njihovi duša. Sada ću samo nabrojati njihova imena, a ti Isuse uključi I sve one kojih se nisam sjetila, a koji su ostavili trag na mojoj duši. U ime Isusa ja opraštam:\r\nJasminki, Dijani, Milanu, Blaženki, Sandri, Aurelu, Hrvoju, Zrinki, Ani, Nouredinu, Sandru, pok. Tomi, Oriani, Lari, Ireni, Mileni, Ivani Š., Zvonimiru H., Nebojši, Kristini C., Mireli, Martini O., Myriam, Denisu I Paulini, Hannan, Samu, Mouni, Ireni Knjigovođi, Ani J., Kseniji, Mari, Nikoli, Kristijanu, Ani Lj., Miriani O., Boženi, Mladenu I Željki, Robiu K., Sari….Isuse ova su imena onih ljudi koja su mi pala na pamet. Mislim da sam njima već oprostila, ali sam sigurna da bi do sada na spomen njihovog imena rekla da je riječ o težim kretenima koji su mi se negdje zamjerili.. Odsad više neću tako na njih gledati niti ću prema njima gajiti takve osjećaje. Nisu mi svi koje sam nabrojila jednako bitni, mnogima sam već oprostila, ali imala sam ih potrebu navesti.\r\nNikome od njih nikada nisam željela zlo I nikada ih nisam proklinjala…jednostavno sam na bilo koju pomisao n ate ljude gajila lose osjećaje I sigurno bi u sebi rekli…ma totalne kretenčine od ljudi.\r\nIsuse ja se bojim. Teško mi se nosit sa svime što su mi rekli u protekla tri dana. Sutra čekam nalaz. I sada te na kraju opet molim za ozdravljenje, za neodlazak na operaciju raka, kemoterapiju I zračenje.\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE RAKA!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE MALIGNIH STANICA!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE BILO KAKVE BOLESTI!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE STRAHA I PREDJAEM GA U TEBI DA GA NOSIŠ UMJESTO MENE!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE PATNJE!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE KEMOTERAPIJE!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE ZRAČENJA!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE SMRTI!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE TJESKOBE!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE TEŽINE U SRCU!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIĆEM SE NEOPRAŠTANJA!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE NEPOVJERENJA U TEBE ISUSE!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ODRIČEM SE SLABE VJERE I ŽELIM RAST U VJERI!\r\nU IME ISUSOVO ŽELIM ŽIVJETI I NE BITI BOLESNA!\r\nJa Isuse vjerujem da ćeš ti ovo sve pročitati I da ćeš mi odgovoriti. Znam da se služiš novim tehnologijama I zato te molim da mi odgovoriš. Ti znaš kako. Bitno je samo da ja prepoznam odgovor I da znam da je od tebe.\r\nMolim te pošalji mi u život dobre I drage ljude!\r\nJa ću sutra čekati tvoj pozitivan odgovor!\r\nMolim te ne ostavljaj me, smiluj mi se I ne oglušuj se na moje molbe! Molim te!\r\nNeka se tvoj otac proslavi u tebi! Uvijek sam mislila da nisam dovoljno važna da bi ti baš meni nešto učinio, da bi se ti baš meni smilovao..mislila sam da za to treba biti neka posebna duša, neki poseban čovjek od tebe odabran. Možda nisam ništa od toga, ali u jedno sam sigurna. Tvoje sam voljeno dijete koje si stvorio na svoju sliku I priliku. Znam da me voliš. Iako nisam možda posebnija od drugih vjerujem da ću za tebe postati dovoljno posebna da mi se smiluješ I da me ozdraviš!!! \r\nI tvoju majku, moju nebesku majku molim da te zamoli da me ozdraviš ako sam bolesna kako liječnici tvrde.\r\nSmiluj mi se I daj da ja budem da kroz koju ćeš se ti I tvoj otac proslaviti. Često sam mislila da te nemam pravo sve moliti I sve od tebe tražiti. Pogriješila sam! Nisam te razumijela, nisam te poznavala..i sad dok ovo pišem mene je I dalje strah!\r\nJa ne znam što ćeš ti samnom I što je tvoj plan za mene..samo te jedno molim kao tvoje dijete. Oče smiluj mi se. Ako već moj zemaljski otac nije imao puno puta milosti prema meni I bio je okrutan kao prava zvijer, budi ti nebeski Oče milostiv prema meni.\r\nProgovori mi Isuse. Najrađe bi da mi se javiš preko mobitela…da mi kažeš…slušaj..tu sam, nikad te neću napustiti, zdrava si, proslavio sam se kroz tebe kćeri moja…ja sam tvoj nebeski otac koji te čuva od svega od trenutka tvog začeća i od sada pa do kraja ovozemaljskog života osjećat ćeš moju stalnu prisutnost I bit ćeš svjedok moje ljubavi prema tebi!!!\r\nIsuse, stvarno te molim da mi odgovoriš…ne mogu ja sve to što mi sada leži na vratu…NE MOGU JA TO..\r\nPOŠTEDI ME ISUSE\r\nSMILUJ MI SE ISUSE\r\nVOLIM TE ISUSE I HVALA TI ISUSE\r\n\r\np.s. čekam tvoj odgovor\r\n\r\nTvoj jadni stvor\r\nM. Š.S.\r\n8:)
Pls help me Jesus
Dear Sweet Jesus,\r\nplease help me find him good affordable health care.A place where the people truly care about him.Help me to pay what needs to get paid.Help me get the best insurance company that will work for him.Please take away my anxiety and stress as his caregiver.\r\nThank You with all my heart. Love You.
Thank you Lord Jesus for coming through for me and giving me victory. Shalom
I love you Jesus Christ my father and my mother love you and me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏your the best person ever
Petition for my children
Honorable Lord Jesus \r\nI\'m coming to You with a humble heart to please intervene in the lives of all my children who are facing various challenges individually. May You also intervene on my behalf at the UIF.\r\nLord please bless and protect members of the home cell.\r\nWe thank YOU for your love \r\nAmen \r\n\r\n
I just wanna know if you are real
hey jesus i cant believe i found this i really look up to you i want to be just like you but i cant now one can be as great as you i want to see you
your awesome jesus i wish i can see you :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D your the best:o:o:o:o:o8)8)8)
Hi, Jesus! Am I a good person for 15 years?:(
Please help me pass this test. I have worked so hard and I need this. Amen.
Eternal Love=One heart with Two beats.
9th October 2016\r\n\r\n Dear Jesus \r\n\r\n \r\n It sadness my heart that you had to leave but at the same time it gives my heart such GREAT joy knowing that you are returning back. I ask amd pray that you heal Michael from all his illness in such a way he is better then he started out. I Thank Youv for bringing hin in tobmy life and helping me read and understand the bible. I ask and pray that you PLEASE return him back home to me and we can start having out beautiful babies just as you ad promise. \r\n\r\n\r\n Loving you \r\n ALWAYS\r\n Nicole Breedlove
Need help don\'t want to live
Dear God \r\nPlz take your life. I don\'t want to live. I want to die. I thought God has given me a second chance to live again but I have been cheated. Why did you do that? I m a human being I became selfish for a second stated making my life. Why did you send him and he went living me behind alone. I didn\'t asked you for him. Why he came in my life. I thought God has chosen him for me, what he told I believed then why? Why did you send him in my life? Please, I don\'t want to live, want to die, plz help.
Hey Jesus
when would i get married
when would i get married
Pouring Out My Heart
It\'s only right that I start my letter off with the LORD\'s Prayer: Our Father Who Art In Heaven Hallow Be Thy Name..Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done..In Earth As It Is In Heaven Give US This Day Our Daily Bread && Forgive Our Debts As We FOrgive Our Debtors.. && Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil For You Are The Kingdom The Power && The Glory Forever AMEN. I God I want to thank You for everything you you\'ve brung me through..from abuse from anxiety to panic attacks...by your grace and your power of prayer I fought my way through everything the devil said I couldn\'t do..God I asked for you to send the love of my life and I Believe you had sent him..It hasn\'t been A Easy process but by your grace I managed to drop down to my knees and pray for things to get better and stronger between the both of us..God I Love you with all my heart and with all my heart and with all my soul and I asked that you stay in the midst of out situation and make a way outta of noway for the both of us...,make out lives better with you in it because I know for a fact without GOD nothing is possible at all && GOD I pray that you start making yourself known In my life..You have helped me overcome anxiety and panic attacks and help me step out on faith Because It It Written I can do all things through CHRIST which strengthens me..GOD I pray that you change my family members ways and mine also && pray to be found worthy in your sight On judgment day..GOD I stand in the place of my loved ones and I know you know this world is full of sin and I ask for your forgiveness IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN.
I love you. I really hope you heal my dad. Please help my mom stop smoking. My sister get less fat. My family having 100 Million dollas. Thank you.
Saying hi
Hello. I wanted to say hi and also say i love you. Please write back. im not writing much because im not a huge writer. I hope you look down on me and see someone who has good things ahead in life for them. Thanks! Love, Lilly
please help
i need you lord please because i wanna hear you in my\r\nlife right now.
I want jesus help my sister so she can marriage as soon as and she will be good luck
Thank you Jesus l believe you are one person can help me and all of my family
Please save my job
Dear Father,\r\n\r\nThanks for being with me.\r\n\r\nPlease save my job as my manager is penalizing me for every mistake that has happened in the system. I have worked hard but nothing is happening. \r\n\r\nPlease help me get a job before i submit my resignation here. Please help me my father.\r\n\r\nI love you.\r\n\r\nYour Son,\r\nArka Sengupta\r\n
Dear Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit..I know you are not at the end of an Internet address, only humans as I am. Please forgive me in spirit for not being able to be perfect, to think perfectly, to speak perfectly. For not having enough of Holy Spirit to be perfect has made my life\'s consequences too much for joy, peace, happiness. I am so sorry for my humanism ..it\'s an obstacle in being pleasing and perfect in your sight.God, you know the difficult life We had from a small child until my old days now.I tried to do as I was taught in church in my youth til now, I guess my sins and mistakes are too much for you to care very much for me. Love does not treat a person like life as your child. Forgive me for not meeting your standards. I am so very very sorry.my heart is grieved I cannot be perfect for you my God. I am the ugly duckling most of my life as I know it to be
Please Heavenly Father, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the Angels and Saints, touch my sister Caroline now, heal her of cancer and restore her back to good health. Thank you for answering my prayers xxxx
JESUS!! - Don\'t let me down anymore. CHRIST help me now . like you have helped so many. I also need your healing power, cus I KNOW you can. HEAL ME totally when I wake tomorrow cus I can\'t take this anymore. Sitting in this damn wheelchair, rigning, microlax and damn glasses. I DON\'T WANT THIS ANYMORE. AND I NEED YOUR DAMN HELP. Again, I KNOW you can JESUS, you love us people. And I need love from a lovin partner. Now I have the chance to get love like you lovs us. But NOT when I sit in this damn whellchair with rigning, microlax and glasses. Just give me a miracle healing when I wake tomorrow. Just 100% healing. Jesus HELP ME - NOW. DON\' LET ME DOEN ANYMORE. I have seeking you over and over and I KNOW YOU ARE THERE. So show me, and yes, the HOLE world that you are real and give me thst damn miracle. Cus I bealieve and KNOW. For fu.. sake. I JESUS NAME - AMEN!!
Jesus where are you? I need your help. I am feeling so much pain. Don\'t now what is happened.
I trust in You Lord, I love You.
my name is carly. i love jesus
Hey Jesus, it\'s been a while. I thought you should know that my quest for waiting til marriage has been a success. I am only committed to you, my lord. Holla at you and holla at Harambe. Peace.\r\n\r\nYes at Calvary \r\n\r\nI can not ever accept no. You are to merciful
hey jesus
how are you going? we miss u and thank u for the sacrifice you have made and we think about u every day xxx hope to hear from you soon\r\n\\want to dream about you \r\n\r\njesus, the dream you sent to me helped me a lot. i know u are always there for me no matter how bad or how much i sin. you are my best friend and i know ur always sitting in class next to me when people tease me or bully me about being uglier or dumb
Hi Jesus
Hey jesus,\r\n\r\nWhats up?
Dear Lord, I will have my first job interview tomorrow. Lord give me the strength, knowledge and wisdom to pass the interview with them. Please do bless their hearts Lord God for them to accept me in their company. I know God nothing is impossible with You. I believe In You God and i will just trust in You. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen. Thank You Lord God.
Prayer Only
Dear Jesus,\r\n Hello My Father Jesus!.... I am sending this letter to you to say thank you for all your guidance and blessing you’ve shared to my family and myself. Father Jesus, I am now a successful graduate student who really know everything about life’s matter. My God, I know that I never been here if you are not there, many people I know is looking for a better life someday. Some of them are poor and some of them are successfully gain richness in their life. Just like me My Jesus, I am gaining a better life but I am not happy. Lord Jesus, I’m so thankful for the things that you give help to my family…Lord……..: I’m not satisfied with my life here with my job. I wishing to or hoping for a simple with a simple family in the future. I know My God, I’m a sinner but I do still believed in you and I don’t want to live without you. \r\nThank you.\r\n\r\nMichael C. Yee\r\nBeliever
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI trust You God, I know You will give me the job that You want me to have. In Jesus Name, Let Your will be done Lord. I am really eager to have a job again because it\'s been 1 month 😞 I love You Lord and i will keep trusting You no matter what. I believe In You. Thank You Lord I will claim today that tomorrow and the following days are already a blessed day for me. You will never forsake me. I love You God. Amen.
We are badly cheated by my daddy\'s friend. Please help us Lord to get back our property registration in our name and our money what ever my daddy has invested.
Respected Sir. I\'m from Hyderabad. Sir please help my family. By God\'s blessings we are living happily dad got some money after selling his ancestors property and we all were very happy but one of dad\'s friend took it for his business purpose and promised to return with good returns. As my father is also aged and retired he expected some interest on his principal amount believed his friend and invested. Today it\'s almost 5yrs we did not get our money. My mummy recently suffered 2nd paralytic stroke and is very weak and on lot of medications. I\'m 36yrs and still unmarried female because dad has no enough finances and my brother is 34yrs and still not settled as no finances. Finally daddy decided we don\'t want any extra interest but it\'s fine if daddy\'s friend to return atleast what daddy invested in business only principal amount.\r\nWhen daddy asked his friend he spoke very rudely with my father as such my dad went into depression and suffered paralytic stroke and had got a clot in his brain and was admitted in secunderabad Apollo hospital for treatment. All this rude behaviour of daddy\'s friend has come as a shock a surprise to our family. Other day mummy went to his place and requested him to repay he said he has no money as eveything he invested in the construction. Now as this person is unable to repay the full amount we took a flat in his construction so that half the amount we can recover and balance he can take 2 or 3 months time to return as cash . But this person initially agreed and now he is denying to get it registered as he mortaged the flat what he promised to give and just making us run for our own money like beggars and dogs. When we again spoke to him why is he cheating us so badly and this is not the way he should behave with us and so ungrateful we helped him in his difficult situation so he again spoke rudely to my mother and sent her off. It\'s been 5yrs my daddy\'s friend is giving us hard time to return our money, he is shouting at both my paralytic stroke parents saying go and complaint where ever you both want to I will not return I have police back up , political back up and Rowdy sheeters back up as such I can pay money and easily come out.\r\nSir it looks like he is no where interested in giving us our money back. Today we are just suffering to get back our own money. Because he understood as both my parents are paralytic stroke patients and weak and dad has clot and no one can question him as such he can cheat us and avoid returning the money. He now 100% made up his mind not to return my dad\'s money. Sir it\'s our life time and one time money what my daddy got from his father after selling our ancestors property and today we are helpless that someone else is enjoying our money and refusing to return it and threatening to return our owm money.\r\nDaddy also is little scared to ask his friend because that fellow always he says he has political backup and Rowdy sheeters back up as such we are really devastated and worried.\r\nSir my daddy has all the proofs with Cheque numbers written on his friends name with amount and date when he helped him. Sir 5yrs back this person he touched my daddy\'s feet to help him from debt losses and today when we asking to repay he is threatening my daddy and speaking rudely with both my stroke affected parents. Sir please help us. Who will help us if every such fraud fellow says I have political backup and Rowdy sheeters back up. We are really devastated with such ungrateful person who is making us run after him begging for our own money. Sir Please help my aged parents to get back our money. We all are broken financially, lost happiness, peace and health from our lives. We are going through a very bad phase of our lives. Please help. \r\nThanking you\r\nShalini
I\'m scared
I believe in you Jesus
Im so sorry that Ive sinned. Please forgive me. Im asking you to please find me new opportunities with what I do. I want to be happy and successful. Please help me find a new Job opportunity. Lord, I love you so very much and am by your side when times are good and bad for me. I know you are always by my side no matter what. Please lord, help me.
Help Me Lord
Dear Lord, Thanks for staying by my side. I am going for a meeting with my CEO. Please help me from getting drilled and i dont want to lose my job.Please help me my father. Love you my father, Your Son Arka Sengupta
oh lord hear my cry
father i thank you so much for wat you have done in my life and in d life of my family. Daddy i really need ur help pls listen to my cry for help. I dont no y things aint working for me instead of things to b working out is as if things are getting worst. I was so happy that i have gotten admission into the university bt all of a sudden i found out that i have gotre and the doctor i went for surgery said is 250,000 God hw can i gt such money i have been working 4 so many years yet i have no acct of my money pls Lord hear my cry for help....
Please have mercy on me.
To\r\nMy beloved jesus my god\r\nThank you for giving me all the blessings .\r\nI am sorry lord , iam really sorry for wasting my time , for not studying ,for not obeying my mother , for seeing unwanted things ,for doing unwanted things , l am sorry my god , i want to become a doctor god i want to become a doctor please help me to clear my exam ,please dont punish me .i will work hard and never waste my time please lord help me to get an addmission ,i want to full fill my mothers wish , please dont punish me this time please have mercy on me .. I promise to be a obidient child .god i trust you ,i believe in you please have mercy upon me a sinner .\r\nYours faithfully \r\nAnna maria \r\n(a true believer , \r\nA baptised christian )
Jesus-Christus, ich glaube voller Liebe und Kraft an Dich, aber bin momentan auch sehr enttuscht von Dir. Ich bitte um Vergebung meiner Snden. Ich bitte um Deine Hilfe, aber nichts passiert, im Gegenteil habe ich das Gefhl es wird immer schlimmer.\r\nJesus-Christus, ich brauchte Deine jetzige, sofortige Hilfe, um neu beginnen zu knnen und endlich wieder schuldenfrei, sorgenfrei und voller Leben, leben zu drfen. Es geht ohne Deine Hilfe nicht. Es sind zu viele Baustellen, an denen ich selbst schuld habe. Ich mchte so gerne eine Chance fr einen Neuanfang.\r\nJesus-Christus, bitte erhre mich noch heute, bitte. Lass mich Dir zeigen, dass es mir ernst ist mit dem Neubeginn. Bitte, bitte hilf mir, hilf mir.\r\nJesus-Christus, ich glaube und vertraue auf Deine Hilfe, ich glaube an Dich.\r\nDanke fr Deine Hilfe lieber Jesus-Christus.\r\nDeine MaRo
Praise the Lord I\'m vinodh my wife name Nandhini 2014 Aug 11th we both are married. After marriage life was very good . After one yer of marriage .. my wife asking device .. she went to Court now .. she will not comprise with me .. she want Divorce only .. Bible said don\'t give Divorce.. but all Christian people asking device .. I don\'t want to give Divorce.. last one year I\'m going to court... I\'m become so sad .. but my wife and his family very happy... Still I\'m waiting for my wife becoz I love my wife.. but she
just please understand everithing about it and dont be sad please and told me something you can to my mail y thought there is no problem
i dont sure maybe is better that y send letter to raymond in san francisco ym not feeling good somethimes
jesus please can you told me what y can do in this time.can you explain me everithyng about what y think long time can you doing something about this things y dont know how y explain you everithyng in this little mail.i,m so sad long time.please you if you want to help or just do some things about y think whithout bad mude y want to see this letter first.thank you.
Lord, I love You so much I am sorry for all of my mistakes. Thank You God for everything. Amen.
take me from this world my Lord
My God,\r\nI m in distress that is known to you.I m praying to releive you from my debts for the last 6 months and i m asking for a suitable business for survival.You are keeping me in peace and given a good shelter.Thank you.but my inner soul disturbs me since i feel very much for those i owe in lakhs.please clear my debts.thats all i want.then take my life in the present condition.i dont want to be a burden for anyone any further.once again i reauest you to clear my debts and take my life.thank you for given me everything in this world so far.enough my Lord. Take me with You\r\nThank you Jesus.
Jesus - I realize I have been praying wrong and for that I apologize. I am sitting here humbly asking for your forgiveness as I am a sinner. I have lied, cheated, stole, committed adultery and fornication, i have dishonored my parents and I know I may not deserve your grace. But i am here with an open heart of pity and surrender. Please show me the way to perfect my parenting and be there for Amaris. Show me how to love her again with patience and kindness. Jesus help us get closer to you and your father. Help us Jesus as we are in desperate need of a plan. I need you in my house and my heart. My children need you Jesus. Please heal us. We are broken Lord.
Jesus forgive me and call me home
Forgive me Jesus, for I have sinned. Call me home lord accept me into your kingdom. I want to see my loved ones, and be safe Lord. Call me home in the next few months Lord, please Lord. Amen.
Important message to Jesus
Heavenly father please help us. My dad\'s friend is cheating on us its been years he is not returning our money when asking he is threatening to return it as a result both my parents went into depression and suffered paralytic stroke. Even I\'m suffering mentally a lot as a girl I\'m unable to do anything I\'m helpless. Financially we are suffering and broken. Recently my parents spoke to my dad\'s friend and requested him to give atleast a small portion in his construction so that atleast we can recover some of our money but those people simply said no as they know that both my parents are paralytic stroke patients and weak cannot do anything and they can play around as they wish and are cheating. Initially they made us spend dome money on that construction as well but now they are not responding when they will give it completely in our registered name. I\'m totally devastated with so much dishonesty and being cheated so badly. I just want to end this life. Heavenly father I\'m left alone no one to help us. I cannot fight this battle alone and enemy is very strong, powerful and now that my parents are weak old and sick and I\'m helpless as such my dads friends are just cheating us and thinking no one can stop them or can question them. Lord Jesus please help me I\'m going through a lot of rough time. Bless my parents and me with good health and speedy recovery. Lord Jesus Christ I don\'t want anything extra from my daddy\'s friend I don\'t want one penny also extra please give what my daddy has invested with that man in business and what we are suppose to get back honestly and the recent amount what we invested. Heavenly father please tell my daddy\'s friend to stop cheating us and threatening us and return our money honestly and complete our property registration in our name as it was supposed to be done as promised to my daddy while taking money before the start of the construction. In Jesus precious mighty name I pray Amen.
Heavenly father please help us. My dad\'s friend is cheating on us its been years he is not returning our money when asking he is threatening to return it as a result both my parents went into depression and suffered paralytic stroke. Even I\'m suffering mentally a lot as a girl I\'m unable to do anything I\'m helpless. Financially we are suffering and broken. Recently my parents spoke to my dad\'s friend and requested him to give atleast a small portion in his construction so that atleast we can recover some of our money but those people simply said no as they know that both my parents are paralytic stroke patients and weak cannot do anything and they can play around as they wish and are cheating. Initially they made us spend dome money on that construction as well but now they are not responding when they will give it completely in our registered name. I\'m totally devastated with so much dishonesty and being cheated so badly. I just want to end this life. Heavenly father I\'m left alone no one to help us. I cannot fight this battle alone and enemy is very strong, powerful and now that my parents are weak old and sick and I\'m helpless as such my dads friends are just cheating us and thinking no one can stop them or can question them. Lord Jesus please help me I\'m going through a lot of rough time. Bless my parents and me with good health and speedy recovery. Lord Jesus Christ I don\'t want anything extra from my daddy\'s friend I don\'t want one penny also extra please give what my daddy has invested with that man in business and what we are suppose to get back honestly and the recent amount what we invested. Heavenly father please tell my daddy\'s friend to stop cheating us and threatening us and return our money honestly and complete our property registration in our name as it was supposed to be done as promised to my daddy while taking money before the start of the construction. In Jesus precious mighty name I pray Amen.
Apology and Request
My Dear Lord Jesus,\r\n Its been a really long time since I\'ve written a letter to you. Apologizes for the delay. Dear Lord I am totally blank, and in a sad state of mind nowadays. That is because I am not talking to u by reading the bible. Sometimes I feel like crying out ur name loud and let go all of my distress that I am carrying in my heart.I am having severe back neck pain and yesterday I hardy slept. Please remove my neck pain today itself Lord. By your precious hands touch and heal all my sickness and wounds that I created within me Lord. I want you to heal me completely from my head to toe.\r\nI am a fat girl and people around me always feel ashamed to present me in front of the public.I wish I could loose 10 kgs before my wedding in December. I wish to be 55kgs by November. I know it is impossible for me but I strongly believe that everything is possible for you Lord Jesus I wish to change the attitude of the people towards me in a positive way.Make me slim and beautiful Lord Jesus before my marriage. I wish to give a huge surprise for everyone. Please be with me when I go to gym and while doing my diet plan. I really need a job for at least these 3 months. I am in need of a good job in order to get some work experience.Please DON\"T TURN UR BACK and disappoint me LORD! Protect me, Rahul and our family members from all dangers Lord! In Jesus name I pray. AMEN!
I suck at relationships
So I\'m gonna cut to the chase and say I really broke a friendship between myself and a man I truly love with all my deepest heart. There was a lot of anxiety and stress that led me to do silly things and it drove us so very far apart. Now that we\'ve both graduated, I literally won\'t see him again unless I pray for divine intervention. And that\'s what I\'m going to do. Jesus, please let me be with this person whom I truly love. I think about him every day and night. The more I try to forget him, the more desperately I yearn to remember him. Dear God, please hear my cry. Hear my cry and please reunite me with the only man I\'ve ever held so dear. In Jesus\' holy name, amen.
Thanks Lord for all your help.Hope peace be with me.Be with me always and fight against all evil deeds.
I am studying for an exam and I\'m so confused about what to study and how to study. Please show me the way and bring me peace of mind.
dear jesus people say the world is going to end i belive in you when ie the world going to in Amen.
am i going to heaven i belive in you when will the world end?\r\n
Please end her suffering.
Please pray for my better half. I know the lord is ready to accept her soul. Please end her suffering.
God, i wish all the people around me and far from me the best and a joyful life!! My life is very hard, i am failing at school and a lot of things are happening with my family like my dad stopped working for 2 and a half years and my mom had cancer and me and my 2 brothers fight a lot and brake things and fail sometimes at school... I would like very much to help others my giving them food or give them money but i can\'t because i\'m broke so i wish something will happen with my life and my future this summer because i have this feeling that something beautiful will happen ?? i wish the best for me to become a celebrity or a singer if this is god\'s will... I love u jesus so much! Thanks for helping me in hard times like these
Taking all that I can take
I apologize for everything I ever did to anyone why must I suffer for things that I didn\'t do why must I do things for a crime I never committed why must I go through life feeling that things are okay when there not I\'m down and out no one to turn too can you please hear my cry Jesus all I ask is for you to send me a backbone instead I feel like I\'m gettinbg pushed up against a wall without no where or no one to run too help me Jesus please Amen\r\n
please show up my lose phone... \r\nsmartphone samsung galaxy note 2.. \r\nplease help me to get back even i known the person who stolen it but i don\'t have a proof...\r\nplease god if u are there\r\n
Dear Papa Jesus\r\n\r\nSumasakit matako at ulo ko po sa mga tao dito. pa iba iba kasi ugali rin nila. magulo po. pati mga kilala ko kaibigan ko. Or baka hindi ako tama mag isip?. Sorry po at thank you po ng marami Papa Jesus sana maayos ko po ang sarili ko at lahat. in Jesus name po . :D Amen.Pahabain nyo po buhay ni nanay. mga kapatid ko. family ko. pinsan kamag anak kaibigan . Masyado po akong mahiling sa inyo Papa Jesus Im truly sorry po at maraming salamat po talga hindi po kayo nawala saakin. Sorry po minsan akala ko Im right nakakawalang ugali po kasi yung sobrang pag iisip ko nadadamay mama ko ugali ko makipag usap sa tao. lalo kapag nababasa ako . Pero mas maayos naman po ako kapag alam ko na yung guninagawa ko kung mali ba po or tama. Thank you Jesus. In Jesus name po bless us all po AMEN!
Dear Papa Jesus\r\n\r\nSumasakit matako at ulo ko po sa mga tao dito. pa iba iba kasi ugali rin nila. magulo po. pati mga kilala ko kaibigan ko. Or baka hindi ako tama mag isip?. Sorry po at thank you po ng marami Papa Jesus sana maayos ko po ang sarili ko at lahat. in Jesus name po . :D Amen.
Dear Papa Jesus\r\n\r\nHindi po ako maka isip ng tama lalo na sa parents ko sorry po help me please. pati maka nuod at yung mga gagawin ko hindi ako maka focus.:D Please sana wala na gulo. At saka give me more life Papa Jesus habang kaya ko pa po maitama ang mga bagay more energy to think good things po. in Jesus name po Papa Jesus ilayo nyo po ako sa mga mananakot sa akin bad spirits. Amen. In Jesus name po Amen. wag na po sana malungkot at strange looking mga tao dito sa bahay. In Jesus name po Amen. Im really pathetique Papa Jesus :):D I trust you po Papa Jesus in Jesus name po Amen. :D
Dear Papa Jesus\r\n\r\nHindi po ako maka isip ng tama lalo na sa parents ko sorry po help me please. pati maka nuod at yung mga gagawin ko hindi ako maka focus.:D Please sana wala na gulo. At saka give me more life Papa Jesus habang kaya ko pa po maitama ang mga bagay more energy to think good things po. in Jesus name po Papa Jesus ilayo nyo po ako sa mga mananakot sa akin bad spirits. Amen. In Jesus name po Amen. wag na po sana malungkot at strange looking mga tao dito sa bahay. In Jesus name po Amen. Im really pathetique Papa Jesus :):D
Dear Papa Jesus\r\n\r\nHindi po ako maka isip ng tama lalo na sa parents ko sorry po help me please. pati maka nuod at yung mga gagawin ko hindi ako maka focus.:D Please sana wala na gulo. At saka give me more life Papa Jesus habang kaya ko pa po maitama ang mga bagay more energy to think good things po. in Jesus name po Papa Jesus ilayo nyo po ako sa mga mananakot sa akin bad spirits. Amen. In Jesus name po Amen. wag na po sana malungkot at strange looking mga tao dito sa bahay. In Jesus name po Amen.
Dear Papa Jesus,\r\n\r\nnahihirapan ako kaka isip na pero nagpapasalamat parin po ako kasi may isip parin po ako hehe thank yo po for a blessed morning po. Syaka sana hindi na po mag away si mama at si nanay katulad ng pag gising ko po kanina nag takip nalang po ako ng tenga ko. Si mama kung malungkot sya sana maging happy sya ulit. Gabayan nyo po si Gabrielle sa school nya po. Pati Si kuya at Richard. Ako naman po napag pasyahan ko bukas ako mag exercise kasi po makakatulog lang ako buong araw sa pagod kaka excercise parang nakipag ano ako non. Maganda po kaya yung movie ni Jodie Sta. Maria? Tagalog po. hehe Jesus thank you po sayo lang ako nakakapag sabi palagi. Pati si nanay sana maging happy sya kung malungkot po sya. Hi tatay. Ayoko po na tinatakot ako ng mga tao. Sorry na po alam ko po makasalanan parin po ako. Papa Jesus I trust you po. I love you po. Si papa rin po maging okay po sana ang health nya pati lahat po ng kamag anak kakilala ko po. In Jesus name po. Amen.
Lord help my rent is due please send a blessing I need all bills paid I still want to travel also Lord send a angel from heaven to help us we are in distress Lord I need medical help too Lord send my PPT card fast with my bonuses on it too. Lord we need air in our home too we. Just getting by. Lord help your servant chief apostle Christine Lord and Richard Lord take this burden quickly
Dear Papa Jesus,\r\n\r\nI want to thank for my real life. Because si mama at si papa at si nanay nandyan para sakin lalo na po kayo ni God. at mahal ko po si Gabrielle, Richard at si kuya at sila mama at papa at nanay at toen at hi po kay tatay salamat po sa blessing na binibigay ninyo all praise the Lord and Papa Jesus. Salamat po na tinanggal nyo po ibat ibang bad worries ko sa buhay ko. mahal po kita Papa Jesus. Sorry po makasalanan parin po ako, minsan naiisip ko po bad things pero napapalitan ko na po ng good things. Maraming salamat po ng dahil sa inyo po ni God naaayos ko po ang lahat. Lalo po ang pag iisip ko na nalilito. Between right and wrong. Minsan akala ko tama puro marami akong naiisip para sa pansarili. tapos narealize ko lang biglang sobrang mali po pala yun. SOrry po ng sobra. Buti nalang nandyan po kayo palagi sa puso ko at isip Papa Jesus at paki tanggal na po yung mga bad memories ko at yan nanaman nakakaisip ako ng bad. Please po mga negative lalo paki alis na po sa pamamahay na ito. at sana po patawarin nyo po ako madalas po ako humihiling sa inyo. naiisip ko lang po minsan mga nakakatakot sana maalis na po sa isip ko. Alam ko po na andyan lang kayo palagi at hindi na ako matatakot. Because of my trust and faith po sa inyo. Naiisip ko rin po ang pag graduate ko para narin sa parents ko. Sana kapag nakapag trabaho na po ako, hindi na po ako malapit sa mga bisyo. Salamat po talaga. Mahal ko po kayo. nagmamahal ang inyong anak, Carmella.:D
prayer for miracle
Dear Jesus\r\n\r\n As you know i have been through a lot of think,this is a big one where i had a little argument with my wife while been drunk and then took my var keys and drove off to commit suiside i went out of house around and then i took a u turn at an intersection and hit the traffic pole and damaged my car so one person saw and call the police so got arrested for drink drive for the 1st time ever,police did breath tested and found high range alcohol pca and suspensed my licence for a month and gave me court notice on 21st july 2016. Jesus please i am so ashamed of my self that i comitted this crime with out knowing the concequences which is now affecting my work because i am a taxi driver and also affecting my wife and son....please i need help every time when i think of this i start to cry and i am so sorry of my actions so requesting for a miracle prayer as such on 21st july i dnt get my licence suspended as i mentioned i am a taxi driver and it is my only source of income,please i need your miracle,i know i did a lot of wrong things in my life but truly and humbly i am ashamed of what i have done eap on this occassion of drink driving so please help me i beg you from my bottom of my heart....
Dear Jesus, I was thinking about my bad way of getting slim before, and also what I did when I didnt believe in you in years like I cut things ( palda, shirts given by my aunt) Im depressed Im sorry and the woods I painted I destroy things. I said
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nI was thinking about my bad way of getting slim before, and also what I did when I didnt believe in you in years like I cut things ( palda, shirts given by my aunt) Im depressed Im sorry and the woods I painted I destroy things. \r\nI said bad things to my mother like Im gonna kill my brother, I used to feel like killing my family. I didnt believe in you. Im truly sorry. Now, I believe you Jesus. thank you very much. I love you.:D
Please help me out
Dear Father,\r\n\r\nThankyou for being by my side always.\r\n\r\nI have a passion to join civil services through WBCS and would attain it. Please help me out so that i can crack the exam and enter a much secured life with respectable position.\r\n\r\nI beg before you to please help me out with the efforts and channelize me so that i shall be on the right direction, moving forward with the goal.\r\n\r\nKindly please father help me out.\r\n\r\nLove you always.\r\nYours Son,\r\nArka Sengupta
Thank you
Thank you Jesus for all that you have done for me these last few days. This has been a unsettelling time for me.\r\n\r\nJesus your mercy is incredible. \r\nJesus you are wonderful.\r\nJesus you are powerful.\r\nThank you for protecting me, my family, my home and my loved ones. \r\n\r\nI cherish you.
Jesus Thanks for everything you have done for us people. Thanks for everything you have done for me. EVERYTHING. Specially thanks for that I survived my virus attack and got a chance to live on. Thats help and love. But I need your help. Tomorrow when I wake up for the night I need your help to be FULLY HEALED!! I can\'t stay in this anymore. Not a damn wheelchar, not rigning, not microlax and NOT these damn glasses!! You have created us in love. You have healed us people in love. And that is what I need. LOVE. And now I have a chance to get that love. BUT NOT WHEN I SITTING HERE!! I need a healing miracle. Just over this night. HEEEEELP. I know you can. You have healed SO many. So heal me. Just 100% without any memoris of these awful years as handicaped. You say: Pray and you shall get. So I pray almost every night. SO let me GET. IT IS YOUR WORDS!!!!! So show it then!! I love life, and I love you. But not like this. Just help me. Just give me a healing miracle over a night. Dear Jesus. AMEN !! !!
Dear Jesus please stop the seperation of my parents. I know i dont deserve you to listen to me because i have complained in my mind alot about going to church on sundays. But i promise that if you stop the fights and bring union to them i will never complain about church again and become one of the people that sings to you and to God, your and mine father at church. This is still possible because neither my parents have legal problems with justice. They are good people. Fix in my mom the problems my dad complains about and in my dad the ones my mom complains about. And also stop the fighting in the middle east even if they dont belive in you. And why not stop the stuff going on in mexico and in the whole world. Please bring rain to the central valley which you did really good with last winter. Stop the persecution of christians and jews and muslims and everything
this is about a guy i love.
DEAR LORD\r\nThis guy I been date for two years.\r\nI love daniul Albertson I for give him for having sex four times with my friend.\r\nMe and daniul never hideout and we talk on facebook.\r\nI need you to help me and daniul get back to were we were before he had sex with my friend .\r\nI want to marry daniul and adoption alot of kids and have all the kids you want me too have.\r\nThank you god,in Jesus name.Amen
God please forgive me of my sins
Dear jesus
Pls help me regarding my younger daughter, give her good knowledge, maker her to study wee,give her understanding power memory power,make science and English easy for her please Jesus answer to my prayer
Dear Jesus,\r\nAll I ask for today is for love.\r\nI have always wanted to be in a serious relationship, but it never works,\r\nPlease send help!:s\r\nLots of love,\r\nNatty
Hello Jesus,\r\n\r\nI am coming to you today thanking you for life and asking that you forgive me for the sin that I have committed willingly and non-knowingly. I am praying that you help me in my resent situation with my administrator. You know it was not my intention to cause any conflict at my work place. I was trying to stay under the radar until I relocated from this area. But now I am fearful. Fear is not of you God. And with that knowledge I am fully aware this is a plot from satan to prevent your will in my life. Your word states that you have already overcome satan and I know that you have the power to turn anything that satan meant for my bad into good and I am asking you to do just that. I do not want to walk into a new year with fear looming over me. I do not want to worry about someone plotting against me and wishing for my demise. I pray God the you take care of this. Make this situation turn around. I am not disrespectful and I love my job. You know my heart and all that I was trying to accomplish. Jesus use this situation to grow me and strengthen my faith you your love for me. Please God take away the fear and doubt that is not in my body causing me to feel nauseous with knots in my stomach. If your will can allow it please give me a new job/new location/help with moving. I pray that you soften her heart. Allow her to see the situation with new eyes. Allow her to forgive. Please Jesus protect me from all that wish me harm. Protect my mind, soul, purpose, spirit, character. I pray all of this to you my God.\r\n\r\n\r\nYour servant\r\n\r\n-Nicole
Dear Jesus, I know You love me, & You died for me. Please save me from All my confusions of with true Christianity is. Send Theee Hol Encounter Jesus
pls Dear Jesus, I believe You saved me by Your Sacrificial Death & Resurrection. Pls come into my heart & clear All my fears & confussions in Jesus Name. Amen.
Let Your Will Be Done.
Dear, Heavenly Father, please bring my kitty home to me please and also tell fistey and tiger I love them and I hope they\'re having fun thank you amen
Dear God Jesus , every night i pray to you. I hope mmy family can become a christ . Please Jesus , please answer my pray. Amen.
Looking for Help
Hello Jesus, you cute. We need some help with making a mixtape praising your holy name.8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)8):s:)
Isa how are u and your mum\r\n
Plz save my family
dear dad, \r\n\r\nyou know what the pain i am going through. my family is broken i dont know whether i will get my family back. my wife and my son left me and this been a week. i pray to you lord i want you to keep them safe and with your mighty power chase the evil sprites controling my family. i have no one to cry or say my feelings .. you are the only one i can beg for my life. i pray to you lord plx speak to them and i dont want my family to be a broken. i surender myself to you appa. neega paathukongaa... you know my situation now appa. romba valikuthu ... i want my wife ans son back . plz appa peasunga ...plz \r\ni love you appa \r\nisaa
Let Your will be done Lord, I trust You. Amen.
My Lord please forgive me
To my Lord and savior, for I have so dearly wish to be closer to. I am lost in thought and my position is confusing. I am afraid for my mother, grandmother, grandfather, and all loved ones of this earth. Please forgive me for the sins I have committed in the past, I am trying to start a new life. One where I walk without sin on my own path, a life of light and enrollment into a better future. Please hear my prayer O\' King of Kings, Lord of all Lords. My Love for you is unending
i love gowtham and he alsolove me but now he love someone else we already live togather i cnt forget him me and gowtham live like a husband nd wife now he is cheating me and another girls plz help him live in straight path and come back to me wit lv
i dnt knw wat to do plz help me i want live my gowtham he is husband nd i cnt live without him.
Hey jesus
Will I whold like to know how my grate grandpa is doing his name is will seally
Lord I need You, I\'m sorry :(
Lord God I pray that Let Your will be done tomorrow, help me God please be my knowledge wisdom and strength to finish this assigned task on me, I know God You will never leave me, I know I can do it because of You, I trust You Lord, Tomorrow will going to be a blessing. In Jesus name, Amen.
Jesus Help
Jesus im scared i will lose someone dear to me\r\nJesus give me strength\r\nJesus help me im lost which way should i go dark or light\r\nI dont want to lose anyone i care for\r\nIzzy
Plz Jesus save my granny plz
Prayer for family
Thank you oh heavenly Father in advance for fixing my family troubles. Thank you for bringing my wife Ashley Anderson back to our home I\'m grateful you have showed her and myself our faults and sins against one another. I pray lord you will send the holy spirit over our home and manifest our love for you for through you only this is possible. Keep the enemy out of our mind and hearts and replace the smallest thought we may have this will not work with our love and admiration for one another through and by placing you first. Thank you Father in advance I see us smiling and rejoicing. In the name of the father the son and holy spirit thank you God for your son Jesus and thank you for answering this prayer. Amen
Needing Gods Grace
Dear God\r\n You know what i am going through right now. I feel so ashamed for spending the money that you have given us to touch lives and make a difference. I have been very selfish in my acts and for that i realize that i am to worthy of your grace. Lord i am asking you to please restore to me everything i took away from the program. Father I would like to make a covenant with you. I promise that i will never use another dime of the money you have given me to help the less fortunate. Lord i have made promises before but i am asking you to please make a way for me and please forgive me for this sin i have committed.
Dear Jesus,
I\'m a christian.
Do you think I\'m a very good christian for the past 14 years?
I love You so much Lord God.
Dear God,\r\n\r\nI surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.\r\n\r\nI ask that you remove my worries, anxieties, and fears about money, and replace them with faith.\r\n\r\nI know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.\r\n\r\nI have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.\r\n\r\nI release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my true state.\r\n\r\nI commit to being grateful for all that I now have in my life.\r\n\r\nI learn to manage my finances wisely, seeking help where needed.\r\n\r\nAnd finally, I ask you to help me understand my purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come, in part, by doing work I love. Please help me use my skills and knowledge to be of service in the world.\r\n\r\nThank you, God.\r\n\r\nAmen
letter to my lord
Dear father\r\nI am writing this letter from hell.I want to talk to you. Plese answer my prayer from hell. I want to see u. I want to hear u. I want to be in peacr with u. I don\'t want anything to inflience me,except u. I don\'t want my aim of life, propert or worry or famous or doubt or anything else to influence me. But i m in heol to see u, to talk u, to share my time with u, want to listen sth from u, to receive your love n see you heart.Who will take care me.When u answer me.When to take me out from this hell. Pls do not allow anymore that the job/ earning or the people who believe u with doubt n worry. Pls do not let them disturb any more. Pls don\'t leave me in their hands. Pls dont\'s them disturb any more. I LOVE U. I miss U.I m in hell my Lord. Do u remember to amswer me my lord.
request to forgive me God
Dear jesus\r\nI request you to forgive me for all my sins and behavior to others. I am sorryy jesus pls heal me i am sorry i have cursed my sister, fought with my family felt jealous and was behaving very rude with my beloved ones God plss forgive me for wat all i did jesus i am sorry
Lord, I\'m sorry, have Your mercy on us. Amen.
Please let me know what to do
Dear,Jesus please help me I don\'t know what it is but I have been in a really bad mood lately and I have hardly no friends my family is always mad at me and I just need you to get what ever it is in me out I need you in my heart I love I Jesus name Amen. From Abby frames
Lord, I\'m sorry :( please forgive me. :( us . :(
How will I survive if my reactions are like this?
my dad john ginns picture back on facebook
jesus please put my dad picture back on facebook my dad name is john ginns.he died october 31 2013.jesus i want you to make me happy by putting his picture back on facebook.jesus i believe you can do all things.
dear jesus please change the situation beween my daughter and me i love her and my grandkids
Our father, jesus please change the situation for me and my daughter . lord I am hurting and missing my grandkids and my daughter lord I am doing everything that I can so that my daughter softens and unite with me .\r\nlord I have trust in you as you said yesterday that (trust ME ) so I have trust in you lord I can not wait any longer please step in and let me see my children lord all this is in your lovings hands . why don\'t you fullfill my heart. I am doing service for others it is about time now that I get some reward in return lord.\r\nl love you shunt amen
our father dear jesus i am offering to you my trust in you father.
our father dear jesus now that I am born again christan father assist me through I need you father . Lord now l have put my faith and trust in you please carry me help me with your blessing and grace as you have just now given me the guarantee to offer me with your grace peace hope love. please lord I am pleading for you to change the situation for my daughter and grandkids lord, l so badly want to see them love them and be one happy christan family under your care. I accept all your grace and blessing\r\namen
Tottally Scared
If it\'s real keep me safe?
Prayer request
My wife ask Divorce with in one year of marriage .. I don\'t want to give Divorce .. I want to live with my wife tomorrow my case coming to Cort .. Pray for me
Coffesion letter to Jesus
My Dear Jesus,\r\nI\'m totally lost. I don\'t think I am gonna reach anywhere in life. But I put my hope in you Lord. I believe that whatever and whoever comes into my life You are the one who is sending them. Lord Jesus I know that everything that has happened in my life was planned by You..to make my inner self strong. Lord I thank you for everything you have done in my life and thank you for everything that is going to happen in my life. \r\nIn the beginning I told you that I am lost and I don\'t feel like reaching anywhere. These thoughts are coming to me from the enemy. Lord Jesus, when i utter your precious name the enemy will run away from me.. that\'s my belief and its true. Lord Jesus My PGDM and MBA in HR was a plan made for me by You. And I think that I forgot that for a while and was just taking it lightly. But now I realize it and I\'m sorry for wasting all the time that you\'ve given me. But still I have a little hope existing that I CAN FINISH THE WORK ON TIME! And I believe that You are there to help me through every difficulties. Because you are the One who created me my Lord my Jesus. And I am not a mistake. Let people say anything about me.. They say that I can\'t do a single thing rightly. Let them say anything they want to. Nothing will hurt me. Their words are merely words. After all they all are humans. Finding fault with everyone is their main inner hobby. I don\'t care what they talk about me. Like I said.. My LOrd Jesus, knows me more than anyone else on this earth. Whatever I do and say I do it for HIM. And it will never go wrong..for my ideas and thoughts come from the Lord and they are perfect in His sight. Even if there is a little time for submitting my dissertation.. The Lord will help me by stretching out his precious hands while I am doing my research paper.For Nothing is imposible for my Lord Jesus. People around me completely lost their hope in me. But nothing will discourage me for my Lord Jesus is always there encouraging me all the time. When I get my MBA certification at hand people will be amazed and I will sing praises to the Lord Jesus along with them. For my Lord has a perfect plan for me and I will help him by walking with him in every step of my life. I promise you Lord I will be dedicated to you as U lead me throughout my life. And like every daughter I wish to make my Father God in heaven feel proud of me. \r\n\r\nWith Love\r\nYour Loving Daughter\r\nMitchelle
Lord, I love You so much. :* Thank You. :*
Is reincarnation fact or fiction? If fact, how does it fit into the Christian belief that hell signifies eternal damnation? If fiction, how does one explain children who are born with severe diseases that manifest themselves long before the children know right from wrong and can sin in their present lives? How does one explain children who can remember falling from one of the burning twin towers during 9/11 as a different person, an adult, whose name they provide and who indeed existed before the children were born, and who the children could not possibly have known?
our father jesus please unite my daughter asha grandkids arjan and jahan with me early as 21/4/16
Dear lord Jesus please come into my life now I need you the most I have knocked all door but no help I am left hopeless sad no where to turn to no one here to listen my pain.lord jesus thank for looking out for me on sunday now that I belong to you please forgive my sins and lots of sin as it will take bit of time for me to go to church regularly because of my circumstance and get all sorted out with my past belief. Lord I can see myself in your arm all comfort and make all new friend of chirstan who are helpful caring iwant to belong to you.\r\nmy humble plead to you my lord is I am missing my grandkidchildren arijan and jahan so much and my daughter asha please lord change the situation now. fill my heart with happiness that I don\'t have.\r\nlove you lord hear me.\r\namen
pray for my mom and sister
please pray for my mom and sister they yelled at each other and she walked out i just wanna know if they are okay
my issues
my grandpa is in a nursing home \r\n\r\nhe will not be coming home ever \r\n\r\nwhy why him i love him so much \r\nnothng will ever be the same \r\n\r\nwhen i walk in to the house that belongs to him and my grandma he wont be on the couch watching tv or laying down in the back bedroom \r\n\r\nwhats your plan god i dont understand how this is your plan for my grandpa \r\ni miss him at home so much \r\n\r\nplease i cant lose him too i already lost my favorite uncle i wouldnt be able to bare to lose my papa
well lord i need favor and grace again this summer lord i need the finances to meet up this year for real lord. i pray we have money to tied us over until we go back to school jesus lord i need a miracle lord come now please.lord i call out miracles to my house today in jesus name amen
hi jeasus
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My nannys
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\n Hi its karma and i was wondering if my nanny peppy and nanny Norma can see you tell my nanny\'s that i love them and ask them if they would take care of my best cat that i ever have Named tony up in heaven tell my cat that i love him and i miss him so much i wish my dad would by me a cat again but my mom is allergic to them now and it would mean the word to me if you would heal my mom from her constant head aches and let her heart be better and let my mommy get fit and and let my mommmy love me the way she used to please let her know that i love her. I love you jesus and the reason i know how to spell your name is because i learned a song in church that says who is the kind of the jungle who is the king of sea who is the kind of the universe and who is the king of me ill tell you JESUS yes he is the king of me.
I\'m tired Lord, I need You :\'(
Help Me
Jesus, please help me avoid the distraught temptation that is the outside world. You know I love you. Help me to fight for the things I love.
Every moment with you or the holy spirit is precious?
Lord I\'m sorry :(
Father Save My job
Dear Father,\r\n\r\nThankyou for staying beside me at every single time. \r\n\r\nI fear a lot about my job getting lost, You know that i am trying level best on the things that are happening. I am trying to make the project profitable.\r\n\r\nThe issue is that I cant lose my job. I am married and i have a wife who is dependent on me. Please guide me and show me the light to get a good job which can help me get going in my life.\r\n\r\nPlease help me father in getting a good job also where there wont be any such problems.\r\n\r\nI lie with pain before you please help me my dear Lord.\r\n\r\nThankyou father , I love you.\r\n\r\nYours Son,\r\nArka Sengupta
Help me
Jesus please send death my way. Im suffering because the medication I take gives me an unbearable level of discomfort. They make me feel horrible. Its called clozapine. Its worse than it sounds - I cant cope with it!! Please help me, I would thank you for cancer. my address is 1 Carrick Knowe Road , Edinburgh Scotland
happy late 2016 birthday\r\n
I love You Lord.
I miss you
It\'s Easter Sunday.. I just want to say I miss you and i feel empty.\r\n\r\nLove u x
God help me!!!!!
Lord, please help me.
Lord, my chest is tight, my heart is heavy. I feel helpless. I feel alone. My daughter no longer brings a smile to my face, my partner in life doesn\'t understand what I am going through. I cannot eat, I have not slept. If I sleep, I cannot sleep well. Sleeping late just to wake up extremely early. My dear God, I feel tired. Please Lord. Relieve me from this that I feel.\r\n
Dear god please make this pain and irritation go away.make me happy.
i love yo jesus
i love you so much hope you have fun up there:D
Lord, i know that Your plans is far better than mine. Help me God to understand what Your plans are. In Jesus Name, amen.
dear Jesus thank you for your love, kindness, blessing, and thank you for protecting us every where we go and please send your angels to charge over us. Please guide us where ever we go and teach us your path, show us your way, and let us walk in your truth. Amen.8)
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nI am currently in need of desperate help as I have a Law assignment due on Monday and I am finding it hard to complete. Please give me the strength and understanding to complete it. I am currently so stressed that I am trying to avoid the assignment. \r\n\r\nIn Jesus name
Lord God, help me with these. In JESUS NAME. AMEN.
Hello Jesus,\r\n\r\nThank you, thank you for all that you have done for me and for my family. Thank you for always answering our prayers and for comming to our rescue. Thank you for your compassion and forgiveness. \r\n\r\nThank you for ours and his health and for the time you have given us as a family. We are all scared of another scandal, terrified actually. We still carry the shame. Our lives have been damaged by this and yet we are still in danger. I truly believe that you will save us from harms way and i guess we should have more faith. I know you would never abandon us, you never have. The blessed virgin Mary has held us all this time. \r\n\r\nWe will continue to pray for him and for our protection. We are in your hands and you are in our hearts. We love you Lord and we love our family. Help us overcome this. Help him and us. Give him the strength to change, to plan, to organize and to stick to what is right. Help him and us make the right desicions, to work as a team and help him be the leader we need him to be. Lord our loving father, we ask for you guidance. Help us see the light out of this mess.\r\n\r\nThank you for our three children and for the rest to come. My brothers and I love the little ones and we do not want for them to carry this burden. Please let our pains remain with us and not the next generation. May they grow up to be humble and kept on the right path until they can grow up and continue to do right.\r\n\r\nSan Judas Tadeo, interceda por nosotros.\r\nMadre Santisima, cubranos con tu manto.\r\nDios mio, a ti me entrego y todo lo que amo. Haz de nosotros tu voluntad. En ti confio Seor.\r\n\r\nAmen.
For My Career
Dear Fasther,\r\n\r\nThank you for doing so much for me and staying by my side every moment.\r\n\r\nI have not written letters to you for a long time.I have got married on 29th Jan this year. She is staying at her hometown and i am working here at delhi.\r\n\r\nI fear about my career everyday. I fear about my company and the company i am working for. My business needs investment and i fear not to lose my job also so that i can work without any expectations from my business.\r\n\r\nPlease help me so that i wont lose my present job and please be by my side.I can be Hindu but i have grown up with Christianity.My father My lord i owe you everything that i have achieved and will achieve.\r\n\r\nPlease stay by my side my Lord,\r\n\r\nYour Son,\r\nArka Sengupta\r\nIndia
Why did my cat have to die I loved him so much
send a Message to jesus
Dear Jesus I thank you for giving us our good food \r\nthat we need to stay in good condition my life is very\r\ngentleness Because I care about my wonderful family and me Michael Hernandez:o\r\n
Help me jesus
Please, god please give me an M on the test! Help!!
Help me please lord
I\'m sitting up and it\'s about 12:09 am. I\'m scared to death and I can\'t stop thinking about this. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex 3 days ago. It was a Friday half a day. I told him we weren\'t going to do it without a condom but as soon as he got here it slipped my mind and he didn\'t question why I didn\'t question it. A day after I questioned myself why didn\'t I say anything, then the thought popped in my head. Am I pregnant? Every noise my stomach made everything I felt down there anything that discharged from me my heart dropped. I pray and I pray and I hope that the lord is hearing me and that I am not pregnant. I pray about it more than I eat or drink or pee or sleep I just pray and I cry and I get worried. I was stupid and I swore I\'d never put my guard down like that again. I just want a second chance, I\'m just begging for a second chance. I prayed once and told the lord that I rather die than be pregnant so that he should please take me if I actually am. That\'s scary but that\'s how much I don\'t wanna live if I am pregnant. If the lord has me if the lord is protecting me from all these issues I would literally drop to my knees and pray. I am so scared lord, because this is basically for you. Father I\'m so scared please protect me from this, I want to be successful and have a long life and a long career with my family proud of me not disgusted and surprised. I\'d be devastated. Lord honestly, if there was a way to not go to hell and kill myself lord I would end my life if I did. I am not threatening you father I\'m just being truthful if that was not in the bible saying I would go to hell. I hope that once I get my period and I look back at this I become a better person, and make smarter decisions about life and take care of myself more. This was the dumbest thing I\'ve ever done and I\'ve never needed more saving than I do right now. Lord I do not want to die yet I have so much to offer Jesus my lord and savior. I beg you for this second chance I just hope that I haven\'t disappointed you too much to not want to help me lord. Please cleanse me of my sins and come into my heart purify my brain and help me become the child that I know I can be and better child. Lord my mother said I am her angel she says she is proud and she loves me. She will not love me if I have a child I will have to run away. I\'m going to lose everything.. I\'ve been through so much and I\'ve tried to be strong before all this I still prayed and I did all I could to be happy lord I could never be happy dying this young or having to kill my baby or having a baby period. Lord please. I\'ve questioned my faith I have doubted you I have made you sad lord and I apologize, I\'m just so young and dumb and confused and I seek answers and help and everything. I don\'t know what else to do but out all my faith into the highest power the only one I love more than anybody on the earth my first father. Please don\'t look at me like I am a bad child lord I try so hard I am so broken I need your guidance please I beg you lord I ask you please to just please help me. I don\'t want my body going through anything I just hope I\'m blessed with not having a baby rn. Lord I love you , please give me the sign. Please write it in plain sight please I question everything if any things a sign. Please lord so that I just know so I can be at ease at peace and be happy. All I want in life is happiness. Please crumple it on a paper and have me pick it up lord please have someone come in and say your blessings will come true please lord Jesus Christ. Please go into human form and tell me you have me protected that you have me I\'m good and everything is fine please lord. I really need this second chance
Hi Lord, Thank You for everything :) I would like to pray for our major project for us to do it properly, In Jesus Name. Amen.
Lots Jesus.\r\nI need your help Jesus. O HOLY SPIRIT don if GOD please help me in getting transfer to RO - SILIGURI so that I can take care of my 84 years old Father my little kid .I am a single child.There is no one to look after.Except me.please Lord Jesus. Help me.In the name of Jesus.Amen
I\'m lost
Jesus, since I went to my grans funeral I haven\'t been the same. I feel lost. My life is in turmoil and my marriage us dying. My husband doesn\'t have time for me and the kids. I am alone in this world. I feel heavy and troubled. I know you hear my cries...I need you to help me.
Jesus Take The Wheel
Jesus, help me with this school task, in our math assignment, that we have to finish before 13-03-2016.\r\n\r\nSave me:(:(:(
stephanie brown l need your pray in help me l known god in me an l in me l would like to ask some question about god holy spirit l met some one in nj an l can feel his holy spirit in me l dont have a bible to read god words about holy spirit l would like to become apart of you service l hope to hear from you in the mail thanks you
Lord God, take hold of everything, In Jesus Name, Amen.
Lord God i pray that You will give my parents as well as my family and friends a more long life, please God You know that we can\'t still make it without them, we love them so much.. Please allow us to have more and more time with each other also with You. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Lord, i\'m sorry :( please forgive me. Let Your grace reign. In Jesus Name. Amen.
need $ 15000.00 dollars
dear jesus I need your help I need money. I a home and car I worry all the time I need to lost wt.need good health thank you jesus lillie
My Dear Jesus, I beg you to ask our Heavenly Eternal Father, to give us back to life on earth our Paul, the pillar, the soul the peacekeeper of our family and the support and only friend to his brother Michael who suffers from Parkinson\'s.and needs your healing power\r\nJesus give us one more chance to have a family,\r\nI know exactly what I will do with Paul, I will make him a Deacon to serve you, a good parent and a Pilot to give him pride.\r\nPlease Jesus send us Paul back, we are all suffering an unbearable pain,
Lord I believe and trust You, I know Patrick would pass his job interview today! In Jesus Name, Amen.
Lord, take control. Amen
Let Your will be done Lord, Amen.
Hi Lord, I love You so much :)
Make impossible possible
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nFather,son and holy spirit please come to me and my family. i want your help Jesus as i am unable to do this, my father is against you, change his heart give him wisdom so that he know you are God. Change his Heart and mind, as for me it is so difficult. O Lord come to my family. save my father mother and sister and niece. please change my father\'s heart. give him wisdom O lord please help. \r\n\r\nYour Daughter \r\nSucheta
I love You Lord.
Help me !
Jesus .. it feels empty.. will u plzz come into my life .. i want joy .. i need to spred joy ... I don\'t wanna lie again ... I never wanted to lie :(\r\n\r\nI wanted to do my job correctly .. Will u help me to figure out plzz ..\r\n\r\nI need to look into my future :(\r\n\r\nWithout u I can\'t do this !\r\n\r\nAm going in wrong path and I know it ! :(\r\n\r\nPlzz help me na ? :(\r\n
Lord jesus christ hear my prayers..please less my stress and burden which i am going throughthrough.
To, Jesus Christ PRAISE THE LORD! I love you jesus christ. I trust you,i believe in you with all my heart. Please hear my prayers destroy my burden, stress,Sadness,temptations, bad thoughts and make my life filled with happiness enjoyment and keep my whole family happy and healthy. Destroy all stress completely which i sometimes go through. Only you can make a difference lord only you. Please hear my prayers please jesus. And also help me to score very good marks in my board exams. Keep my mother father always happy. You and they are my one and only one PRIDE. I believe that you will hear my prayers. LOVE YOU! Your Child, Savio Colaco.
Lord, please help me on task that is assigned on me. Amen
Lord I pray that he will finally get his first aimed job . In Jesus Name, Amen.
Lord I\'m sorry :(\r\n
What do I do?
I have many fears. But there is one that affects me the most. Throwing up. I really abhor it. I really can\'t deal with it. One time I braved up and try to let it happen. \r\nI believed I could do it. But it didn\'t happen. I wish it did. Then maybe I wouldn\'t have to be this scared. \r\nMy other fear is health deterioration. I don\'t want to be sick. I can\'t be sick. I will cry. Sickness to me is a flaw. My back is killing me, my stomach went crazy since Valentines Day and ever since has been a major problem, and the main one, I have been feeling very anxious. \r\nTo make matters worse, I fought with my friends. Well, more like acted immature. Really, I do regret every single thing I did. I wish I just didn\'t go today at all. \r\n\r\nYou know how sometimes when one side is wrong, they admit to their wrongs, well today, I had sent a message to them saying sorry. But honestly, I didn\'t. I feel bad. I don\'t know if it was at the heat of the moment or I was still not seeing things clear from their perspective after countless times they\'ve told me, I still couldn\'t feel the sorry in me, contently. \r\nI need help with my life right now.\r\nI need help.
I fell in Love
I fell in love again. How could you do this to me?? You should have never let him marry another gal !! U knew am in Love !! y did u do this???????????\r\n\r\nNow am gonna regret this till the end !! I hate u ....I really do hate u !!!\r\n\r\n\r\nHaving to see him everyday at ofc ,,, is painful !! I HATE YOU !! \r\n\r\nThis is wrong !! Make me change !!! change plzzz .. I beg youuuu ... change my heart !! He is married .. this can\'t happen !!! plzzz change !!
I love You Lord.
Lord, we are sorry for all of our mistakes . We pray that You may continue to hold our hearts and protect us from evil. Amen.
Hi Lord, I love You so much. I thanked You for everything. Amen
Yo jesus. ILYSM:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
Lord , I pray that everything thing would turn out well. In Jesus name. Amen.
A question
Dear Jesus, how are you doing today I\'m\r\nDoing OK just sad because my grandma pass away \r\nLast night at 11:45pm I just have a question for \r\nYou why did you take her from me you have my\r\nPap and my grandma up there can you tell them\r\nI said hello and I love and miss them like crazy \r\nRight now thank you. Richie Wayland \r\nIn Jesus name Amen
thank you
dear jesus,\r\ni dont how to start since i dont know how to write a letter. also i am not good in my English grammar. dear jesus, im so thankful for the life you have given to me. also for saving for all my sins. i am not worthy to be called a child. but i am still here to worship your name because lord you are my father. lord, you know what is my hearts desire. and you know what felt right now. the burdens but i keep strong because you told me so and i trust in you. i know whatever may life may lead you are in my side. i love you jesus with all my heart. . . i am always be positive although its already hurting me. lord, i pray for people that needs healing from you
Lord, Thank you and I love You. Bless their hearts God as well as ours. Amen.
How old are you now? I don\'t think I\'m a psych ward nurse for Sonoma Alcoholics Anonymous anymore?.
Lord, I am sorry for all of my mistakes :(
i want him to write back
Hey Jesus I am so exited to come to heaven with you can you write back to me
hi jesus!
i just want to say thank you for all those things you have done to me.you are wonderful and i am proud to say that i believe in you.i know that i can be selfish sometimes..but still:)thank you for showing me unconditional love and fott all the suppport\r\nI love you\r\nand if you can..please
Jesus How are you I Love you forever
God help me
Oh God\r\nI\'m sorry that I\'ve not been following you sincerely even though I promised you I would. I\'m sorry that I keep on committing the same mistakes over and over again. I\'m really sorry Jesus. I want to get rid of my evil ways. Please help me. I love you and help to show your love through my deeds. Tomorrow I have ACT and I have not practiced as I am supposed to. I\'m sorry Lord but also at the same time it\'s time for me to apply for colleges and I need a good score which I don\'t have. Jesus please speak to me. I have no one to tell all my sorrows and problems in life. I have rebelled against and I ask forgiveness. Jesus also help me get a good score on the SAT that I took. Will you help me,Lord.\r\n\r\n With Love\r\nSteffi
Lord, I\'m sorry. Let Your will be done. Amen.
Lord God, please do bless their hearts, In Jesus name. Amen. I know You are in control.
I know the truth and You know the truth Lord God, May You be the judge of them. Amen.
I love You Lord.
Ryan Liptrot
god help her, please.
I love You Lord. Thank You for everything. :)
JESUS please help me now tomorrow morning when I wake up. Heal my body totally with everything. Also my sight on my blind left eye and my bladder and the other thing beside I don\'t know the name of. But just totally healing. AMEN!!
Help for healing, a MIRACLE
PRAY AND YOU SHALL HAVE!! Jesus, that os your words. But I pray and pray every night. And I have done it for SO long time now. I really need a miracle now. A HEALING MIRACLE. Just over a night ,so I wake up in the morning and be TOTALLY HEALED. Cus this wheelchair, rigning, microlax, glasses and blindness on my left eye. NO NO NO. HELP ME now like you have helped so many others. Listen: Pray and you shall have. That is you who say that, and I bealieve you. So show you mean it. Give me now a healing miracle. TOMORROW!! Just over a night so I wake up and be 100% healed so everybody calls me a miracle. Then I will ofcourse tell them how and about you. Thank you for helping me survieve and so I could live on. Thanks for a new chance. But I need your help so much. Help that I KNOW you can give. Cus I can\'t live like this. PLEASE JESUS CHRIST. HEEEEELP!!!! When I wake tomorrow!! Jesus thanks for your offering on the cross. Pray you Jesus. But just help. AMEN!!
Lord, I am sorry :(\r\nI love You. :(
Boy Problems
Dear Jesus,\r\nThere is a boy at school that I like and he gave me his phone number except [b]I LOST IT BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT. Anyway, my friends are teasing me and they give the worst possible advice. I don\'t believe in you and neither does the rest of my family but when I tried to pray you never answered. I figured you were busy, so I decided emailing you would be the best option. I bet your inbox is so full all the time, but please answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! hey, maybe I could Be pen-pals with you! \r\nSincerely yours,\r\n\r\nKylie
Lord I thank You for everything, I know i will be forever be thankful. Amnen
Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nWhat time are you going to come back? Please come out of the clouds. And please come out of the thunder. Please come out of the rain. Please appear out of the clouds. I got my picture taken today for my new Bearcat Card! Please come down from Heaven. Please let all the angels play their trumpets. I went on the treadmill today. And I was listening to Mamma Mia music. I listened to the whole song, you are going to very proud. I really miss you very much. I hope you will come down very soon. Let me know what time you are coming down. Are you coming back with barefoot or sandals. Please show us the holes in your hands. I would like to see them.\r\n\r\nLove,\r\nChris
my lord, please help my cat, give your blessings to him, save his life, i trust in you
Lord God, I am sorry for my mistakes. Today I pray for Your guidance and Let Your will be done on us. Amen.
Lord, I pray that Patrick would finally get his first job. Have mercy on him God, I know You are working right now for him to be accepted, In Jesus Name. Amen.
Jesus thank you for saving our soles thank you.
May god bless you every day please pray for my maw maw please pray for her and please pray for I get safe to go to school today and tomorrow.
I need your Help Jesus
Dear Father,\r\nThank you for everything that youve done to me. I still need you and forever to guide me. I dont know what I would do without you. Without you I can do nothing. Lord I am fasting today because I know you will reveal your glory as written in your book, those who humble themselves shall exalts. I believe in you Lord your miracles is true if we believe in you. Lord I know I have hopes in you, your bible says Happy are those whose hope is in the Lord. Lord I am still waiting for your help coz I know youll never too late to anything. Inside of me I am still longing for your guidance and help. Just this once Oh Lord, my family cant believe who I put my trust upon The Almighty God - who created the Heavens and the Earth. Lord Jesus I believe in the miracles that you had performed while on earth and I know you can do it for me too. In you Lord I put my trust, my burden Im giving it to you. Lord I know I am still human and sometimes the flesh is weak to do your will, but this little faith I have with me now I am giving it to you. For you have strengthen the weak of man, because you are powerful and mighty. You have everything that we adore and desire but YOU ARE the only way to have it; the way to happiness, the way to victory and hopes for those who are hopeless. Lord I believe that if could touch a fringe of your garment I would be healed eternally.\r\nFather this is my only wish and I will never give up on it, I ask Thee to help me, you are my provider the supplier of everything in this universe. There is nothing too big that you cant handle. Father I believe in miracles and opportunities and good fortune and the promises to have life and have it to the fullest. You have seen me broken hearted and trouble minded Lord but I know theres a friend in you Jesus where I can find rest. You are the fountain of blessings Lord. I have no one to put my trust in this world but you. I have read your bible and it gave me comforts, thank you! Your words bring healing and hope for me. You are the rewarder of those who seek you Lord. \r\nWith you Lord I know I can stand and I know I can make it no matter what may come my way. Lord I am ready to give up everything for you to take over. My vision for this year is to please you in everything I do not unto men but to you who knows everything. Lord I am ready to witness that you will show me your glory. Father, please dont forsake me, my earthly father may forsake me but you Oh Lord for you have compassion for those who cries for you. I have been hoping that my dreams would come true but it seems fade when my parents say We Cant Afford It. I am praying to you Lord because I believe in you I will never give up on my dreams. I have spent sleepless nights weeping for you and I know in you, it wont last, and I know sooner you will wipe those tears away. Father I promise myself this year to do my best just to please you. Hear me Father please I am waiting for your response for you never too late to anything I ask in your name, Jesus. Amen\r\nHoping to hear from you soon\r\nLove,\r\nMyself.
Let Your will be done Lord, \r\n\r\nAmen.
Jesus, \r\n The dark side has many powers but none that could stop my love for a family member? Please get me some real help? Amen...
Lord Thank You for all, we love You. I love You so much.
Sana po Lord magkatrabaho na po si Patrick. In Jesus Name I Pray and claimed. Amen.
I love You so much Lord. :)
Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray that everything will be fine. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Please Jesus
Dear Jesus,\r\nWhat time are you going to come back? Please come out of the clouds. Please come out of the snowstorm. Please come down from Heaven. And please come down from the blue sky. Please come out of the rainbow. Please ask Peter if you are allowed to come out of the gate and ask your father to see if you are ready to come back. Please tell your mother Mary that I said Hello. Please tell God the Father that I said Hi. I hope you will come down very soon. Please appear out of the clouds. It will be a surprise and a mystery and a secret.\r\nLove,\r\nChris Francis\r\nHave a great day!
Is it You for real?
Jesus, before I go into a long email that you already know... please confirm that this is Your real page for communicating with us who like communicating via email. Thank You, Jesus. God bless you some more in a eternal way that even You can\'t imagine.
Lord I pray that everything would turn out well. In Your Name. Amen.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen.\r\n\r\n\r\no1.o7.16
Lord God. Help me please to learn about netiq.:( Please God. :( In Jesus Name. Amen.
hi jesus and i just wanted to reach out to you and wanted to let you no something and i hope you can hear me and rep lie to me and i wanted you to no that i was just reading the story of jesus from when you was born but i stopped at chapter 10 and i was going to finish reading but proably later and i no that you saw me reading but i want you to no that i believe in you and i love you with all my heart wish one of these days i can see you but that has a day to come love you\'re beautiful daughter shanira\r\n\r\n[/ul]
I know God everything will gonna be fine according to Your timing and purpose. In Jesus name. Amen.
Thank You for this day God. Blessed day for everyone. Amen.
prayer request
dear jesus i am asking you to please touch me and i have bronchitis and i am asking you to please touch me please. help me feel beter and help me get rid of this cough so i can feel better again. in the name of jesus amen.
I know this year will gonna be a blessed day for me and for us, for everyone. In Jesus Name I Claim . Amen.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n2016
Lord I pray that Patrick will finally gonna have his job. In Jesus name, Amen.
i am very sorry that i committed sins , and Lord , i hope that you can forgive me and help me start new. I really want you to be with ...dpluscisme@iprimus.com.au
Help for healing
Jesus oh Jesus. NOW I need your help. Help that you have given SO many others. Help for healing. Just totally healing. Just let my body forget that it has been sick. Now give me a miracle. Tomorrow morning when I wake up. Cus Jesus, I can\'t live like this anymore. In this damn wheelchair, rigning, microlax and stupid glasses. I want to be healed. And I need your help cus I KNOW you can. I know that you have helped SO many others. Giving them a miracle. So I need it to!! Pray and you shall have. JESUS!! That is your Word!! And I bealieve so much. So JESUS. I need a miracle healing when I wake up tomorroe. So EVERYBODY can see what you are able to. Do I can surprise everybody. People where I live. Staff where I live. My hole Family, my friends and ofcourse my self. BUT Jesus, HELP ME NOW!! Thanks for everything. But relly thanks that i survied and got this chance to live on. But NOT LIKE THIS. I want to have the same opportunitys like my friends. And could do all the Things (Again) as I could before I got this damn virus. But JESUS. Help me now. Cus I KNOW YOU CAN. I BEALIEVE AND TRUST IN YOU. Tomorrow morning! Like I NEVER has been sick. Just 100% healing when I waKE UP. Cus Jesus, another new years eve in wheelchair. NO NO NO. So HEEEEEELP! PLEASE!!!!\r\nAMEN !!!!!!
Hi God I wanted to ask you something my grandma Irene Smith said if I put powder. on me I will have cancer later in life can you please stop this from happening
need your blessings for health just found out have to have heart surgery
You are my savior I know you will give me strength
Plz Jesus I beg you I wanna 5 or6 babys amen plz
Dear Lord,\r\nI know your probably busy up in Kingdom of heaven.\r\nMy is Travis Gokey i am 23 years old kid, but i don\'t have much family anymore all i have my mom and my aunt michelle also my grandma. Jeuse Christ can we be farther and son together and my mom too, My dad and my brother and the rest my dad family are mean to me and i don\'t know why? Jeuse Christ can you come to my house inside my room please. Can you give me a wonderful of music.\r\nI\'ll always believe in you all in my heart the rest of my life but Thank you God bless.
merry christmas
my mother is very sad ym doctor called her a bad name and hurt her really bad i need jesus right away
dear jesus my doctor hurt my mother really bad he called her a very bad name he made her cry really bad i need to know how tomake her feel better she cryed in our car i dont know how to make her feel better iam very scard jesus i never seen her this way please jesus i need right now she hurt really bad please jesus she crying rally bad what should i do jesus lovecary
Help salvation
Happy birthday jesus please send me help as a gift to aid my financial worries that I\'ll be facing in the near future please Jesus Amen hail hosanna
:) I\'m good
dear jesus this aspecial time please grant me the wish for me i wish my daughter have loving relationship with me she send her boys to christan school, her ex husband ken become again a loving father to arjan and jahan loving husband to asha.
Spiritual gold :)
I HATE you. I hate you for putting it in my father\'s head that he had to walk away from my mother when she was pregnant with me, I hate you for you putting me in my mother\'s uterus when you KNEW I didn\'t want to be born, the doctors had a HARD time getting me out during her labor because I didn\'t want to be in this world, I never did but you brought me here anyway and because of that, I HATE you. I hate you for taking away my grandmother, grandfather, uncles and aunts, which is why this Xmas and EVERY Xmas will be forever shitty because my mother and I have NO family. I HATE you for having my mother and I to go through endless poverty and homelessness and suffering. Despite praying and believing in you and asking you for help, you have failed to do ANYTHING. I HATE you for making people believe you care when you do NOT. I HATE you for having your supposed ministers, churches and christians turn a deaf ear to those who seek help from them. I HATE you because every time I try to get my film career up and started, you find some way to make sure it goes NOWHERE. I face obstacles that no one else normally would face and I know it\'s YOU trying to do everything YOU can to stop me from reaching my dream and goal. Bottom line, I HATE you. I will ALWAYS HATE you because you ruined my life. I wish Pilate and the Romans had not only crucified you but burned you to ashes to make sure you could never return again. ll you are is a fucking PLAGUE to mankind, and perhaps you and Satan are in on this sick, twisted game together - playing with people\'s lives to see who gets more souls, who gets the most love and I truly believe that\'s what you two are doing and in that case, BOTH of you two are SICK and I hope one day, some other life force, some strong life force comes and kills and destroys both of you. Your name might not be Jesus - some say it is YWHW or Yashua, whatever your name is, you\'re sick and cruel and while you may be the creator of the world, the world now belongs to humans who I hope will one day kill it\'s creator because you SUCK. You are responsible for ALL cancers, for AIDS, for POVERTY, for DEATH, for SUFFERING, for HOMELESSNESS, for hurricanes and other weather tragedies that kill people and ruin lives - YOU are responsible and you expect for people to LOVE you after all you have done - just to see how much people love you? To see if people will continue to serve you?! You are selfish, sick and crazy and I will be so glad when all you are is a bad memory in the hearts of ALL the world!
I love you Jesus
papa permeshwar mujhe apki bhut yaad arhi hai I miss u
Any day now
Hello jesusji,how u.as yesterday today is a mess also.frustations..hoplessness...sadness.this all am dealing with.please never uderestimate my sadness.life is a hell for me.i love him god.with all my heart.i love him .u r the one who can see my geart.and you could see my love is not a material love .i love him god.i am tellig this to u god.please hug me hold me tight.bye jesus ji
Lord God, I pray that my task will gonna be fine and finish as soon as possible Please God, You know the desire of my heart In Jesus Name. Amen.
Hello jesus..how u doing.sorry for those bad words.i am sorry.i know people like me have no choices.they are always supposed to lying under this pit.believe me jesus ji.it is very bad to stay here.no hope .no light.i know i should havenot dreamed of big things .i am really sorry for that.u loved me rit?? Then why i havent you stopped me from this.you should have stopped me.wasnt our relation like this.a father daughter.as best friends.we were.then why u let me ashamed of my self on those people.i have no money beauty intelligence.but i never asked you.i was happy with my self.my small world was enough for me.i was living happily.u came .taught me to see big things.now u r leaving me in this corporate world.i always sufferd from itchyothesis vulgraris.even then i never complained you. Through out my 24 years of life i had never been into relation ship.seroiusly i never have a guilt for that.now he came into my life.taking my love .i dont have any words.love you .bye
Jesus! where are you?
jesus i need you! im lost broken depressed sad Tired im not good at all\r\nim sending u this email because im really need u i have no where else to go im lonely & alone \r\nevery one judge me i have nothing to lose because i lost everything , and myself \r\ni cant see u and find u through the storm i havent any support any hope any thing to renew my strength all i have is nothing and i wanna give it to you , i dont deserve ur mercy but i need u to show me why u create me why im here why every one and everything is fighting me why me why..\r\nlisten to my words God and tell me who am i?
Pour Your grace upon me Lord.\r\n\r\n\r\nI love You, i know this would be a great day, In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.
JESUS, hear me now dammit. I have prayed and prayed every evening in so long now cus I KNOW you can help and you have helped SO many. \"Pray and you shall get\". That is your word. Plain and simple. SO I pray for help to be healed - just 100% over a night so I can wake up and be 100% healed without my body have NO memories of his diasese. I cant live like this anymore. NOT in this wheelchair with rigning and microlax and glasses. I just wanna be like before. Totally healed and try to be happy again. So I can live life as it should be lived. Just heal me so I can show EVERYBODY that you can. Cus I know you can. There are so many proff and testamony. Jesus please help me tomorrow morning when I wake. Just 100% heaind cus I cant live in this wheelchair anymore with all the other things. JESUS I believe and I KNOW you can. So please help me i men I wake tomorrow. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!\r\nAMEN!!!!
Lord, I love You. thank You for Your love and mercy. I love You forever my God.
Heal everyone i know.
Dearest God.\r\n\r\nI LOVE YOU :)
Jesus please help me
God i need your guidance,the word \"youth pastor\" was placed in my heart so strongly during Edge Conference and i dont know what to do,i need your help to guide me on what to do to get there,please guide me Lord
I\'m fine Lord, please be always with me. I love You.
Lord God , I am really sorry for my mistakes. Thank You for Your unending love. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I love You so much.
Jesus may i really need help getting the van fix to go to school or if we dont we have to switch schools jesus my you please help us with the van so we can go to school
Dear God please help me, my neighbours are\r\nvery bad to me especially s s and j and k and p \r\nplese protect me at all times from them.
Please give Josh his phone lord please, I love you
Please please please give Josh his phone I want to talk to him so badly, if you do this I will be really happy. PS I love youu
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Jesus I Have A Problem And I Need Your Help How To Communicate With Certain People Than Me And I Also Have Another Problem Why Do Forget Things At Work I Believe In You And Your Father And The The Holy Grail You Are The Only One I Chose My Path To And I Do Want To Know What You Have Plans For Me I Love You
Guide us Lord, Let Your will be done, In Jesus name, Amen.
Lord I pray for today that everything will gonna be fine. Please be with us God. We Love You.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Jesus, please help me, lead me, advice me,..
Dear Lord Jesus, \r\n\r\nI am so often confused, so often paralised with the Truth of life, that I doubt in Gods and Yours Power and Love,and willingness to save us,..to help humanity,..\r\nsometimes, I am not sure, am I trully a christian and right believer,..and do I really know You, I am afraid, worried, and more often feel tired of life,..and even,..holding grudge against You as though You are responsible for my life and all human life,..because You are Mighty and One and You can help,.. YOu can chenge things and destiny of humanity ,..you can save, provide, free and delivere from the Evil,.. I am very unsatusfied wuth my life and am so confused, dont know what to think about mayself,..my dearest ones,..and everything else,.. I thank You for Your divane messages, but I feel sad and helpless and dont know what to do,..from where to strat in my life,.. PLEASE, just save me from myself and evil one and my loved ones,..PLEASE, show me the way,..what I need and can to do in my life, to live according to your will and make You glad. Esspecially, I ask You to help me to see myself with Your Holly Eyes,.. to see my sinns and mistakes , so I can be the person,.. You wonts me to be. Please, forgive fme or the things I done or didnt done that make You sad. I am sorry for all I done what makes you sad. I believe, You can help me. Thank Yoi so much for looking after my family,.. Thank You for Your patience and Love,...I do trust in you Mercy and Your help in this. Love Y.- mm
prayer for justice
Hi Jesus\r\n\r\nThis is the letter that i am sending you because just wanted to say that all good human beings are gone from this world and people who are good they have been suffering from the evil ones who rule this earth...i am very honest and loyal to every one i think thats why i have to suffer alot..in recent times which is just 1st of dec 2015 i had an little car accident where the other driver came in to my labe with out any left indication and i slowed down to give him space as he was kinda racing with another car but all of a sudden he completely stopped by hard breaking and my car hit him....when i asked for his licence he completely apologize to me saying it was the other cars fault...so when i called his phone yesterday his father picked up the phone and started saying it is completely my fault that i hit him from the back....as he is totaly denial abot his sons gault....just see jesus this kinda people are in our society who do not care about others and still continuing to do the evil things with people..jesus i just want the justice as you know i didnt do any wrong from my side,so please please please listen to my prayer and do what is good for every one...amen
why are you letting everyone i love die from cancer
I am so tired of everyone I love you are .getting die. These are good people if you need someone to film your quota take me I don\'t want to live if everyone I love is dieing
Dear my father
Hi my daddy I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me in my life and just want to say I am proud of you for every thing you have done for me in this life and I will hope to see you one day and when I do I will bow don and give you all of the praise and maybe we can sit down and have a glass of wine
You took love from me, Lord God
Dear Jesus:\r\n\r\nI know I am not worthy of You. You ask me for something, and I must obey. At the same time, now that You are asking for love, I must say, Lord God; how can I give You love seeing that it is love that You have taken away?
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nThank You for everything, I love You . :)
Help my family please
Jesus I\'m am a 13yrs old girl. And I shouldn\'t have all these worries and stress! I live in Brandon,fl close to Orlando. let me tell you about my life.. I live in a 3 bedroom 2 baths house, with me my mom and dad my sister and my two brothers. Were not doing so good, were struggling. :\'( our house has soo many problems! termite problems! roofing problems! plubming probs! my parents tries to get these problems fix every year when they get their taxes back, because they cant afford it all at once. my mom is a CNA nurse, and my dad is in landscape business.\r\nmy mom is in 14,000$ in hospital debt also, i\'m just very depressed and worried! jesus please bless us to win the HGTV dream home 2016! we really need that and the money also so my mom can pay off her debts, and give some money to the churches and the homeless people! jesus please bless us to win that house that\'s the only hope we have. and I also want to get presents on Christmas day, because every single year we don\'t get nothing on Christmas day, because we can\'t afford it, so we have to get our gifts when my parents get their taxes back. I feel so depressed when I see other kids come to school bragging about there gifts, and i\'ll have to tell them that I just got 50 dollars, which I did not :(, so jesus I hope you understand the situation my family is in, and bless us with that HGTV dream home please! and jesus if you cannot write back please let one of your angels write back.
Dear Lord Jesus,\r\nThank u very much for everything. I got a job and very happy. Starting job but getting nervous when work. Can\'t use my brain and always follows them and they may think i don\'t know anything. I get mistake when I start work i am worried if they kick me out. Please god give me strength to concentrate my work in right way so that I can show my talent to them. Please help me to impress them. Please!Please!Please! favor me bless me. I really need your help to keep my position and impress to them.Thank you so much\r\nAMEN AMEN AMEN\r\n\r\nKALP\r\n
the lord the holy sprit
Hi i know you in but i need can you help i have been suffering loneliness
Im a very nice guy I understand people and believe in them I loved my job but I quit and I had tryed taking to the bosses but they think they can yell at me we are no better than an one else we all sin but they were bad and I was too nice I wish u can get me bak at my job cause my people loved me plz plz I love u Jesus Or I wish I can win the lotto and i will donate and buy chelsea my friend a and my friend Roland his son is sick he needs a liver transplant and hes a lil baby I will help out not just waste it on junk
Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray that this day will be our pay day In Jesus Name. Amen. Please be the one who will provide our financial needs, In Jesus Name Amen.
Lord , i pray that You will be the one who will do my task please God. Please be with me God. I pray that nothing will fail God, help me Lord i know everything is in Your control. i believe that this task will succeed. In Jesus Name. Amen,
Lord, I know I can do this. Amen.
Lord, I just want to say thank You because you already provided a job for him. thank You so much God. Please guide him always God.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nToday i am going to do a task that needs Your guidance. Please help me God. It takes a lot of responsibility to finish this task. Please be my wisdom and knowledge to do this God. I know i can do this Lord because You are with me You will never leave me. I claimed that his day will going to be a great day. In Jesus name. Amen. thank You God.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI just want to say that I love You very much. :) :*
Please help
Ever since i was little I wanted to help people. But lately ive been feeling blue because, of recent things and I think you and i both know what im feeling. Please help things d\r\nFall back into place. Because, i cant help if im not here.
\r\n Dear JESUS\r\nPlease send someone to me to spend the rest of my life with\r\n I wont a sewing room with shelf\'s for all my fabric \r\ncolor code for each quilt pattern.\r\n A house with 5 Bedrooms & bathrooms; Kitchen; laundry\r\nroom; Brick ranch style on 5 acres of land with stream\r\nof fish . With My Children; grand Children \r\n All this I ask for with God in the mist of ever breath I take...\r\n as always A child of GOD. Marlene Finney
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI missed You, I love You Lord.. I just want to pray from my feelings, God please clear my doubts and worries. In Jesus Name, Ammen.
I am wrong in many ways but you look at me differently, I know i am different. I dont kno why he cant accept me the way i am. I want to make a change just like you did. Change my heart oh god or change his heart. We make you the center of our relationship. Help me to deal with my dilemma. Tell me if I\'m wrong in my thinking. Tell me if I should go ahead with this. Lord while writing this to you I got this message For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. which is a confirmation that I am on the right track however the line seems foggy. Grant me wisdom lord to do the rights thing most of all the right things in your eyes.\r\nI make this prayer in jesus\' name. Amen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray that everything will going to be okay, please take hold of our thoughts, works and doubts. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI am just tired please be my strength and wisdom. In Jesus Name. Amen.
to jesus
can I please go to heaven I love you please I miss everybody and even you I love you
Forgive me for my sins
Jesus, My Lord and Savior,\r\n\r\nForgive me for all of my sins. I\'ve proven over and over again that I\'m too weak to resist temptation...and I cannot battle it without You in my life giving me guidance and strength..the guidance and strength to look at sin and temptation and swat it away. I let You down again yesterday and today. Please help me Jesus. I can\'t do it without You. \r\n\r\nBless Me,\r\n\r\nRick Siddons
Dear Lord God,\r\n\r\nPlease give Patrick the knowledge and hope for him to find a job. God please bless him In Jesus Name, please convince him, God have mercy on him, Give him the job that he is waiting for almost 5 months. Please be his courage, knowledge, wisdom and strength for him to have the eagerness to have a job, and God please do guide him always to avoid such things like seductive practices from other people, help him to be still loyal to us. I am claiming God that before November ends he will get a job. In Jesus Name Amen and Amen. Thank You Lord, we love You.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nWe need Your knowledge, wisdom and strength for tomorrow because we have to do our assigned work for our clients, please be the one who will bless them God for us to be a blessing also for them. Help us God to finish our work well and please remind us always that You will never leave us, so God i know You will be with us tomorrow, i am claiming that everything will turn out well. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nI just want to pray for my friend erika, I hope that You will give the desire of her heart like what You did to me, i know that nothing is impossible with You God, we just have to trust. And i believe that everything happens for Your purpose. Please do bless the heart of erika and paulo for them to be aware of each other\'s feeling. Take hold of their hearts God, as well as their life. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nI just want to pray for us, for our relationship to be last according to Your will, please be our guidance and the center of our relationship. Thank You Lord for giving him for me, He is such a big blessing in my life, Thank You for always holding us despite of our failures. Thank You God, I love You.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nI know everything will be fine. I love You.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nThank You for everything, I love You.
Dear Lord, please give us the knowledge strength and wisdom to finish our deliverables. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thank You Lord.
Return to Life of Paul
Lord Jesus I want you to listen and answer my prayers,I need you ,thank you for dying for my sins,I open the door of my life and receive you as my savior and Lord,thank you for forgiving my sins, make me the kind of person you want me to be, but please give me and my family our son Paul back to life in body spirit and soul fully restored,give me back my family complete and in good health we are all suffering without Paul, I have faith in you, please ask God to give us this miracle as I believe that nothing is impossible to God, also need the cure of My other son Michael from Parkinson\'s and cure our Ellie she is so dear to us, help me Jesus , I feel abandonned I need so much from you, forgive me ,But I have faith in you and your love for me ,I amd tired of suffering listen to my heart and help me please
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nGod thank You for Your mercy, I know God that You will now give Patrick the job that he is wishing for. In Jesus Name. I claimed it God that You will provide all of his needs. Amen. Thanks God.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nI miss You, and I love You. I am so sorry for all of my mistakes, please forgive me. I know You\'ve been there always for me, helping me and guiding me. Please forgive me Lord if I disappoint You because of my own failure. I am really sorry God. i love You so much, thank You for always loving me despite of my imperfections and quick tempered attitude. I am sorry God, I really do. Please help me more to understand everything according to Your purpose. \'Coz sometimes it is easy for me to blame You because of the bad things that are happening to me. I am sorry God, I hope You will forgive me, Now i realized that i was wrong because You are always there for me, You never left me. I am sorry :( and Thank You for all God. I love You.
Dear Jesus,\r\nPlease help an assaultive autistic man to start speaking and to stop throwing things to hurt others.
do you know when Jesus was born
Do you know when Jesus was born
Dear Lord God, \r\n\r\nI pray that Patrick would be able to get a job, please Lord be the one who will give him a job please God. I know that You know the desire of his heart and i know that You will never ever forsake him. God please, have mercy on him and also in us God , help us to finish our task, be our guidance, knowledge and wisdom God. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Dear,Jesus \r\nThank you for everything. Every day is beautiful and I know my family relatives is up in a good place with God \r\nThank You so Much \r\nTaylor Brooks
Jesus help!
Jesus my school is crazy, I need you right now, they roasting each other and taking videos, I need you to help.
Financial Crisis in family & Bless my English Language Centre to get admissions
[b][color=blue]Praise the lord[/b]\r\n\r\nYou know how much I love and owe you.You have been my only hope in all my troubles. I surrendered myself to you and you are leading me in front. As you could see I am going mad these days due to terrible financial crisis. I cried bitterly and helpless.I shout at my children , wife and every others very badly. I Know I am driven mad due to lack of money still my father i don not know how to compromise myself.\r\n\r\n Even though I born to a Hindu family I pray to you as my only god and king of my family. \r\nOf course, I am sinned,I disobeyed,I neglect you due to my sorrow. I am sorry my father I repent. Please forgive me as you forgive every others. \r\nIn the name of Jesus I escaped in many troubles and untold torments. You have made abundant of blessings like my love,convincing our parents, marriage,children,Job and so on. I praise you my heavenly father through out my life.\r\n \r\nMy salary is not good enough for my living and to pay my dept and rent.\r\nIn order to control my financial crisis I started an \"English Language Teaching Center for Students\" as you wished but there is not even a single student admitted yet even though it is situated in a busy area. \r\n\r\nPlease my lord listen to my prayer, I am sorry whatever I have done so far, I am terribly sorry. Please bless me me to get rid of my financial crisis. I want to prove myself to this world and I am dying for the one golden opportunity. Please help me to succeed it. \r\nHalleluiah....\r\n \r\nOf Course,there are people having desperate problems and sickness than me still my problem is problem is eating my head up gradually and steadily. Save me and all others my lord. Please I beg you. The next dawn must be mine my lovable Jesus. Please answer me.\r\nIn the name of Jesus I will be smiling with tears praising the amazing grace. \r\nI thank you my lord for everything.\r\n\r\n[b]Love you Forever. [/b]\r\nAmen[/color]
DEAR JESUS JI,\r\n now what,how can i see the ray of hope when i am in dark .you are saying light is there, i have been searching for light.i know you are light,you are the king of world.but i am not good enough to reach you.i know.may be my sins,i realy want to say how i am feeling right now,every single breath is a battle for me to live.\r\nyou have been there through all my ups.now i am single.my eyes are weak now.slowly i am giving up,people approach me to calm down their worries.tell me god how could i do when my life itself is a battle\r\nmy disease has no cure.one among 250 people have that.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nPlease be my knowledge and wisdom to finish my task on installing RAC oracle. In Jesus Name Amen.
help me be better
Jesus i come to you, humbling myself at your feet and asking u forgive for my sins? I thank u for loving me and giving me life and never taking your hand off me.i also thank u for my family. I have a drug addiction and i need help father.please take it away from me and ricky joe.we want to be better.i need a job and he needs a better job.Were broke need money.jelp make us sussesfull and be able stand on our own two feet please. I want u to help and guide is.i also want by to help ricky Joe\'s mom and dad.soften big Ricks heart and take angles worry away please. Also watch over all of our family s.Jesus u no the things i need.please make me better and give us a better life.thank u Jesus i love u father
Lord, help me to understand. I need You today and forever. May you hold my heart in Your hands Lord. Amen.
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\nI love You.
Jesus its Amanda donmesha barthell\r\nGot into some trouble.\r\nI sent god a request of things.\r\nPlease allow me to move on and graduate and live further on. I was tested.\r\nPlease forgive me.\r\nThanks.
Prayer Request
My Dear dearest Jesus,\r\nI don\'t understand the reason why you created me. People around me hate me so much and complains that I am not caring for them. But U know me more then anyone else. People say that I have no value for others and they put all the blame on me at the end. I don\'t know whether its a mistake from my side, if so, I would like to change myself. I strongly believe that a time will come for them to realize the real person within me.\r\nHelp me to be obedient to my parents,, for they are the ones who asked for me from You. Help me to make them feel proud of me. The reason why I told my mom that during their old age I could not take care is that...am not able to take care of myself then how am I going to take care of my parents! I now its not the right thing to say but for my parents think that I am not capable enough than my elder sister. Then I thought why am i troubling them. If they like to be with my sister let them be. At least they\'ll be happy.\r\n
Hi Lord God,\r\n\r\nJust want to say that I love you. :)
Hi Lord, I love You, I pray that this day would e a blessed day for us, Thank you Lord for another day. We Love You Lord, I know everything happens for a reason, we trust You. Amen
My future relies on drumming
Jesus please grant my wish to switch my intensive reading class to band 1st period its not fair that I have this stupid class for three years and nobody else has this class please I beg you don\'t let my dream of joining my school drumline go to waste and you know my dream is to become one the best drummers in the world please do it for me I ask with the bottom of my heart
I\'m crying out to you
Jesus I don\'t want to do aikido and SAA this is another mafia hit??? I\'m sick :(
father give me peace
dear father i know u only god , i know u only take care of me , many thinks hurting me please give me peace ,please give my clear full mind, please god :(:(
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\n We love You and Thank you for everything.\r\nI hope that patrick will have his job as soon as possible ., Please God have mercy on Him. :( I know God You will blessed him, we trust You God, in Jesus Name. Amen.
Thank You
Thank You Prayers Answered
I\'m crying out to you
God I\'m not gunna make it as a Christian unless I\'ve got money? Please help me? I\'m oppressed and persecuted? I just wana be happy? But obviously you don\'t care? Thanks for murdering me?
I\'m sorry i hope You will still forgive, Please be with me God, You know that i love You.
Lord, I am really sorry for all of my mistakes, I have one prayer for this day Lord God.. Please help him to pass the interview for his work. God please guide him and bless the people who around him as well as the interviewers. I know God this day will be a blessed day. We trust You God. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Lord God, please help us finish our tasks God. Please give us the knowledge wisdom and strength to finish all of these. In Jesus Name. Amen.
i love you jesus. i canot do this by my self. Im not afraid of the devil(satan) cause i know i have you here with me. Teach me ,guide me dont forsake me. All my life i did not have you cause i walked blind. Now that i found you dont forsake me . in your name
I love You Lord.:)
Lord please do encourage him to find a job, because I know God You will give the job best for Him.\r\n\r\n Amen.\r\n
Lord God please have pity on him, God please give the job You wanted for him God. Please God .. :(\r\n\r\nAmen. We love You Lord.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nSorry for all of my mistakes, please forgive me God. Thank You for this another day, i pray that everything will be fine. I love You Lord so much.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Pray for my family
Dear God, I\'m having a really bad day. I feel like giving up even though I have kids... I never thought that being a mother would be my down fall. I\'m really doing my very best. I know they didn\'t ask to be here but God I never ask to do this alone... I need your help I want someone with a heart like urs in our life... You are the only one I know can feel my hurt I\'m crying my eyes out inside but can not let my family see my hurt. Nice to everyone but people seem as if I don\'t have feeling.. God bless my family and friends watch over our soul give us the Glory to love and respect each other Lord Jesus bring us peace...... I\'m Jesus name Amen
Dear Lord God,\r\n\r\nYou know the desire of my heart, i\'m not angry or anything, i just don\'t want them to pity me because i\'m fine as good. i don\'t envy them, and You know it God. If it\'s Your will for me to be with them or not. It\'s okay God. I just love You so much. Let Your will be done on me God.\r\n\r\nAmen.
When can I see her again?
My grandma died 12 years ago, I wish to see her again. I want her to come to my field hockey games, but I know she\'s in a better place, can you tell her how much I love and miss her so much? When can I see her again? \r\nP.S. - 333 ??
My grandma died 12 years ago, I wish to see her again. I want her to come to my field hockey games, but I know she\'s in a better place, can you tell her how much I love and miss her so much? When can I see her again? \r\nP.S. - 333 ??
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray that our implementation today will be successful. I know it will be God because You are with us. thank you God I love You, and i also want to pray for my friend for him to have a work, I know God You are in control. In Jesus Name , Amen.
Lord i pray that You will give him a job, please God , please be the one who will provide him a work, Thank You Lord because my dog is now recovering from her sickness, i also pray that she will be okay as as soon as possible, I\'m also praying for our meeting today, i hope it will gonna be alright. Amen.
Yashua Hamashia
Father I have truly accepted you in my heart and in my life to be my lord and savior. I call you father because I never had a loving father in my life were I can turn to him for anything from advice to just knowing someone loves me and is there for me. Never leave me along always know that I need you . I\'m still a work in progress but my heart is pure and if there\'s anything beautiful in me its you for I was a different person before and angel introduce you to me when I was dying emotionally . My spirit body and soul belong to you. thank you and bless is your name amen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray that i can do this with You God, in Jesus name. Amen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI also want to pray for my boyfriend, for him to have a job. I know God You will be the one who will give it to him, You will provide a job that You want for him. Thank you Lord, In Jesus Name. Amen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nI pray for my dog named pluto, for her to feel better because she\'s sick right now. God heal her and be with her. Thank You God, In Jesus name. Amen.
jesus loves children
i love you jesus with all my heart:D
i love you jesus with all my heart:D
Lord,\r\n\r\nI don\'t want this situation anymore, I give up, and i will just trust in You, i\'ll just leave it to You God. I know You\'re in control. Amen.
Dear Lord God,\r\n\r\nLord i am really feeling sad right now. :( I need You God. I love You. :(\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear Lord God,\r\n\r\nLord i know everything is working fine in your hands. Help me to remove all my doubts and worries. Help me to look upon Your purpose. I trust You God and I love You.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear Lord God,\r\n\r\nLord I love You so much. Thank You for everything. i love you. :)\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nGod i am praying for my dog because she\'s sick for four days, she doesn\'t want to eat. :( God please bring back her energy and appetite , i miss my pluto God. :( Please Lord i hope that when i come back home from work, i hope she\'s already fine. :( God please.. we love pluto we do not want to lose her. :( please heal her God please God, please.. touch her God.. I know nothing is impossible with You God and we trust You.. i know you heard my prayer ad i know You will never forsake pluto. We love You Lord.\r\nIn Jesus Name i pray, Amen.
Arriving October
Dear Jesus:\r\nFather Jesus I\'m here writing to you for the month of October is going to arrive soon and I just wanted to thank you for the month of September because it has been a great month go me and my family and Lord I still have the guilt that I\'m using you again please don\'t misunderstand me Lord I\'m just doing what my pastor Ramesh has taught us when we became newly christians. I would like to request a few things that I would like to experience for the month of October.\r\n\r\n1) I must get into a relationship \r\n2) I must graduate successfully \r\n3) Draw me close to you and never let me go \r\n4) I need your support when making decisions from my heart \r\n5) Bless me with your blessings and cleanse me from sins\r\n6) I need a spiritual gift from you father to help heal the wounded.\r\n\r\nThank you father for your time and patience towards this message I\'m writing to you and I hope to hear from you soon my father.. sorry father if I have done or said wrong to heart you. I will always love you..\r\n\r\nLove,\r\nJehovah \r\n
Lord God,\r\n\r\nI know God every thing will gonna be alright. You had it under control God.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Lord Gos,\r\n\r\nNawa po maging maayos na po ang lahat.\r\n\r\nIn Jesus Name. Amen.
Lord God,\r\n\r\nGod i pray that i will be able to pass my passport appointment and will be able to get it soon. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Lord God,\r\n\r\nPlease do heal my dog. :( please touch her God. Please God i am really sad right now because she\'s not feeling well. God You are the great healer. Please God heal her. Amen.
I know God will make a way!\r\n\r\nAmen.
Lord,\r\n Please help my friend to finally have a work, please God have mercy on him. :( I know You will give him the job that he is waiting for. and Gpd, my dog is sick right now, her name is pluto, God please do heal her God, For nothing is impossible with You God. Amen.
Ask your father (God) to stop punishing me with a life of pain, poverty and misery for decades. I\'m tired of this cruel treatment from your father (God). I believe in your message of peace, love and positivity but your father (God) only shows me the war, have and negativity of his words. Jesus please answer my prayers now because God ignores me and continues to piss on me making me think he is worst than Satan.
dear jesus I am asking you to please touch my mom so she can feel better so that we can go to church. please touch her whole body please. I would appreciate it a lot.
Please can my whole family come to heaven when we all die plz thank you my friend
safe me
i want u to protect me
Oh please i pray for your strength and Help.
Dear Jesus my Lord and savior. I write to you quite often asking for help as i need it badly and in the state of mind iam in ,i will not survive much longer. iam a new person to Christianity and i have limited resources where i live to find the things i need! One, i am looking for an online daily Bible study or church to learn about you Lord as i know very little.My life Lord is so messed up.iam addicted to pain killer pills for quite sometime and need a detox doctor and i cannot find one here.i have heard testimonies that people actually got cured and were able to stop without severe withdrawals?. I find that nearly impossible.I am over 60 feel ashamed, embarrassed, lonely,i need someone to helkp me detox.i cannot return to the US to do this and i have inquired the best i can Lord through many avenues and still no luck Lord!\r\nI Am a good person,i want to serve you, help others but i am losing my lovely wife of today and it has to stop now! Iam defeated i cannot stop and do this alone. i am hoping and praying that people will realize my problem ,maybe contactme, talk to me i need a Christian mentor to help me get a direction in changing my life, what the scriptures mean.I have a small new testament that i picked up from a Hotel room and i do not understand it so i am humbly asking someone how i can get a good Bible Version that ican understand that has everything i need to know and where to begin what to do.Most importantly iam pleading for help with my addiction problem and maybe someone who can just help me on line or on my phone number California 310-237-5977. Please i am a normal decent guy with some problems.Thank you in Advance Lord for listening to my Wish and Prayer today. Amen,\r\n\r\nScott G.
Jesus why you ignore me
[b][b]dear Jesus you know well that i love you so much and i can\'t live without you.\r\nyou answer most of my prayers but there is one prayer you keep on ignoring and you never pay any attention to it. Jesus you know i don\'t want to have sex with girls and i kept myself a virgin to get the right girl from you. im 25 years old i have been asking you for a girlfriend since i was 18 or 19 or lets say 20. why you haven\'t even given me a hint of who she is at least? my only sin is that i masturbate twice or three times a week you know i am so weak sexually you have giving me this gift of been very sexual active person and you not giving me a lady so i wont sin. you know from the bottom of my heart i don\'t want to in. i just do hat i hate doing the most. i feel so lonely why are you keeping me like this? how long do i have to wait? to have some human lady in my life that loves me?? is that allot i am asking? didn\'t you make us Adam and Eve at the beginning? where is my Eve?[/b][/b]
Dear Lord,\r\nI pray that everything will turn out well. I love You Lord. Thank You for everything.\r\n
Praise, I must praise.
I would like to thank our lord Jesus Christ, as I have been through many depression slumps recently. I have often questioned who I am as a person, and what my role on this earth is. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, Gemma Aktinson-Ruston... or soon to be. Without the prayers of family and the support of yours truly, the almighty evil would\'ve taken over me. So from the bottom of my heart.\r\n\r\n\r\nJESUS. I LOVE YOU.
Dear Lord, \r\nI pray that i can finish my boss\' task for me today. God please be my wisdom strength and knowledge to do this in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.\r\n\r\n\r\niole.
Dear Lord, \r\nI pray that everything will turn out good today. thank You for Your grace love and forgiveness. I love You so much God.\r\n\r\n\r\niole.
Prayer Request
My Dear Jesus, \r\nInstead of writing a long essay, I would like to make it convenient and simple for you to read and understand my thoughts. As you already have set my future and I know that its save in your hands. Please accept this prayer request of mine. Here it goes...\r\nTake way all our tensions and worries of everyone around my life. \r\nBless the people who are there in my lie and those are about to enter into my life in the future. All my life I have only made everyone sad. Help them to see you Lord Jesus through my words and deeds.\r\nI\'m pursuing my MBA now and you know Lord Jesus that how hard I am working to get this MBA. Be with me and help me as always as you know that there are so many people who are waiting out there to see my downfall. I strongly believe that you are truly present in my life and You will never ever let me be disgraced.\r\nI pray for my sister Lord Jesus. Thank You Father God for being with her to overcome the 2 abortions she had gone through. We all wish that she will have a baby soon.\r\nThank You Father God for bringing all my friends back into my life again. I wish to meet my childhood friend Rizwin Rashid too. You know how much I loved him as a friend. Please bring him back to my life Jesus. He is a good friend of mine and I miss him Lord. Tell him to reply my email.\r\nI pray for my future husband Lord Jesus. Wherever he may be please protect him and make him happy!! Tell your angels to guide him towards me and when I see him I wish to see yourself beside him with a smiling face Lord Jesus. \r\nFather God I pray all this in the precious name of Jesus my Saviour!\r\nAMEN!!:)\r\n
Hi Jesus, it\'s friday today. :) Thank You because it\'s my rest day tomorrow. Thank you for every day that you are with me. :) I love You God. And I know, everything will be alright.\r\nIn Jesus Name I pray. Amen. :)
jai masie ki jeses never forget me because i can\'t live without you main jo sochte huu wo kbi v pura nhi hota kyu???? main positive sochte hu aur negative hota hai plzz god mere sth rhe kar mere help kro amen,amen,amen
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nHelp me and my family and all the ones I love in everything.\r\nLet me reunite with my family.\r\n\r\nLove you
today went well
thank you
How can I talk with jesus
Claim a blessed day.
Dear Lord,\r\nI know this day will be a blessed day. Thank You God. I love You. :)
Thank YOU
Hi Lord,\r\n\r\n I love You. I just want to thank You for everything. :)
i need jesus
dear jesus i love you with all of me can you help me people call me bad nmames and hurt me really bad i come home crying because people say bad things to jesus it hurts me really my mother wont let me fight i dont know how to cope with iamscard lovecary
I got a problem. 14 years ago, my mom and dad were mad at me. What am I supposed to do? Love Brandy. Ps when are you going back to earth?
Dear God,\r\n\r\nI pray i will win the grand prize, You know the desire of my heart God.\r\n\r\nAmen.
Dear God,\r\n\r\nI know god everything will be alright. I love You. In Jesus Name, Amen.
i am sleepy , i am tired of people treating me harsh,abusing me , touching me to hit me. \r\n\r\ni am girl , i am tired. how girl shd be treated ? if you jesus , pls make this change, i am strong but i am still a human. its not fair. \r\n\r\ni am done with this shitt in my life. i need peace & my body secured. can u pls hear me out ? i feel mercy on myself seeing scratches on my body. you need to feel the same for me. i am tired & i am done. \r\n\r\ni need to be treated like a girl.
Dear Jesus,\r\nLet your will be done on me, on my heart\'s desire. Thank You God for everything. I love You.
prayer for sickness
Dear Lord God,\r\nI\'m not feeling good today. :( Please heal me Lord God. :( I do want to feel better now. :( God I need You, be me strength Lord please. :( In Jesus Name, Amen.
Dearest Lord,\r\n\r\nI want iphone 6. :( i will do my best to save money by the help of Your grace. Thank You God. I love You. Amen.
prayer for my loved ones
Dear God,\r\nPlease do bless my family and loved ones, please be with us always, be our guidance and our everything for we live for You. We love You God, I know that every day is a blessing from You. I love You Lord so much.
My prayer.
My prayer.
Jesus,\r\nI do not know what am i feeling right now, i\'m just feeling sad. I just need you. :(\r\nLord help me in everything, be always with me Lord God. I just want you in my life. Help me to overcome this feeling. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.
Please visit me.
Dear lord,I know you are busy and I went to church last Sunday because I was desperately looking you because I was being bullied by my enemies that your just not going to answer me. I always hear it and they make me feel that way but I\'m not giving up. Dear lord, I feel like your just so busy and I also feel I don\'t. Have much time in my hands. I feel you don\'t know me and going to leave me. It\'s hard to explain and I fear
dear jesus,\r\n hi there.how are you...jesus ji again there are a lot of frustations...god but u know what...this london dream..it is the only that is feeling me alive.i too had a purpose.i dont know what is going on.Nobody could ever imagine my pain.i know you are always with me.father please\r\nthis is all i can say.give me a life god.teach how to live in your way.you are my father.amen.love you\r\n
hey lord its me again and i am turning 46 lord i want to have an awesome birthday lord let me get plenty surprizes this year lord i need a miracle surprize. lord send finances my way too . lord help bishop too he was angry this morning but i just want him to be on his machine at night lord help him. i am doing the best i know how here lord i need your help please. i am trying to hold up here without breaking down or giving up. lord look after terrance he need you too. i am not interested in follishness at all save him speak to his mind lord. lord let me have a good day today too. let my weeked be awesome too. lord let these lawyers call with good new too. i hope they settle and call it a day and just do right by me.
Second Chance
Dear Jesus, I know you probably are busy up there. But to me, you have been like a Father to me. You can call me crazy but I sometimes feel like I\'m your descendant or the future savior. All I want in life is a second chance in life to become someone who is not afraid of death. Someone who is willing to put his life and soul on the line for not just his country, but for humanity. I don\'t want to do some regular normal job, I want an adventurous, exciting life. Where I can get the job done easily. You probably think think I\'m crazy like I\'m gonna become some superhero. Well it\'s nothing like that. I do want to save people, I do want to fight crime and terrorism. I don\'t want to be known as some young punk who is just asking a useless wish. I just want a second chance for a life of adventure, excitement, and love. So please, if you could do help me, like do something that will change my life forever.
[color=purple]Dear lord I ask that you forgive me for I have sinned and only wish to have you in my life I want to get rebaptized and change my entire life and let you decide how I spend the rest of my life cause I never know when you will call me home and I want to go to heaven.[/color]
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nWriting you after long gap. Trust you believe you and prey every day since a year but nothing. Almost lost my hope. Please Please Please Lore Jesus, do something for me that give happiness in my life. My husband is getting half salary since almost a year and I am jobless since a year. We are financially and mentally struggling. Using our backup money don\'t know how long it stay. I had an interview last week but it was not very good. waiting the result. Please Please Please dear lord do favor for me and get job. I am waiting for positive answer. Please get me position and I will never forgive you. You help me when we really need right???Again waiting for positive result.\r\nThank you LORD, AMEN AMEN AMEN\r\n\r\nYour believer\r\nKKKKAAAAL
letter to lighter my heavy heart
Dear lord Jesus\r\n\r\nI trust u a lot. From last 15 days I was tensed.\r\nU know what had happen to me.I m the sufferer coz \r\nI m true and the piers are the winner.so I request u to punish the liers and give me ur favor.I have faith in u my lord.I want justice. Give me the job stice as I m alone.help me Jesus help me.\r\n\r\nYour loving child\r\nSheetal
Dear jesus ji,\r\n hows you...i am fine .jesus ji this London dreams are not letting me sleep.ha ha.in the midst of all troubles this is the only thing that is giving mre ghe hope to live. friend is back to me.you know who is it.nobody could ever understand me.what i am thinking.i dont care.actually i care about it .it hurts me.i feel\r\nlike am hurting my room mate.if that is true then am not ur child.because your children are so ggod at heart.is this life is supposed to be like this.i feel like i cant live like this anymore.help me.god i want to join my company in november.helpme.i alone cant do it.enough for today
Dear Jesus I know that am a sinner ways,but please am really asking you for all your forgiveness I want to stop telling lies,I want to be obedient,I want to be a really great person,just please forgive me.i am so sorry for everything.and I will define try make sure whatever I was doing wrong ,I will be stop,I am so sorry and I hope your reading this letter right now.and also that I have been disrespecting my fellow people am really sorry.i really hope you reading this letter right now in Jesus name I pray amen.
I\'m crying out to you
Please let my work situation work out I\'m afraid my ego was playing god again? What kinda life form did you create when you gave me life? I\'m afraid I\'m of no use to anyone? Love, \r\n\r\n~Jeff
Dear father,\r\nIm so worring about my past sins, i want to be ur son forever and i want a clear heart, eyes, thoughts...\r\ni cant control mine from the bad habits, i just wants u to leave those things forever..please talk to me father just show me what is my way and what was my duty to the world...\r\ni want pure Love.....\r\nMAKE ME USEFULL TO OTHERS...\r\nPLEASE HEAL ME FATHER...\r\nI LOVE U.....
I\'m crying out to you
Why was I born? Will I ever meet someone as special again as Natalie? What\'s my 180 pound personal brand identity?
Please Save Me
Please save me i am in financial trouble please save me
help me please
Dear Mr. Jesus, I have done some awful terrible things. I have smoked marijuana, cheated, and lied. Lately I have not been the person I have always wanted to be, but the person I have never wanted to be. The sad part is that I know of this I know of my wrongs. I need help choosing the right choice and not the easy choice. Please help me not hurt the ones I care for anymore. And please help me make my mistakes better. Tonight I am sure that I lost the man I love. He is the one I cheated on with my ex... You know I love him. I have not been extremely happy so I have fallen for traps with other man to get my frustrations out. You know what goes on inside my head. I know you do. You know that I have only thought of Quan during these moments. And I know it was wrong to think of him and continue to make that mistake. Because of me he and my ex are in a bad situation . And for that I ask of you... I BEG of you to please not let anything happen to either of them. Let them walk away safely. Please stop the drugs from continuing to go into my system. Please help me with my friend situation and my relationship with my parents please help me to not lie to them anymore. I ask of you to please somehow ... Let me and jacquann\'s relationship continue. I know that it will be rocky for a while. But I would like to still be able to call him my own. He is a lot to me. And you know this. I know you know this. You give everyone the right to make choices. Rarely do they realize that some choices are wrong and come to you for help, but I have accepted you and need your guidance. I can\'t do this on my own at this point and I\'m sorry for ever thinking that I could handle things without you. I need you Jesus... Please help me ? I ask for forgiveness .
Dear Jesus,\r\nI really want to go to Pearland high school this year. I am very sad and my heart is just into peices. We might move so that means i would go to a different high school.I was really looking foward to going to Pearland high school. I had so much planned for there. Like, get a good education and be with all my old friends and meet some new ones and just have a good time. But, now it seems like its all going down the drain.It seems like everyone else is happy and being bless accept me. Some nights,I feel like crying because it hurts me to know that i might not to the school I really want to be at. I talk and text some of my freinds, and they all tell me how they wish i was going to school with them. I really want to Lord. My little brother is still staying at his old school and still going to see all his old freinds. I always tell him he is very bless. I wish that was me Lord. I try very hard not to think about it, but when I try it comes right back and I get sad again. Lord, if you can just please make a way for me to go to the high school I really want to be at. I would really appreciate it alot Lord.\r\nSincerely, \r\nMy Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ.
My grandfather was killed in the sky
My grandfather was killed in the sky before 4 nights. Please, back him to the life. You know him. Before a week he send a letter to Jesus. But was killed. I want my grandfather to be alive again. Please, help me. I love him so much. His name is Ivan Georgiev Elenkin. He was born 28.1.1927 and his physical body was died 28.11.2005. But now his soul was killed before couple of days in his home in the sky. Please, help me!
Dear Jesus and God. I need your help. When my Grandfather passed away, it felt like a huge chunk of me was ripped out. I know I\'m not perfect. I make mistakes too and I apologize for that. Ever since that day, I have been lonely, miserable, depressed. People I\'ve been in a relationship with, have mentally, physically, and emotionally hurt, scarred, abused, cheated, broke their promises, and lied except for one person. I met him in my Freshman Year of High School. His name is Steven Griffith. He gave me back apart of me that\'s been missing since my Grandpa died. Steven has given back my true happiness. I don\'t care about being rich, or having items of some sort. I really love Steven. He loves me to but forces are preventing us from seeing eachother. He lost his job and is stuck with his evil, mean, hurtful, rude, judgmental, Stepmother till he can get another job, and move out, we\'re not allowed to see each other anymore, text, or message each other, without her going through his stuff. It\'s hurting and killing me so bad from the inside out. His last message to me was at the end of June. He wrote. I still love you and always will. I love him I really really do. He means everything to me. Every time I think about him, I smile. I couldn\'t bare life if I ever lost the love of my life. Steven promised me, we\'d never leave each other and we\'d marry. Please God let it be in your will to let us be together for life and start a family. I know I wrote this already, but I\'m praying again because I really love him. He\'s so beautiful to me, and I don\'t ever want to lose him. He\'s precious and special to me, he has a beautiful smile, laugh, eyes, everything about him is amazing. I\'m scared to lose him because all of my life, I\'ve prayed to Jesus and God everyday for my Relationships to last, etc, but maybe I prayed the wrong way somehow, but I truly love this guy, and I pray that his Family likes me too. I love this guy and I accept him for all of his imperfections and flaws. I would never change him because I love him for who he is. Even if I was mad at him, I wouldn\'t be able to stay mad for long cause he always makes me laugh. He\'s the only person that I can put up and tolerate their nonsense or childishness, and still want to be in the same room as him. That\'s how much I love him. They say love can only last so long, but every day, I fall more in love with him because he just does. I can\'t describe it, I just fall more in love everyday. Back in April, I lost my two year old baby kitten, Kat. She was so sweet, cute, cuddly, etc. She went missing, and she was perfectly healthy, and I prayed, prayed, prayed, and prayed to God to help us find Kat alive, well, healthy, or to at least think that someone thought she was cute and adorable and picked her up and took her home and got love, but that didn\'t happen. Two weeks later in April, our neighbors smelled a decaying odor, and we found our kitten, but it was so horrifying. I barely recognized it as her, I didn\'t want to believe it was her, but it was. I cried so much and I keep thinking I prayed wrong, she was so cute, adorable, young, pretty. We think she got a hold of something bad. I miss her so much. I hope you\'re reading this Jesus and God, I don\'t care about money, toys, items, etc. I care about Steven and I only want him. Nothing else. I\'m not asking to be rich, all I want is to be with him for the rest of my life, no matter how much he annoys me, I can handle it as long as I\'m with him. I want to get married to him, and have his kids too. When you\'re with someone you truly love, it doesn\'t matter how much they annoy you or make you sad cause you can put up with it. It\'s amazing. Thank you for listening. My Family accepts Steven into our group, but only Steven\'s Nieces and Nephews, and his friends accept me. His Sister, Natasha Griffith, his Dad Duane Griffith, and his Step Mom Lacey Wright don\'t like me, when I didn\'t even do anything wrong to them. I\'ve always been nice and kind. They need to open up their eyes, or Steven should move out so we can be together. I keep having the same dreams about Steven over and over, and it\'s killing me. It\'s always about us getting married, sex, or having kids, or our families meeting up, or our High School Days. I even dreamed of him when I was with my Exs. I need a sign that he still loves me. Please give me a sign, or him a sign. He really needs one too. Please, like him having dreams like I am, and remembering them, or have him text me once or something, please. Please help me.
help me
please Heavenly Father Help!!! Help to completely renovate our home, cover all expenses and stipends for my PhD and reveal to me how you would solve centuries old problems.
LORD, PLEASE SEND BUYER FOR CDM TODAY, for 10 long years we are DEEP IN DEBTS, LEGAL MESS, ALREADY 35 NO KIDS, NO PARENTS, NO FRIENDS, NO Home, No Office, NO ONE TO HELP. BUSINESS IS AT HALT. NO FIX OF EARNING. NO RESPECT. DON\'T LET ME DOWN JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY. FEEL LIFE IS OVER. WE ARE TIRED. NO WAY TO GO. EVERY DAY IS FULL OF INSECURITIES, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, NO ONE TO HELP OR AID, we are all alone, people threaten & hate us because we have no money. Rent every month is choking us. EVERY DAY things are getting difficult, MONEY MATTERS depressing & KILLING US. Shower earning from all four corners to pay off & set off our debts, pay taxes, save our company, settle & live in peace. Amen. I need miracle so badly, please send mentor today, 10 years crushed our respect honor soul spirit happiness life securities family got all ruined.I BEG FOR THIS FAVOR, WILL GIVE THANKSGIVING FOR LIFE LONG FOREVER. AMEN. Please, do not ignore us, please help us now, please we are desperate but in control to keep our soul, do not delay like in wait of miracle mom & dad died. please, have mercy on us Now. give us securities of life, clean slate our mess, help us Please, please answer my prayers, I am tired waiting, i am old & hurting, need help now please. Thank you for listening & praying for me. God Bless You!
please im sory i done some stuff and you no that but i hope you for give me i love you to death im just not happy what my life in the passed i cant see my mom intell im 18 and that fined but i have a favore take down the anitcrist he will pay but i want every won to live a life im 15 almost and i wood like to be come a chef it willbe fun
lord help me I need you now. I am so down today and overwhelmed with tedious stuff. lord I need relief from my enemy or enemies lord give me three wishes. or answer three prayers. lord I am so tired of these hard battles I feel like I am fighting with a little tiny rock. Lord help lord if this is part of the big battle then cover me a little bit more because I need your strength and your wisdom. lord provide for me cause lee ann to do the right thing her and those attorneys and insurance companies.Lord let the insurance company pay my claim and lord send my school money fast. lord just send me some money all together.Lord I don\'t mean to be complaining lord I need yor help I am trying not to cry lord wipe my tears and if I have favor with you give me a crumb from your table. signed your crumb snatcher Chief Apostle C>B Harris
it is really cold
can u do something about the cold this is really not on m8
Lord I\'m sorry for anything I\'ve done wrong i just want you to be with me through these hardest times of my Anxiety and Depression and PTSD I Pray you Heal Me and get this sickness away from me forever father i just want to be here for my family without any of this sickness please father heal me love you son Adrian.
God my lord, save my husbands soul from all evil and give him the wisdom to understand the importance of family life. And the blessed sacrement we received.
i realy need u god
I pray for everyone in here an I ask for the forgiveness of all our sins that we continuing sinning even though in your forgiveness I am sorry its disrespectful and not my intent to be ungrateful and hurtful.I am ashamed of all that u can shame me for that u forgive and I still remain weak in sin. I love you and in sorry for me the world the wrestles unseen and even for the torturers in dark.they need compassion on this side and the other. I also ask that you send Michael or whomever in your team however you wan to handle it to put an end to the yulin dog and catmeat festival in China.make animal cruelty worldwide my lord.you are a force lord and this is a senseless evil that\'s occurubg this very moment please send your armies there to witness and put a stop to this torture. I live you father god and son Jesus forever Amen
I love you
Hey I love and do u remember when I was born
Dear lord Jesus I need u to love my soul make me a better person heal me. Make me get to know you more talk to me and please forgive me for my sins.
Hi Jesus
I know you see me every day, i know you can see my struggles. I love my family, my wife and daughters. I ask that you help us through this hard time in our life. We worked so hard to get where we are and to have our home. i ask that you do not let us lose our home and things we need and have worked so hard for.\r\nLord hear my prayer.\r\n\r\nAmen
dear Jessus, \r\nStaying home and looking for a job for 10 months. I don\'t get any money and my husband get only 50%.Every month we used backup money. Very bad financial situation and struggling for a job. I pray Jesus Christ with great expectation. It seems that he doesn\'t like to help us because we r weak. Dear Jesus, if U r real Jesus, show me ur power. I really need ur help this time. If you worried about your prayer, please help me to get job. I am helpless and seems like I will be mad and died. Dear Jesus it is upto u, please help me. Amen Amen Amen\r\nKKKKKaaaaallll
Relationship problems
Lord please help me. I know this is not really important and stuff but help me. My boyfriend and I are going through this major problem and well I don\'t want to lose him. Yeah everything you do is because you have purpose but I want him back. I don\'t want to lose him. You know how he means and what I would do get him back. I even thought of killing mysef because of this. Guide me thru this time me what I have to do. Your probably are telling me but I\'m not seeing the signals. Talk to me please before I do something dumb that I would regret. Please him lord!!!
Dear Lord Jesus Christ,\r\n\r\nMy name is Thomas Savas, i have two problems lord that i want to tell you, 1st i have been very stressed out in class because of two assignments that i owe to my teacher & i do not feel like handing it in since i have been very stressed out. i know that nothing is impossible, but i am in a stressful situation right now. Lord Jesus, please please please help me make this go away. i will be stressed out until this comes to an end & then when it is over, i will not be stressed anymore. In the name of jesus christ, Amen,Amen,Amen.
Oh god! I miss him so much. I am not able to stand the idea or imagine him with someone else, it\'s hurting a lot. Please Jesus remove these thoughts from my head, they hurt a lot . Please help me understand why this is happening. Your silence is killing me inside it has been a month now, and the weight is growing heavier on my shoulders. I can\'t go on relying on pills to calm down, please God help me I beg you this is too much, I know I have sinned a lot, why can\'t you forgive me and give me one last chance? I feel so dead inside , please God help me please I beg you, stop these tears I am tired I am very tired and I have no help from no one. Please help me god, if you are there and hearing me, please look at me, please look inside me, why don\'t you want to tAke my sadness away?
hello lesus
dear jesus please take care of my dad his name is thurman p thompson he has never done ant thing worng to any one he took really great care of me caryjesus he was 93 when you took him home with you for good please tell him happy fathers day for me and that i love him and miss him really bad love from his doughter cary
In trouble
God, I am in much trouble. Please save me and get me out of this trouble. Every time it is you who comes and save me before even I say it to you.i am in so much trouble that I needed to be out of it by comming Saturday. I am looking for you......with my hands towards you jesus
Dear, my Savior.
Dear my father and dad, Hey father i just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me and i love you with all my heart and i just want to say i will see you when i get home and when my job is done here on earth i will rise to heaven and see your face and i will run into your arms i will fall to your feet and sing hallelujah bless the one on high i will walk with you and i just want to say i am grateful for what you have done for me. and i am thankful that my aunt Michelle, uncle Jessie, aunt Mona, uncle bobby, are in such a better place and that they are with you in laughter and joy and my savior thank you for always forgiving me and i just want to say thank you for everything you have done in my life. i will be home soon and will you give my loved ones a hug from you i will see you soon my savior and when i see you we will have a glass of grape whine and a piece of fruit.
I love u jesus
Please jesus keep ur warm hands\r\nin head till my breath .\r\nToday, I asking u for the support \r\nfor the dream that I have dreamt of\r\nsince last 4-5 year\'s\r\nme and my family are really trying to hard for it as u can see.\r\nI hope this year 2015 will be a\r\ngreat year for us.yeah we belive in u \r\nand love u.And all I need is love from you.
I need exam help
Dear lord and saviour I have never been religious however I am calling on you in times of true need. I have a French writing exam that I have not learnt or studied for tomorrow please send help to Blackheath high school in the sports hall around 1:45pm, thank you Lord x x x
Jesus\r\nForgive me for all my errors! I openly confess I have failed you. To those around me I have done my best to be a good example as a dad and as a husband. But none seem satisfied with me as I am! They all want me to be more like they want but you know that! So forgive me for all my errors after all these years. I love you and I love them all even those who hate me!
Hi jesus\r\n\r\nMy name is Layla. I love you so much.\r\nLook over me and my family\r\n\r\nThank you
My love for Jesus came at an early age; when our mom would take us to Sunday school in the big city of St. Louis. As the family grew; my dad moved us to a small town of 800, south of St. Louis; while he remained in the big city to work, but came home on weekends to see us. We were there 4 years. My mother had a baby every other year; ending in 8. She was always tired, [I wondered why?] and chose to stay home with the babies, while my siblings and I went to Sunday school. A car was sent every Sunday to our house to pick us up for Sunday School and bring us back afterward; therefore, I was not exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ; the deity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, until I was older. But, I give credit to the one who SENT us every Sunday to hear about this man they call Jesus, and her name is mother.\r\n\r\n \r\nAfter marrying, and having 2 of my 3 children, a minister of a church my girls and I attended, came to visit us in our home. My husband happened to be home that evening. The minister asked us if we knew what being a Christian was, he got an immediate answer from my husband,\" I believe if you are good, kind, work hard and love your family, that\'s good enough.\" Somehow I knew from being in Sunday School, all those years, there had to be more; Jesus just had to be a part of it, but I wasn\'t sure why or how. The pastor read scripture and prayed, then left. He had planted a seed and I was eager to hear more.\r\n\r\n \r\nI then changed churches, where I started learning and growing in His word, because of being exposed to wonderful teachers there. It was at that time I started watching the Billy Graham crusades, where I was exposed to the gospel and took it all in, for the first time. Sitting on my sofa, while watching the crusade one evening I accepted Jesus, but wondered what else I had to do. Shortly after that decision, having told no one, the crusade came to our city and I attended with my church and at the end of the service I went forward to publicly acknowledge my faith in Jesus Christ; admitted I was a sinner,acknowledged that He had actually died for me. I was relieved to see that the man that prayed with me was my husband\'s barber and silently wishing he could have been there to witness what was happening; but leaving elated that I had made the most important decision of my life.\r\n\r\n \r\nBut, as I was growing in my faith, I had a big empty place in my heart for the one God had joined to me; my husband. On Sundays ; where pews were filled with COMPLETE families, I would weep silently for the one I wanted most by my side; my husband; and yearning for the day he would attend with us and that perhaps a certain message would ignite a fire in him. Only those with similar circumstances could possiblly understand my pain. Yes, he was a good man, but that wasn\'t going to get him where I wanted him. I would have to grow in the word by myself; living and praying also by myself and coming to terms with the fact he could be lost forever; but continued to pray he wouldn\'t.\r\n\r\n \r\nMy girls and I spent many years at the church fulfilling what God wanted us to do; serving Him through activities in the mission programs; such as the girl\'s in action program [G.A.\'s] and my role as leader in Baptist Women Mission program for 7 years.; and then as program director and event planner for the senior adult program in our church and community for 16 years.\r\n\r\n \r\nAfter 28 years of marriage, my husband and I divorced; making it the worst thing that had ever happened to me. My heart is still heavy today because I loved this man, who rescued me from a life of taking care of babies, kitchen duty, laundry, and house work. My life with him was full of adventure; traveling the globe and busy being a housewife and mother of our 3 wonderful girls.\r\n\r\n \r\nBut in saying all that; what I needed most as wife and mother, was a man to lead and nourish my Christian life; which God wants for every union.\r\n\r\n \r\nNOTE: God bless you, Bob; and He has; you just aren\'t aware of it being Him who is responsible for it, yet. Notice I say yet, because our little miracle child Robyn, I pray will lead you to know Him someday soon. I feel God had a purpose in bringing her to us. She has planted many seeds in the life of others; and I pray that I too can make a difference in just one person\'s life. If only you knew how she aches for her daddy to come to Jesus, only then would you LET GO AND LET GOD. I will always love you for what you have given me. I ask you and all unbelievers one question,\" If there is no God, then you have nothing to lose, BUT, if there is a God, you have every thing to lose and his name is JESUS.\r\n\r\nGOD REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER.
Lord, Jesus, release me from my depression
I just want to serve You through your people by being a good doctor.
After so many days, I am still in doubt\r\nI caught myself staring in a blank\r\nCan I really make it?\r\nI think it is hard and I feel like I cant\r\nI am afraid to try\r\nI need to buy time but I cant\r\nThere are times when I feel like \r\nI have to let go of everything\r\nIt is a big challenge\r\nI need so much courage\r\nI dont want to wait for the time\r\nWhen I will realise \r\nThat I should have done it long time ago\r\nI dont want to end nowhere\r\nAll I have compromised \r\nTo make my dreams come true\r\nI have to keep my goals on sight\r\nAnd keep telling myself\r\nThat I need to focus \r\nWhy do I have to dream this dream?\r\nWill the price be worth it?\r\nI just want to touch people lives\r\nBy being a good doctor\r\nIs it too much to ask for?
I love you jesus, you have shown me the path and the meaning to life. You are bae.:)I want to see you sometime. I think you are really cool tbh. I could use some fish, wine, some help on my assignment... Ty please respond I need to know that you exist.
i need you
Jess. Plese make the rain on firday go away Beause. I have a field trip to wet and wild
i am tired, so very tired, no comfort anywhere and i have to keep my mouth shut. all heaven has turned its back on me. i miss him jesus i miss him so much. help me forget him jesus i swear to u i am very tired.
Jesus, please give me patience today. deep inside me i feel i am about to crack. your silence is killing me, i find no comfort in anywhere. jesus i forgive him, i forgive him because he hurt me, i hurt him too, and i hurt you too. please save me, i have no one else to go to anymore to find comfort, comfort me, give me peace and patience, i feel i am going crazy. i am losing the will to do anything. jesus look at me i beg you, i need you.
Dear Jesus,\r\ni know lately i have been coming to you because i am facing a problem, and like always i always come when in need and forget about u when i don\'t need anything.\r\ni have been asking for Antonio back, but sadly i just realized if he does things will never be the same. i can feel it that he has no love for me, he ignored me, he turned his back on me...just like i do to you when i don\'t need anything from you. you showed me how much it hurts, i can see that i hurt you dear jesus, but at least i hope you would take me back and forgive me for all the bad thingsi do or say.\r\ni am sorry for giving up, but the hurt is too big to carry on like this, i know i deserve it for all my sins. i will keep praying for him though, even if he is not really sick, i forgive him. after alli am the one who did wrong, forgive me for my impatience, and forgive me because i always give up...but please understand me, it has been a very hard week, every minute feels like a whole day, i humiliated myself to try and fix things with him, but nothing. i feel like the whole sky and heaven are angry at me, my prayers are not reaching anymore...it\'s ok, again i deserve this. jesus, i will never be able to know if antonio is ok, so at least let me trust you with this, let me trust u will be taking care of him, and again and again, as much sadness i have inside, let it be in return happiness for him. i am sorry jesus.
GOD PLS HELP ME...............
Jesus ..pls help me........\r\n I\'m happy for everything... But past two years ,my family facing lot of problem....my brother name prasanth..he had addicted to drinks,drugs...pls resolve it..pls god ...my family.are crying. Please change the mind of my brother. Pls god ..save him.......
love you dear jesus
my sweet jesus love and blessings to all my loved ones from my heart fairy angels take care of them and they are sweet blessing :):):)
I am tired dear Jesus, I have no patience for anything anymore. But all I can say I hope he is happy, and if he is with someone else I hope it is someone who is giving him happiness because I failed to do that. Forgive me Jesus I am not a good person
Dear Jesus,\r\nhere is another day and he still doesn\'t talk to me. i can\'t do anything anymore i have tried everything. all i can ask from u is that he is ok and happy and please guide him. forgive me jesus for my huge mistake, i know i am not a good daughter of yours
Jesus I wish I could spend the night sitting next to you you and talking with you, I wish you could hug me I know I don\'t deserve it. But... I am tired from myself from all the mistakes I am doing and I don\'t seem to stop even though I know I and doing wrong. You know Jesus there is this feeling inside me now I wish I could close my eyes peacefully and u would come and take to u forever make me ur slave just come and keep me next to u, the longer I stay on this earth the more I am sinning and the more miserable I am. Please come take me to u, stop me from sinning again. The loneliness is far too big here. I know up there with you I will never be lonely...
dear Jesus, I am very sorry I always turn my back on you. Always when something good happens to me I just turn my back and forget about you, and as soon as something bad happens I come crawling to u. You are making me feel now what I made you feel and how I hurt you every time by making the person I love turn his back on me and now I know how it feels I am sorry forgive me, I am not a good person I know, I steal I lie and say bad things about ppl I even cursed you. I know this is my punishment now and I deserve it. Forgive me Jesus
love you jesus and mama mary
mama mary and jesus your love and blessings are with us always may my loved ones whom i hold in my heart so closely live long and always happy big hugs i love you so much loads of love and best wishes in stars and goes to sweet angel they are watching with you jesus
happy mothers day mama mary
mothers are angel mama mary give them special power of love and blessings mothers are sweet fairy and ocean of love and blessings endless love mothers love live long love you mama mary
i miss you
i love you
thank you for food shoes roof over my head and wonderful parents can you please help me get inn rotc
Dear Jesus I don\'t know if this is you but I believe that this is You Jesus you and God are very important to me and can you reply to me if you see my brother in heaven
There is no Jesus Christ. Everyday thinking of him to get good news but he is enjoying to see my suffer. i asked him to get job or kill me but he doesn\'t. i don\'t know what to say. I trust him, believe him but it was waste of time I guess.This is my feeling but don\'t know if i am right. rest id upto u
Thanks for your support
Dearest father,\r\n\r\nI love you so much thanks thanks and a very big thankyou to you. i owe my success in your Holy Name.\r\n\r\nI love you My Father My Christ.\r\n\r\nLove You\r\nArka Sengupta
Please help me out dear father
Dear Lord,\r\n\r\nThanks for being by my side for every moment.I need your utmost help for getting what i want extremely badly.This is the last lie that would be telling, i wont commit this sin again in my life but i need to do this as its required and you know that because all the doors to the escape has escaped and i am only left with the hope of getting back everything.\r\n\r\nPlease help me out, i need you forever and for always. i love you father, i truly bestow everything that i am and that i have at your feet, everything that i am is because of my parents and your never ending love and support.\r\n\r\nI badly need you please help me out.\r\n\r\nyour son,\r\nArka Sengupta
im soo lost. give me courage. courage to face It..face everything. ....I cant see my dreams smashing. do something.I love my parents alot. I wannq eee them happy. give me courage. do something. please.help me reach maulana aazad, in 2015... Please. I wanna be an mbbs student...
Mercy my Lord
Ohhh my Lord Jesus............\r\nI know i haves wronged you and ur message many times...........\r\nEvery single day I ask for forgiveness to you of that................\r\nYou know wham I am going through.........\r\nJust make the way clear to me of my dreams..........\r\nI promise not to wrong you ever in my life and try to spread your message of kingdom....
My Dear dearest Jesus,\r\nIts been a really long time since I\'ve written you a letter.Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life. U made all my dreams come true!!\r\nLord Jesus, you do have a perfect plan for all of us and its beyond our thoughts.People make plans and when it will not be successful they come to you. Today, I have come to u with a humble request for my brother. You know everything that he has gone through Lord. I just want you to be with him to comfort him. Jesus, please give all the happiness that he deserves in his life.He is a really nice person.He loves that girl so much and he wants her back. Please do something and make him happy. I can\'t see him depressed like this. I know that u do everything because u a have a purpose. Just comfort him now. Talk to him. He needs a true friend to lean on and support him. \r\nI ask this in Jesus name. Amen!
To Jesus
jesus I like one girl please do something do some miracle please Jesus there are many boy back of her just to use her but I don\'t won\'t to use her please help me
Dear Jesus,I come to you and thank you for sacrificing yourself for our sins and salvation. I have a question, I know you died for our sins on the cross but when you did that are we forgive of all sins? Past, present, and future? I had an area in my life we I sinned a lot in highschool even almost killed myself. I have asked for forgiveness for all sins I can recall but I feel im leaving something out lord, I can\'t seem to remember it so if it\'s not to much to ask can you forgive me of all my sins that are unknown to me or that I can\'t recall and are unforgiven? I thank you for saving my life in the car accident and changing my life...even saving my life. I ask that you cover my family and myself with your blood forever and that you protect us. I accept you jesus in my life and within me and I accept the Holy Spirit. I renounce evil and embrace the light. I ask that you make my life a blessing if you could lord and I thank you for the food we eat each day and the water we drink and the shelter in which we rest and sleep and that you always protect us. I believe I am forgiven through your blood and I also ask if you could heal me of liver and kidney problems and heal my pelvic floor muscle spasms and whatever damamges nerve is causing these muscles to spasm. I thank you for waking me up before it was to late and for that my lord I am eternally grateful. Thank you for everything my last my lord. I give my soul to you father, you son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen and goodnight
dear jesus \r\nplease help me you know the problems I have they are medical blindness and pmr I can deal with the site but the pmr is terrible could you take just a little bit away \r\nthank you for dying for me I do not deserve it but I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH \r\nJ
Can i talk to you sometime i really need someone to talk to
Will you please check up on Blackie she has passed away on January 15,2015 and i have been missing her alot lately and i really think that you have been playing ball with her please text me back so that i can make sure she is doing good and she has no more sickness and she is running around with jarret my other dog that died a few years ago and i still miss her also please play catch with both of them and tell blackie that i love her lots.. :D
make it happen please
Oh god i have faith that you can do the imposseble things but what im asking for that make ghazi be my husband i love him and i want him its so easy to makethat for me please god i want him so badly i wanthim today before tomorrow and make my family agree to be my husband please god i have a true and completly faith in you its easy please just do it forme please god please
i was just going to say am so sorry if i did anything bad and i have some questions i hopeyou van answer,how dose heaven look?hows my tia,carmenand that can you tell her i said hi?thatsall i can remeaber please text back bye
Father help your children
Father we need you now more then ever my rent is pass due I can\'t lose my home lord please help us with our Financial needs lord please you know my sisuasion please help us pay our rent to day I love you forever more please father have favor in my life !
saya minta maaf Yesus
Dear Yesus yg tercinta\r\n\r\nMohon maaf sebelumnya karena hari ini saya varian rusli, tidak mendapatkan kesempatan utk berkunjug ke rumah Mu. Karena, saya sendiri ada keperluan lain sehingga bertentangan utk hadir di rumah Mu, memperingati perjamuan Sabtu Suci. Oleh karena itu saya ingin meminta pengampunan Mu.\r\n\r\n
I need help
My family thinks that I have sinned and had sex with my boyfriend. I need Jesus on my side to help me through this tough time can you please help my family understand that I would never do such a thing.
Bless my dog Max with further life Please
He is only 8 years oid and has broncial cancer that only happens in less than 1 percent of dogs. He just completed surgery to remove the tumor that was in his lung and I just recived the biopsy news from the doctor that isn\'t good. I love all gods creatures and especially my dog Max who has been with me 24/7 since my retirement in 2013. Please give him as much of a good life Jesus as you can, I have been prying night and day for his recovery and he loves everyone and every one loves him. I belive in you Lord and beg you to give him life again!
I need Jesus\' help and support
My love and belief in Jesus inspired me to write this letter to him. I have always been a strong believer and I\'d like to ask Jesus to reward me for that. One of my close friends, the most intelligent person I\'ve ever known, has just received a letter saying he was not accepted in med school; that he was only put on a waiting list. He deserves to be accepted more than anyone else I know and I wish Jesus that he somehow he would be reconsidered. I know it\'s a lot to ask but the only thing I wish is that you send your prayers towards my friend and try your best to build a great path for him in the future.\r\nThank you very much for reading, \r\nLove, Anonymous
Dear lord. I\'m so sorry. I don\'t understand myself. I hate my actions. I see no evidence of true Christianity in my life. I want to please you. I wish I was good. I wish I was like these strong faithful christians I see. I need your word. I need to change. I must change. I just need you. I feel I\'m going in circles;never making any lasting progress in you.I know you are sovereign and can do anything, its myself I don\'t trust.Please,please help me. Change me.Give me a thirst for you.help me to finally realize that all the answers are in you. You\'re all I need.Please don\'t let my story end with death, living with eternal regret.You are the author and FINISHER of my faith.I\'ve done so many foolish things. Terrible,vile,depraved things. Even after knowing you and your goodness.Please forgive me.I have nothing if I don\'t have you.I\'d be better off if I hadn\'t been born.I deserve nothing from you,but I ask you to show mercy on me.Please look my way lord and save your son for your glory. In Your name I ask. Amen.
Hey prayers,\r\n\r\nAre you jesus christ believer?? If so, did he help you when you really need his help. I am his believer, I trust him and prayed and waiting his help almost more than six months just waiting and believer. I am getting very bad situation and waiting for a job. Some times got chance for interview but what happened I don;t know getting nervous and missed the job. I know I am well fitted but bad interview experienced. I am tired and frustrated, asked him either kill me or send me miracle for job. I am happy to die and will see my parents and they help me. I am helpless again dear Jesus Christ, either kill me or provide me job. I told you I will accept any kind of job. Ok dear Jesus, it is upto you and your choice. If you are in this world, you will hear my voice. Thanks Amen Amen Amen!!!!!
Jesus give me your heart
Jesus give me your heart I give[ol]\r\n\r\n[/ol] you mine Father give me your heart I give u mine. Holy Spirit I give u my heart give me yours in Jesus name. Amen
oh my, jesus is awesome
god and jesus. \r\nhi
help me with my money problems ive no money
Jesus please help me right now I\'m having a hard time mentally I just spent money on my addictions why am I bipolar I feel like a freak? How embarising? But I love you and I know I can get through it with the help of the 11th step, I won\'t turn to t...\r\n\r\ni need your love and to help me get enough money to buy what im needing \r\nin your god name Amen
hi, whats up ? help me
my life is messed up, you can see it. i might get terminated from college. im kinda scared but idk. if youre reading thid, do me a favour ? tell me what to do in life? my passion ? who else to ask? say hi to sheilu aunty for me? and daddy and john uncle and papa who evver is out there . just.. keep an eye on me ok ?
help me walk with you Jesus Christ
I need Jesus to guide my life and renew my heart \r\nso that I can do right by Him\r\nand bring some hope to those who need it the most\r\nI know the Lord of Lords can and will bring this planet into His light\r\nI recognize that I am in great need of His help \r\nand the help of those brothers in Christ that have already begun their mission in the holy spirit of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ \r\nI am not very social and have a hard time learning \r\nwe also know that it is not us that live rather it is He Christ Jesus who lives in us. please pass this prayer to our one and only savior Jesus Christ. \r\n\r\nsincerely; Joshua Amen.
Prayer Request
hi this arun .. i am searching for software job few years so please pray for me ... And my feature
South Summit High School
We need a new principal. Please send someone who can help us students enjoy school.
I love u Jesus....
dear daddy,i amm so much afraid...pleaaase hug me tell me that every thibg is going to be ok\r\nthesedays i dont read bible\r\ni know that i dont desrve you.who else i have in this world\r\ncompletly isolated\r\n
Boa tarde
Boa tarde, fiel amigo e companheiro Jesus. Antes de mais obrigado por estares sempre ao meu lado, rezo todos os dias por si, e pelo BOSS. Estes dias tenho andado em baixo, pois no queria morrer tao cedo, e gostaria que viesses c baixo dar umas aulas \"pessoais\", sobre como ressuscitar, mas ateno eu gostaria de ressuscitar passado umas 2/3 horas e no s 3 dias depois como tu. Agradeco a tua resposta, o mais rapido possivel. Um abrao para ti, e para todos a em cima. Beijinho especial Maria e ao anjo Gabriel.
Good morning Lord. It seems there are two things, one my internal depression and second my responsibilities to your mission. This is to ask that you help me with both, please. My ability to understand all of this is important, please help in all regards. I look forward to our meeting in person so I won\'t have to email you. Thanks for everything. Me
Lord Jesus.. i need u. answer me
The whole world is in your hand. So as my family.\r\nMy family needs you so much right now.\r\nPlease Lord save us, save us from the bondage of sins n bless us.\r\nYou know well Lord what me n my family is going through.\r\nBefore a word is in my tongue u know it completely Oh Lord.
i need a house Jesus.I am alone here.
me gustaria desirte que solo pediria que un solo dia pudieran ser todo el mundo feliz no te fijes en mis problemas solo son uno en un millon sabes me importaria saver si pudiese saber y versi un dia pudiera ver q sean felices aunq sea por un solo dia tooooooooooodo el mundo
I Hate My Life
I hate my life, I lost every thing in my life father mother etc,. I don\'t want my life \r\ntake me ... please
broken heart
dear jesus my boy walked out of my life because my eardoctor told iam deaf in both ears hewaked out of my life and didnt say good to me it hurts so bad i cry my self to sleep because i loved him name is joe benda idont know how to get him back please jesus help me iask this in your might name lovecary
Dear Jesus, I have sin against you please forgive my unfaithfullness to you let me repent of my ways let me be a change person in your glory lord.for your mercy to me are shown lord so forgive my sin lord. I know you are still with me please change me of my ways and guid me and draw me closer to you not away from you. Change into like you lord I pray in the name jesus amen.
Dear Jesus,\r\ni am not able to feel your presence. my sins are too nig that you have turned your back on me. it\'s ok, i know i deserve it. i know you put down on me the biggest punishment that is my loneliness and every time someone comes around you take them from me. again it\'s ok. you know i need and want that one person, and yet again i know you are not giving him to me. it\'s ok. but jesus can you listen to me this one time, jesus, if i promise you to let go of him would you heal him and let him lead a normal life? i am ready to take on all his sins, jesus, if he is really sick, let me have all his suffering and heal him, let him have and lead a normal life, let him be happy...i will never know what it is to be really happy and not feel alone again...but it\'s ok...as long as he becomes healthy again and have a happy life. help him, i beg you. take it all from me but help him. just like you answered me and helped wajdi, you can answer me this time again and help him...heal him jesus please.
thank yopu
Dear Jesus, I asked for a prayer to be answered that I have been praying for. My heart is heavy and I pray that you answer me as fast as possible please. I rest in you in Jesus name Amen.
dear Jesus
Jeues? \r\nI am sorry that I made bad choice to not forgive my family. I was so mad I really hurts so bad I was crying hard enough to get help. I don\'t want to be this way. I wish I can see my brother Jacob again..\r\nPlease forgive me you are my only hope:(
Hello Jesus happy birthday for last year \r\nLove mia
god it is true that you love the righteous..them i may be the wrong one..dont ur ever gonna love me again.today am feeling that much pain in ma he\r\nart... its like i dont want to live agian\r\ncould u please tell me what made you angry about me\r\ndo some miracle father\r\nineed it\r\ni dont want to fall again in the pit of despair agin\r\nit is not safe here.\r\ntalk to me jesus\r\n
Dear Jesus,\r\n Thanks for giving me evert thing in my life , but still i have so much of sorrows and pain , please turn my darkness into light, i lost my hope . At my company i should put good sales and i have to pay my rent, give salary, i have pledge my gold, and borrowed money from my friends . every day i woke up with worry\'s , thinking what will happen next. Still now by heart i didn\'t cheat any one i trust you lord JESUS , please save me i have no one to share my problems and feeling still now i lost every thing in my life , i need a happy life . Please help me lord , i beg you please
Lord,\r\n Lord I am so happy! Thank you so very much for letting Civilization V work on my computer. I was so happy when I saw it as a success. Lord I would just like to message you to give you some recognition of your help. Lord I will have fun with this game, and I will think of you the whole time while playing it. I love you so much Lord.\r\nAMEN! :)
Lord,\r\n I am very sorry for I have sinned. I........ I just can\'t stop. It\'s pissing me the f*** off because I know it hurts you yet I have the desire to do it. Lord this is hurting both you and I, and I. Well I need your help. I\'ve just been feeling so stressed out lately. I know I shouldn\'t do it though. I am making ever more of a stand to stop, and I think I can do it. It\'s 5x harder to break than heroin addiction because it\'s all ways there. I\'m sorry I have hurt you Lord. Please do not give me bad luck and hurt my grades. They are all I have and I need them. I have also deleted 2 games from my kindle, and am making progress to punish my wrong doings. Lord, I know what I have done was wrong, but I will stop it. BY ELIMINATING ALL THOUGHTS ABOUT GIRLS! Lord please guide me and strengthen me through temptation. Lord I love you with all my heart. Through love and compassion I leave you. \r\nAMEN!
Dear Bro. Jesus,\r\nthis is my first time to write you a letter through email.\r\nBro. today i feel so sad/upset/feel down...because its been 2 weeks that i don\'t have a job after i resigned to my previous work.\r\nI had 4 interviews and exams but all of them i didn\'t get it.They always say that \"just wait for our call or txt...\" but non of them do so.\r\nSometimes...I ask my self...\"WHY?\"...i pray and ask for your guidance to help me to look for a job....but nothing happen.\"WHY?\"...why I can\'t get a job? I don\'t have a bad intention where will I\'m going to spent my salary, instead I already have a good plan how will I spent it. And do you know that bro.jesus. \"WHY?\" is that there is this Bad person...get hired easily, have a good job, receive good salary, and use his salary in bad things.\r\nSorry brother if I think like this...I just get the reason...why i am like this. I am very dedicated to my work or the task assigned to me. I am also willing to do overtime even if without pay just to finished my work on time.But \"why\" is that now...i feel that i\'m a looser...\r\nBrother Jesus...PLease help me....:(
Dera Lord Jesus, People said you have power of miracle. You give power and send miracle to your prayer. I am one of the believer, prayer and praying every day with hope. My praying continue waiting for your miracle. I applied for a position and applied too many places and waiting for reply. but I did not get any good response and I lost my hope. I don\'t see any position to apply and it is waste of time. Dear Lord, how long I need to wait. If you don\'t want to help, let me know I won\'t pray. If I don\'t get any reply within two weeks, I understand You don\'t accept me and won\'t pray. You don\'t want to help this poor lady. \r\nits upto you. AMEN AMEN AMEN
Lord, \r\n I am very sorry for showing my dad this offencive video of racist mario. I feel really bad for breaking the promise. I am also very sad for committing all of the sins I have done. Lord please do not harm my grades for it however. I am also making over-easy eggs for my family to make up for the pain I caused you. Lord I love you very much, and I need you. Without you I would be gone, and crying, and depressed, and complete sad with life. I love you Lord. AMEN!
hi jesus :)
Dear Lord Jesus, Help me to get job. I need your help, miracle now. I heard you help when we need. but it been more than four month, I am praying every day same thing. I want to ask you when my day is coming??? how long I still have to wait. Please help me to get job. or get me out from the world, I would be really happy. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!
Lord. I\'m sorry for all the sins I have committed today. I\'m sorry for cussing and acting like an idiot. I\'m actually very intelligent and just change in front of people. I\'m sorry Lord. I am also sorry for hating on mattyb, and I am writing good things on his channel. I am also deleting 1 game. Just please lord don\'t give me a bad grade on the project. I can\'t do that to Chloe, Hannah, and I don\'t want it either. I would just like your help on this one:(
Dear Lord, I am a failure and I can see dark everywhere. I am writing here what I feel. Long way to go, struggling every day praying every day. could not reach a goal. Please god, leave me and help me to take me away from the world ASAP. I don;t want to give any more load to world. Please Please Please take me away from the world. AMEN AMEN AMEN
send me miracle
Dear Lord, Again me. Waiting long long time staying home and applied jobs. But no response. What happened to me, how sin am I. If luck can measure in liduid or solid form with scale, I can show you how unlucky and upset am I. Unfortunately, there is no scale. Every day waiting for response and applied new positions. I want to ask you how long I have to wait and how many applications I need to submit??Please Lord help me to get job and send me miracle. If you can\'t do, Please take out from the world. I don\'t want to live any more. Thanks Lord AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!
How I feel about my life and I want share it with you
Me and my brother want to see heaven up stairs in my closet.You think we could see Heaven because we want to see it together.Can you be in my brother dream baby Sean and my mother dream to give them some ideas what not to do.Can you talk to me if I am angry at someone to give me vices.I hope you read this brother jesus can you bring a angly or you to guide me and do good stuff and I could go to heaven and see you.I love you??And tell God I love him too. Can you save me please.Give me and my family a new soul to help us out.I love you.please text me back.??
dear jesus christ my name is john ginns jesus i love you so much i am glad you died for all of us on the cross.i love you so much dear jesus i would like to know if you can put my dad picture john ginns sr holding his grandson on facebook.jesus you know all things.jesus my dad had heart problems.he went to his job and before he can get to his job my dad john ginns sr had a massive heart attack and drop dead.jesus please put my dad john ginns sr holding his grandson on facebook in loving memory of him.jesus you know all things thank you
Help Me
Loving Jesus \r\n Every one is laughing on me ,i lost my confident and hop ,is money is life, where is love , care , affectation ,
Please help my friends and family to not hate me when im gone. I don\'t think I can be here in this confined ugly world anymore. I studied to my best anilities for 4 long years to get this BSc microbiology. . And no one wants to help me get a job. I\'ve met directors of the most successful companies and they mptivated me and assured me I would have a job to look forward to in 2015 except they lied. I don\'t have experience and pepple are being mean. I feel like a disappointment to my family especially my dad who worked so hard to pay for my studies. Im tired god. Im tired of pretending I can do this. Its no longer just an obstacle. I give up on myself and this situation im in. Youve always helped me and I always had faith in you but you must have now given up on me too. Im going yo die. I know for sure, I just have to figure out how. But thank you for my friends and family and colleagues and everything I\'ve ever experienced in this life. Thank you lord.
hey jesus
:(:(\r\nhey jesus , i dont know why but im just so sad because of every things that i feelnow , so messy but im not to strong for all of this but i believe cause you always give me something that you believe me that i can solve this up . yeah but im getting tired for all of the day , i dont know what should i do , i know its my fault , im too stupid ,so stupid , sometimes i think i want to flashing back the time but i realize that i cant do it .. i know right but , i need you , really help me to solve this up please jesus , i believe in you ..and i know you were here when im write this letter to you , i love him so much , i know im just a stupid girl but its happened already , i love him so much , but something that really hurt me .. he dont feel the same , no no but i mean he is not mine anymore , he have a girlfriend already , its hurting me so much ,i dont mean to broke them , i just want to stop feeling so messy , feeling so bad feeling so sad feeling so bad and really hurt . seriously , i cried everyday and i cant hold this no more i think , help me jesus i really need you !!! i believe in you ,im really sure that you will read and help me . thanks jesus
Hey Jesus. Can you help me stop crying? I just get so mad, and I can\'t stand it anymore so I just cry. Can you help? Thanks.
Dear Lord,I am very very tired to find job. Ev ery morning, I am thinking you may send miracle and checked my mail very curiously. But end of the day, disappointed with no good news. Dear Lord, Please send me miracle !!! I don\'t have patience to wait and don\'t want to go any where and meet people. I am completely hopeless and mad. Dear Lord Jesus, if you want to see me happy, Please help me to get job. Protect me I don\'t want to live or kill me. Thank you\r\nAmen Amen Amen!!!!Hope you send me miracle tomorrow.
Dear Jesus I feel you have neglected me I love you and pray to you a lot and I feel you do not Anwser my prayers once I asked for help for a test that I did study for and I got a 64 this has happened many times and I feel unloved by you,sincerely your disciple Christian d
dear jesus,it has been along time since i wrot \r\nyou.time was hard to me,i always wonder why i always go thru such situatiions where it seem hopeless.\r\njesus if the problem was earthly and material ,may be it had a solution.but its about the religion.iam in a such asituation that it dont feel to ask even to rescue me.i dont know jesus what to do
Dear Jesus, \r\nplease help me to tidy my room. It has been in an awful mess for months and months now, but I just can\'t to seem to do what s necessary!
Dear Lord, I am tired tired, one to die. Every morning wake up with great hope but end of the day do not get any positive reply. I am very very depressed just want to die. Please please lord help me. I prayed 100 times a day but you still don\'t hear me or reach to you. Please let me know the way how to reach to you. If I do mistake unknownly, forgive me. How long are you checking me, enough. Now I am tired don;t want to wait any more. Please help me. your believer. AMEN AMEN AMEN
a financial BLESSING MIRACLE n my ck/sav accts this very fri (jan 16,2015);an avalanche, a landslide, a whirlwind(-fall) outpouring landing in, lining walls, loading up e. acct.:TO TITHE HIS STOREHOUSES;2 bcm. ETERNALLY debt free
need financial miracle now
Hi Jesus, \r\n\r\nI need a financial miracle like right now. Life is hard and living from hand to mouth is really depressing. Please help me out here. \r\n\r\nJesus, please talk to God on my behalf and let him release me from whatever bondage is holding me from succeeding.\r\nThank you
dear Lord Jesus, Please call me, I want to die. It is meaningless to stay in this world. I don\'t want to stay here anymore. It would be great if u substitute me to talented person, will be really great to earth. it is kind of burden to be here. I am failure every where and unemployed staying home since 4 month. If you don\'t like to help me to get job, rid off from the world. Now god it is upto you. Do whatever but fast. waiting for your reply. AMEN AMEN AMEN
Dear Lord Jesus, Still waiting for interview result. I need miracle to get job. i know you can make it. Please Please Please lord help me to get job. I am very frustrated. You know my problem. I hope I will get positive result tomorrow. Waiting tomorrow to know positive result. I need power to concentrate reading and writing. Waiting you in my dream today. I trust you Please help me lord jesus. Thank you very much. I would like to ask everyone to pray for me to get good answer from job. Thank you AMEN AMEN AMEN
Dear Lord Jesus,\r\nI am fine to other people did not show my frustration. Again waiting for interview result. Please Please Please make it positive and get me job. I need a miracle and I am sure you can make it. Please pray for me to get job.\r\nI am asking every one to pray for me to get job. If some need to pray, I am very happy to do. Please Help me to get job. Thanks Lord AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!
Dear Lord Jesus, Thanks for everything. I am still waiting for good answer from the place that i applied for job. It\'s been a week I am still waiting. Please help me and need miracle to get job. I know you will do. Hope I will get positive answer on Monday. Please Pray for me. I am asking to every one. Please Please Please Help me. Thank you. AMEN AMEN AMEN
Dear Lord Jesus. I am still waiting for reply from my job interview. I believe you, trust you. Waiting to get positive response today. Give me power to finish my paper. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LORD JESUS help me to get job. I will try my best for next step. Also Thanks for everything that you provide me and my family. Thank you again\r\nThank you.
Thanking you
Dear lord,\r\nEarly thanks for everything that you have given me what i wanted for and i can feel your support and your love when m in need of.. I cant explain how thankful i m for everything you have me.. Jesus as always i just want your support and help please lord show me the right way.. Just dont let me go wrong. Thanks for everything jesus.. With all my love.. Keeping my prayer in name of jesus amen
Dear jesus, Please come to my dream, let me know if i could get job. I am waiting for reply. I can\'t wait for longer. This job is very important to me. If i don\'t get this job i will be mad. I know you have a great power. Please Please Please make this positive. Waiting you tonight in my dream. Thanks lord.Thank you for everything
Dear lord Jesus,\r\nWaiting for reply for job. Please help me to get positive reply. I am sure you help me. This job is very important to me since I am jobless from last 4.5 months. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. I can\'t concentrate to write my paper, give me power to read and write paper. I feel miracle if I get job. Thank you very very much. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!Your believer
please can you email me back because i believe in you but some of my friends don\'t. I want to prove to them that you do exist
Please help me Jesus. I am frustrated. I got laid off and looking for a job since September. I am overqualified for many job adv. but they did not get response. I did interview three times. I am experienced but during interview i was nervous so was not very good and one was ok waiting answer for this week. Please help me to get job. Lord I need a miracle. I promise you, I will not go bad direction. Give me power while I am talking. Please forgive me, if i did something wrong.Dear AMEN AMEN!!!! AMEN!!!!!Thank you
Please help me. I am frustrated. I got laid off and looking for a job since September. I am overqualified for many job adv and applied but they did not get response. I did interview three times. I am experienced but during interview i was nervous so was not very good and one was ok waiting answer for this week. Please help me to get job. Lord I need a miracle. I promise you, I will not go bad direction. Give me power while I am talking. Dear AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!Thank you
Dear Jesus,\r\nPlease let her get better, she\'s all sore\r\nThanks\r\nA man
Thankyou dearJesus fir sending him into my life. It is a mobth today and even though i should be feeling extremely happy looking forward to my wedding, am only fu\r\nll of doubts, worries and concerns. You know all the reasons and am sure you have your reasons for planning my life a certain way. \r\nLord Jesus, all i need is you, if your with me all my oroblems will fall by the way one by one. Let me not give in to negetivity and fatalism. Let me stay optimistic and positive in you. Let my faith go from strength to strenghth so that i win over all my problems doubts and concerns day after day and proudly proclaim all miracles in my life are because you never left my hand. Thankyou lord for leading through this dark forest. You are my eyes and my map. Please do not ever let go of my hand. Thankyou lord
help me
Dear God please help me to find another Ms Genia and lord help me find another job. Lord you promised to save my husband he did g give his life to Christ but God u know what it takes.
Hi, Jesus I don\'t know if this will really work but I\'m going to do it anyway.\r\nI\'ve asked for a lot in the past and I do regret some stuff but Jesus I am begging that 2015 will be the best year of my life. I Want to get my GCSEs back and be proud of them and I know I have to work for them and I will I promise I will. I also hope this year will be a religious year so I can connect with you I love you to the moon and back Jesus/God and I want you to know that.
Please Jesus bless me with favor and send finances\r\nHelllllp me and my children what do I have to do for you to help and You help the children or Israel\r\n.I need you I surrender all
Wish you a Happy Christmas
Dear God,\r\n\r\nThanks for helping.\r\n\r\nThanks,\r\nRavi
I\'m 2.5 years old and have spent all day making a cake for Jesus
all About me
Dear, jesus sorry i am writing you at this time it might be late up in heaven. tomorrow is your birthday, happy birthday. i want to go to heaven please not to hell i will live well. can you send my dADDY TO HEAVEN AS WELL? also mike camile and everett and briggs and mom and lucy.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nI suffered too much over the decades and none of the suffering was caused by me. I\'m discriminated from good work because of my race, age and/or gender. Now I\'m in poor dental and physical health both requiring money which I cannot spare as I\'m barely making minimal living expenses. My teeth hurt and causes an occasional flare up of my lymph node on my jaw which is very painful. Please dear Jesus let me win a multimillion dollar lottery jackpot so I can finally see a dentist and doctor. Please Jesus, the pain I\'m going through is just agonizing. Please dear Jesus hear and answer my plea. You\'re my lord and saviour. Amen.
Can you please heal my swelling from head-feet\r\nCan yu please send the angles down to my house in person. \r\nCan yu please come to me in person. \r\nMy house address is\r\nEan Garman \r\n193 spanglers Mill Rd.\r\nNew Cumberland, PA 17070
praise jesus
lord give me strength when I\'m weak
Dear Jesus, \r\n\r\nI\'m very upset with the things that are going on with me. My inlaws and my hubby is not understand in me. My hubby is very good but He never wants his parents to see sad. But if I\'m sad it\'s not at all a matter to him. He is not understanding me lord. He drives away with the words that some one says to him. Today on this xmas month we fought 2 times even tough I was not wrong I said sorry to him. He never understands my love for him. Please lord if I did any mistake from my end I\'m very sorry and I\'m ready to accept it. I live my him alot. I married only because of him without seeing anything in him. I\'m very down and upset oh lord please make me strong so that I won\'t go week. Give him the knowledge of understanding me oh lord. I don\'t have anyone here to share every thing oh lord I was feeling very upset and you are the only one whom I can trust on and share what I\'m going through.please let your light shine on my family and my hubby is suffering with migrane head ache N stomach. Bless him oh lord and remove all d pain he is going. In your name amwn
My Prayer
Dear God, \r\n\r\nFirst, I want to thank you for the gift of life and for always showering us with your blessings. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful family who are always there to support all my decisions in life. Sorry if sometimes I tend to neglect you and failed to appreciate the things you have given me. I know I\'m not a perfect daughter to you, I have flaws and I committed a lot of mistakes, I admit that. But Despite of all mistakes, deep in my heart you\'re still the only God I trust. God, tonight, I have a confession to make. I\'m confused, undecided and don\'t known where to go. I don\'t know if I\'m gonna accept the offer or not, if I\'m going to accept it, I still have a job and salary however I will still take in calls. If I quit, no job, no salary however I can look for a better job. What should I do now? So help me God.
Dear Jesus, I\'d like to first start by thanking you for giving me life. I have been through a bit of a rough time in the last few months and I just can\'t seem to shake it. I have lost friends, failed classes, upset the ones I love, and just cried for hours when remembering all of this. I need your praise now more then ever before. Sometimes I wonder if I love now would anyone notice of if I die today will a single person care!?!? But then I remember that you will. And I sit down to talk with u and hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes my tomorrows are worst but then I think and know that u have something bigger and better planned for me so I just pray.
Dear God,\r\n\r\nThank you for everything you\'re done for me.\r\n\r\nI\'m here to pray and wish for us. Jedrick & me. \r\n\r\nI hope that you\'ll bring him back into my life. I hope that you\'ll enlighten him that we belong together. And I will never give him up and will always fight for him no matter what. I want him to realize that my love for him is evergreen. I hope you\'ll make our world collide again and let me love him, care for him and take care of him for the rest of my life. This time for good. I need him, I miss him, I love him.\r\n\r\nPlease God. This is my only Christmas wish. Please grant me this wish. I would exchange anything to have Jedrick with me forever. I miss him. I love him.\r\n\r\nThank you Jesus. I love you.
Please forgive all the sins I have committed. Amen
Father please help me
Father You have given me everything i need, but why does love really hurts when i want to give my eternal love tp someone, why cant i cmile for long... Is my sin not forgiven cause of which now m suffering... Father it is beleived that my sin is all forgiven then why m i so much in pain when i want to smile.. Father please help me tofugure it out please help me to solve my problem.. Let my heart rest in peace and happiness.. Father once again i want to pray for my forgiveness.. Please forgive me father jesus please.. Prayers in the name of heavenly father..Amen
Father please help me
Father its only you whom i can rely on.... Its only you whom i can share my pain.. It really hurts father please help me please.. My heart reaaly aches father please help me please.. Amen
I know who you are jesus for you are so holy and the truth. Im sorry for all mistakes i make lord and am ashamed for not obeying you at times. I love you father!!!!!!!
pray for me.
dear god, i am asking you right now to please pray for my stomach because it hurts real bad and i am going to church with my mom so i am asking you to please pray for me and my mom and my papa. thank you Jesus. :)
Lord thank you so much for keeping your hands on me and listing to my prayer
Dear Lord Jesus,\r\n\r\nIm so happy today for being with me and making the things falls at its place. My parents called my inlaws to invite them for thix xmas and my inlaws are happy that my parents called them. This would have been incomplete without your help oh lord. I cant express my happiness that you can gave today. Im very thankfull to you in all the terms. And finally on this xmas let every thing be settled between both these families and bless both the families as we celebrate your birthday and as we enter into new year with thanks giving. But please be with both the families on this xmas so that they will not talk about the past. Thank youlord. Bless me and my family so that we all walk in your path and also please be with me so that im going to file for my H1B so that i should get my H1B in draw pick.And also be with my husband so that what ever his debts are cleared as soon as possible and please be with him as he is trying to find his new job. In the name of Jesus i Pray AMEN.\r\n\r\n:):):):):):):):):):)
Please lord tomorrow is an important day for me. Please be by my side
Dear Lord Jesus,\r\n\r\nTomorrow which if friday is an important day for me as my family is going to inivite my spouse family for this xmas to celebrate together and to forgive both the family mistakes. Please lord please do miracle so that my spouse family will not nay NO. If they attend this xmas at my home every thing in your name what ever has happend please lord make them to forgive each other and to forget each and every thing, so that both the families can enjoy and praise you on xmas day. Please lord listen to my prayer and please evry thing should go on perfect. Bless both our families so that we all can be together and worship you in your holiness.\r\n\r\nJoanna
Dear lord, i sit here once againin a jail cell ALONE i cant seem to cease the shaking.the same questions repeating itself, why? How? What happened? Another year gone. I only lasted 14 days. It seem as if I\'ve been emotionally held captive against my own will, and m captor is the person i see everyday in the mirror. I open my eyes and mind and realize that im in this dark little hole that I\'ve build for myself. Now that i remember i started building this place when i was but a lil kid. At first i thought that i was running and hiding from shadows or monsters, 30 yrs later i come to realize that i was running from my own shadows. At 5yrs old that lil girl (name) died emotionally, and a new girl emerged (a.k.a.) the painful experiences the lil girl encountered a.k.a. began forming.each tear (*****) shed a.k.a. took that tear and began building these walls, brick by brick. My defense mechanism on full force. Sound proof, nothing and nobody could break these barriers. Lord, i ask myself why am i here? What could\'ve i done so bad to start life so painfully? This loneliness hurts. Where is my family? If i could just have a hug. Im 35yrs old now, and for 30yrs pain and anguish is all ive known. Now i sit and look at these walls they are so high. There is no light nor sound.it seems that there is no way out! Blinded by the painful experiences (a.k.a.) never stopped building. Never realizing that I\'ve trapped myself, i cant get out. These walls are so thick that not even air can catch my cries, not even a echo. Lord in heaven, my soul cries out to you please, i just want a hug. I get on my knees and pray for the lost souls, to never have to endure this type of pain. Have mercy on my evildoers, please forgive them. I no longer seek the comfort from another human being. Sitting here in this dark cold room i reflect and re-live my whole life. I see the lil girl (****) facing her death for the first time, (at 5yrs old) i stand and watch her in the emergency room while the doctors rush to her aid, as i take a closer look i notice multipe angels at every angle. One is holding her hand, another is whispering in her ear, that she\'s not alone. Others working with the doctors. I then realized they saved me from the shadow that\'s been trying to claim my soul. Causing turmoil, confusion, willing me to give in to his pleasure. I see now lord you sent these angels to serve and protect me. As the years go by again i see myself alone,cold,hungry. I see myself crying out loud asking you lord why me? As i stare at myself i see the sudden change, i take a closer look and noticed the same angels repeating the same process. Although I\'ve lived my life as a sinner they never forsaken me. I became a survivor. Through-out the yrs that shadow hoovered over me, death tried to claim my soul once again.
Dear Jesus u already know my name.I\'m writing this letter to ask for peace in my mind and heart.forgive me for my sins and wrong doings.I\'m not perfect but I am afraid of a lot and I know you say don\'t be afraid but the world is so messed up.I wanna have you protect me and my family and I ask to keep us strong and happy and health.help me not think about bad things.I wanna live life to my fullest in your name.thank you so much for everything.please come into my heart I love you amen
Lord Jesus Please help me to overcome
Lord Jesus,\r\n\r\nIm raised from a christian family. And i do believe in miracles. my whole family is well settled in terms of every thing. But some ppl in my family are so money minded that they are doing wrong and blaming the one who is not at all wrong. I have went through so much because of my family behavior with my some other family. And because of this there is no peace in my family. I started my family 6months back ago till now we dont have peace because of my family behaviour.Please lord i want to stand against the wrong and support the truth. For that i need the courage and strength. Please lord jesus help me to support the truth and ask those people who did wrong in my family. please lord jesus do some miracle so that the misunderstandings that we have should go and both the families should reunite on this coming christmas.Hope lord listens my prayers and do some miracle so that i can see a ray of so called HOPE in my family which im about to build.
Lord jesus my only God, please hear my prayer.
Lord please. alam ko po marami po akong nagawang kasalanan. alam ko po akoy lumayo sayo. Pero sana po bigyan nyo po ako ng pag kakataon, bigyan nyo po ako ng swerte ngayon. Lord God please sana panalanuhin nyo ako sa Grand Lotto eto po ang aking taya \"9, 23, 40, 43, 12, 33\". Lord please po pantutulong ko po sa pamilya ko, kina camelle po tutulong dn po ako at sa iba pang pamilya tutulong po ako, sa matanda na laging nag lalagay ng lupa sa may riles at namamalimos tutulungan ko po sya. sa namatayan sa bagyong qeenie tutulong din po ako, Lord God please tulungan nyo po ako manalo. Hindi po ako mag papabaya at gagawa ng mali. marami po akong tutulungan mga nangangailangan tao, Please Lord God tulungan nyo po ako manalo. Please po. In Jesus name. Amen
I need to believe god does miracles
I need you to help me out I\'ve lost patience with my terminal ill daughter . I would like to ask for prayers from people in the world to give me forgiveness and strength to surpass my errors .if I fail as a mother,pray so as I can find my way back
Hey Jesus,\r\nHow are you? I\'m good. How\'s Heven? WhAt do you do everyday? I hope I am a good son to you? So What\'s new with you? Ok Jesus please email back when you can & I\'ll keep on praying to you every day. \r\n\r\nFrom Alex Splinter ( From Ixonia Wi)\r\n\r\nPs. My Email Splinale16@student.oasd.k12.wi.us
Dear,Jesus \r\nThis is katrinda I\'m sad that I\'m going too be the only girl in my family except my mom because she moving far far away. What should I do.Oh and how\'s Ann McKenna doing she my grandma tell her this is katrinda and that I miss her.
Dear, Jesus \r\nThis is Katrinda Whalen and I\'m nine.I have a question. Can you help my family keep there house. I love you im sorry that I lied to people can you forgive me.\r\n \r\n Love, Katrinda xoxoxo
Thank you father
Heavenly father jesus i would like to thank you for all that you gave me and still keeping your blessing in my life.. I am so thankful to you that you have accepted you me as your daughter.. I love you so much.. Thank you again father thank you.. In the name of jesus amen...
hai jesus...\r\n i know i am sinner,for past few weeks i have almost forgot to pray.i have stop studing,i don\'t know what is happening to me.please jesus,send me a little help he;e\r\nhelp.so that i can achieve victory in your name\r\nhelp me jesus to study\r\n
feeling bad... :( :(
Dear jesus am so worring about my placement.. I dono wat mistak i hv done.. :( :( plz giv me good strength to face all the worries..\r\nplz i want to get plac soon.. plz hear my prayer.. Be with me always..
my urgent prayer request
dear paster\r\nI\'m Shruti Sharma.I have a very urgent prayer request.First of all I\'ll brief you about my history. I\'m born in Haryana near Delhi on 11.07.93..My parents got divorce for some unknown reason as soon as I was born. As a one week old baby I was handed over to my grandparents. They took care of me till my 8th std.I am born in a typical Hindu Brahmin family.I came to Bangalore with my aunt for study purpose. As she use to abuse me and beat me , one fine day I ran away from home. Look at the luck or GOD\'s grace you can say that I was not on street even for one day. The same day I reached Mother Teresa\'s Convent and they adopted me. They were educating me ,when one day in 2nd puc they came to know thatI\'ve a boyfriend. They handed me over to Yadav my boyfriend legally. He took care of me and it was decided that I\'ll get married to him once I finish my degree. I started working in a company as part time. There I got in love with Shiva who knew all about my past and present. One day we ran away with Shiva\'s family\'s consent and got married in tamil Nadu, his village.We came back to Bangalore as yadav had filed a kidnap case on Shiva. Then all was sorted out and we settled . I was a bit guilty somewhere. I asked my husband that I was supposed to be Yadav\'s, and I want to go to P G . He took me to station and I wrote a letter saying I \'m going to P G and he\'s no more concern about me. Later i realised that I am married and It\'s my duty to 4get all and be with him. I spoke to him and his family and went back. But now again I\'ve come To P G oz I wanted to work. Now all I know is that I\'ve spoilt my life, ruined my life> I want GOD\'s power to change everybodies mind and be my husband\'s wife all over again. I promise not to sin any more. Please pray 4 me to restore my marriage.My B F want to get married to me . I don\'t want that. Please pray for me to restore my marriage.I\'m depressed, guilty and tried suicide attempts. I\'ll listen 2 whatever Shiva says. I don\'t want 2nd marriage. Please pray it\'s urgent. and mail me \r\nthank you \r\n
for i can see, but yet i am blind
I want to thank you for everything that you have given me in life. My eye\'s have seen such beautiful thing\'s in life, but yet I am still blind to see the true thing\'s in life that make me happy. or should I say I overlook thing\'s and don\'t pay more attention to them. so if you could help me slow down and open my eye\'s to see where I am going I sure would like to see that.\r\n
please Jesus help me
Jesus, I want to help me repair my relationship with my wife, please forgiveness for my sins and desire to have a full life in your name, my wife does not want to forgive my errors and she wants separated, Please come into my home and my heart, fix this situation. Thank you Lord, blessed be
heavenly father thank you so much for loving me...thank you for everything..love you so much..all of me keeping in the name of jesus\r\namen
Dear Jesus,rnI want to know you more i am ready to accept you as my saviour but its hard for me to fully follow you as you are aware im in great difficulties and you probably know i wear my heart on my sleeve but im struggling in every way you can imagine i need financial support so i can face life with a heavy heart please let me win alot of money in the euro or lotto this Tuesday or Saturday \r\nthanks Jesus be my saviour and my rock amen\r\nfrom Darren x
Allies lying
Allie is always lying. I don\'t know if you listen to Allie but she is very disrespectful to you. Please make Allie better...... And please make her play football with me. :o that would be awesome.
am gettin rely scared knowin abt satanism.am pretty much sure dat jesus wl come again and save us...
i love jesus so much.. something is worrying me nowa days:s... am a .girl who 1s 17 yrs of age...i want some support... this saitanism is spreading tooo fast. wl jesus come to save us again...
Dearest Jesus, grant me the grace to have utmost faith in You dear Lord! \r\nPraying you grant me the miracle I need for my GPA. I have confidence in you.Amen & Amen
i love you
May i live with you may my god elf on the shelf come back
Hi tell my dad (Will Stice) That i miss him and love him with all my heart!
Ok so I love my dad but its been hard without him even though he didn\'t get to see me alone but I really miss him!~
excuse me Jesus but i have a question, what is the final number of pie? Also, what is the point of life?
Hey :)
Jesus, please for give me for my sins.Im actually learning, now to greatful.So, pleases forgive me for all the wrong. I love you.will you heal me pleases? I will never get discouraged about anything no more. I give my life to you lord I\'m reprenting everyday.I love you and ty for showing me the way.
I wish for nino to have a great day today and for him to behave perfectly. I wish for his talking to be caught up by chdissx and for his speech therapy to work. I wish he fully participates and benefits from the therapy and that the therapist can perform a miracle in his speech. I wish for him to play appropriately with the other kids in school and that the kids want to play with him. I wish for him to fully potty train by Christmas and for him to never have another accident in school. I wish for him to be safe, healthy, and loved in school and always. I wish for my career to be successful and for the literacy people to go away. I wish for me to get the supervisor certificate without having to take any classes. I wish for the tenants to pay rent in time. I wish for health and happiness for my family. I wish for Vincent\'s unemployment to get extended and for him to get work with John. I ask believe and receive! Thank you my lord for granting all my wishes!
to my dear father
good afternoon jesus im am going to read you a poem from the bible john 3:16 for god so loved the world that gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believth in him should not perish but everlasting life
Dear Jesus\r\nJesus please help me to come out of all the obstetrical am facing in my life.I love a person and want to marry him. there parents accepted me for this relationship but my parents are not coming forward to accept for this relation. the person i love is well settled and has a good nature and he will surely take care of me and be with me in all kind of situations. Please all this situations are ruining my life and health day by day. this issue is going on since 7 months.please Jesus make my parents to accept for this relation.We are not at a;; finding any solution to solve this issue. Please solve this issue and make us free from sorrows and tensions.\r\nJesus i love u and believe in u. And i strongly feel u will let me out of this issues and make me happy.Thankyou!! Amen.
To jesus
Jesus, I pray to you to forgive me of my sins.I pray if you can heal my eyes which I see floaters and more and heal my skin condition and my lips please jesus for give me for my sin as I\'m praying to you heal my lips bk to normal so I can go to work I pray dearly from the heart I have no money for a doctor hospital bills which they can\'t help in jesus name help me lord heal me and make me a new man for I need you more than ever jesus please I love you so much please help me for I can not suffer no more please jesus I love u so much and learning more everyday please forgive me and heal me lord have mercy on me I beg of you I love you with all my heart and more amen please heal my eye sight jesus I love you amen!!!
Dear Jesus\r\nHelp me to get healther.Take the diseases away, take the sickness away from me, help my life and body and soul and mind, take the tatoo\'s way make me to life a good life.\r\n\r\nLove Charity,Davis
Just Passing Through
I saw this in my daily travels over the wild badlands on the Internet.\r\nI always stop at one of these virtual prayer stations, and send one to the Big Man.\r\nSo Jesus, hello again.\r\nI know I already said good night, but I couldn\'t resist this.8)\r\nI still don\'t know if I like you. I don\'t love you, but I am open to you.\r\nSo, here\'s to a chance at life.\r\n\r\nYour kid?\r\nJacob\r\n\r\nP.S. I have this feeling, deep inside of me. God, you just don\'t realize, what you do to me.\r\nAll the crazy feelings, when I\'m all alone.\r\nKeep it up God, yeah you confuse me.
please Lord
I have been asking for some time for you to allow me to win the lottery Father. You said if we ask and believe then we would receive. I am asking and believing Lord.
help me
father jesus... firstly i would like to thank you for being with me and helping this all along.. i can feel your presence when m really in need of you.. i would like you thank you for everything... moreover father since m here in abroad for my further studies.. i would like to pray for my good studies and finding a work as well... father i request you to show me the right way..thanking you for everything and keeping my prayers in your hand...i pray in jesus name amen
pray for me.
dear jesus, please pray for my top right top tooth. it is chipped off and it hurts so please pray for my tooth and my mom this afternoon when she gets on that bus please. thank you
healthy life
Dear god I m so upset from our life please help me\r\nI want to live a healthy and fruitful life\r\nBut i dont have plz help me i always feels a negative thoughts in my mind God please help me
Mil Jei pom mi a ochranuj m daj mi ?astie i mojej rodine velmy ta potrebujem...nemusim ta vidie? ja viem ze existujes a ze si milujem ta nadovetko :)
Pasensya na po Papa Jesus, kung na-ulit ko po nanaman po itong hinihingi ko pa sa inyo :(
Papa Jesus, na-ulit ko po nanaman ang kasalanan ko na gawin ko yun, una talaga sobrang ayoko pero dala din ng sitwasyon nagawa ko nananaman pero nandun parin ang mindset ko.Mabibigo ko po lahat ang Kasama ko, ang buo kong pamilya, ang mga taong nainiwala sa akin at importante ang tiwala at pagmamahal sa akin ng aking mga magulang. Di ko kayang sikmurain lahat to ang gusto ko lang mamamatay para takasan to dahil di ko talaga kaya ang mangyayari wala dn akong alam na madaling paraan. Naawa na po ako sa sarili ko sa buong buhay ko ito yung pinakamahirap na part sa akin. mahal na mahal na mahal ko ang pamilya ko nakikita ko araw-araw ang sakripisyo nila, please Papa Jesus give me a chance, pangatlong beses na to at ayoko na talaga mangyari ang ang pangapat sana isang chance Papa Jesus, di ko kayo inaasaha na iligtas ulit ako pero sobrang gulong-gulo ako ikakamatay ko lahat-lahat mawawala lahat. Nandun pa rin yung inaasahan ko po kayo para iligtas ako sa sitwasyon na ito :( ang Pamilya dapat ang nauuna Papa Jesus nanakit na ang lahat-lahat sa akin sa kakaisip mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal ko sila, ako ang may mali sobrang mali :( Sana matulungan niyo po ako, promise magreply ako agad Papa Jesus, sana maipadala niyo po talaga ito sa inyo :)Maraming salamat po Papa Jesus sobra po ang pasasalamat ko po sa inyo :)
prayer for help
Dear jesus plz help me in getting rid of john caza he is in need of mental help as well as helping me to overcome my fear of my family i fear that my family will leave my life plz make sure that never happens as well as not to build a company at all
Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable to you Lord. Amen
I Surrender
Jesus forgive for my drug use, drinking alcohol and masturbating. I am weary and burdened right now Lord. I need you In my life. Help me resist the urges to sin. I surrender right now Jesus and I ask You to come into my hear. Wash me clean from all my sin. Draw me closer to you. I am worn out and need You Jesus. I love You.
Dear Jesus\r\n My heart crys for your help as you know I been going though alot in my life. Due to all my mistakes and my drug use I am about to lose my home and my family. I feel like a waste and have no reason to to live. I pray for your help but starting to believe that you gave up on me. I would do anything to have my life back. I am a unhappy person always thinking my family would be better off if I was dead. I am in debt big time cant find a job I feel like I burned all my bridges. My family didn\'t ask for this all I pray for is that you help them. I put us in a hole and don\'t know how to fix this mess,I just pray for better days ahead. AMEN
I am writing to ask for forgiveness. I have done some bad things in my life. I want to be more like you Jesus. I keep making the same mistake over and over. I am so sorry for my sins. I pray to be a better man. I thought I have opened my soul to you for help but I must not have because I still make the same mistakes over and over. I know you are 150% on all your promises that we ask for. Why cant I change? I want to. I am weak. Here is what I am going to do. I am opening my heart and soul (again)...I know I have so many times before. But now I must focus on you Jesus. More than ever. I want you in me and my wife. Change us father. Change us to be more like you. I don\'t expect to be perfect just want to be better. Only you can help us. I love you lord. I love you and talk to you everyday. Please help us both....I know you will. I will be open to feel and hear you in my thoughts.\r\nWe love you Jesus....in Jesus\' name
Dear jesus\r\ntoday is my big day.all i can beg is please give me the hapiness that i am seeing in my dreams ...today is my interview .evil is conquering my mind.show your light in darkness.give me hope .please jesus i was dying for this day.thisis my golden chance jesus,please give me the hapinesss of being selected\r\nplease jesus\r\namen\r\n
How to great the ALMIGHTY GOD YOU are ?
Anyway, let me just say it like this FATHER : You are awesome , wonderfull and compassionnate. You know every detail about me , i know ! \r\n\r\nBut just let me remember You what You promised me on 22 January 2012 ! \r\nGive me the needed wisdom and patience to make it . \r\nRemember, i promised You to satisfy Your Heart and give You FULL JOY !!! \r\n\r\nI LOVE YOU my FATHER JEHOWAH, Lord JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT.
Dear Jesus can i ask you one thing.\r\nCan you help me with my league promos to Gold please you need to help me.
Can i talk to kody \r\n
lord help lord help lord help dont have words cant even say nothing now.
pray for me and my family
hi lord this is your daughter nicole bouchier \'lord am writeing too u because each day i know u r watching over me but lord i know i have not been to church in awhile and i have mis out on a lot of thing\'s lord u know my need\'s and my once\'s lord i stand at your side each and every day \'father am here to ask u too help me in getting a great job and good health and strenght \' father as the day\'s go\'s by i know u never leave me hungre \'u always give me food \'that sometime i can offer someone a plate \'lord keep my son jevo and daughter shanna safe lord let them turn to u and stay with u \'father i know u send me a great guy am really try hard to hole on to him \'sometime\'s he can be a hand full but know one is perfect \'your daughter in christ nicolle jevon and shanna god bless us keep us safe but lord i forget the biges thing ill like to get married to get my green card thank u for hereing my pray.
Im thankful for all that youve done for us and i ask for you to heal my mom and grandma in the name of Jesus, Amen
hiy helpme get bater
lord my god please save me from all the difficulties of maths...i should not get shoutings from my maths tution teacher also...Please god..with you every thing is possible...Help Me..Save Me...I Belive In You...The Almighty.
Dear jesus, I have sinned. I love this guy I\'ve known for years but this year we Don\'t talk. I have cursed at you said you weren\'t real or that you liked seeing me upset. I should never be so disrespectful to someone who has blessed me all my life. And for thus dear jesus I apologize. I can\'t only hope you forgive me.
Jesus I\'m 12 years old girl and turning 13 in Feb... My family needs a new house in a better neighborhood.... are house is very old! we try are hardest to make our house look good. we just need to come into the money to move out :(. I really want a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood also lord please help my family! i have a mom and a dad 1 sister two brothers, i\'m the youngest. my youngest brother don\'t even care about our house or how it looks he just don\'t care at all. I just want to have more room and be in a better neighbor hood, because our neighborhood is filled with drama,bad people,fights,crazy people,drug dealers.. i even do all my school work all my grades are good i only got 1 D. I dislike my neighborhood.. it\'s very unsafe for little kids like us.. :(
Thank you Jesus
My dear Jesus,\r\nI want to thank you for being with me and with my family and guiding us through hard times. My family is going through a very hard , tough period in our lives and we know that you are watching us. We are so unworthy and we hardly pray to you and we are so sorry. Please forgive us Jesus. I love you Jesus. My baby brother loves you Jesus, My mother loves and adores and praises you everyday Jesus. My Father loves you too Jesus. I know you are guiding us every step of the way. Please give my mother more strength. She is very weak when it comes to hard situations like the one we are in. My father remain confident. I have sinned so much in my life. Please forgive me Jesus as i Forgive any one who has sinned against me. I know i dont pray to you as much as i should. And i am extremely shameful and guilty. You have blessed us with so many things in our life. I ask you Jesus to to always be with me. I am a 11th grade student. I hope you see my love for you and my family\'s love for you. Please help my father get a good job. My ultimate happiness and wish is for my family to live a good happy life. I thank you Jesus. I live you Jesus.\r\n\r\nRiya John and family.
I need your love and mercy
Hello Jesus, beloved son of living god.\r\nPlease show mercy on me, heal me from mental and health issues. \r\nI\'m feeling very depressed and hopeless. please give me strength and extend your hand on me, so that i can overcome on my dwellings and live a life that you taught me.\r\n\r\nYes, i know it is hard to walk in righteous but i want to follow the path which you have created for us.\r\n\r\nShow your blessing on me my dear Jesus Christ, thanks for your blessing showered on me and my family during our hard times.\r\n\r\nBe my master as always.\r\n\r\nwith love \r\nCharles Joseph
pls help
i wanna ba a supermodel pls jesus give me a makeover, make me not ugly pls, niamh wants to be sexy, caitlin wants nice legs, :D were dead serious pls if u have the ime help us achieve our goals
hi, brother jesus! :) It\'s me Tintin, you\'re children
Hello Bro, What\'s up? :) I had \"Worry\" problems today. I just wish and hope that there would/will be some slots of MKBA102 left for me. I want to be with my friends and blockmates. I am very happy when I\'m with them even though I\'m not really that close to some of my blockmates. Please give me slot MKBA102, lend me some, leave me some, save me that slot. That section has chosen by my heart and instinct. Please save MKBA102 slot for me. Please (1,000,000 bajillion times). Forgive me in my bad actions. Thank you for everything. Please hear my prayers, I know you never ignore your children\'s prayer. Please hear my prayer, answer them brother. Please, I hope my dad can pay my tuition fee too. I hope my dad has a lot of money, I hope my dad won a money. Iloveyou, bro. Amen
I am happy with my life , But i wish i could have a better job than i am in now.. Please make me do well for the next and rest of my life.\r\n\r\nThank You.:)
yo be my mentor guy :)
Hi, Brother Jesus
Dear Brother Jesus,\r\n I\'m very sorry for masturbating again, \'coz I can\'t stop overthinking of something, I don\'t want to feel lonely or depressed. Please give me happiness tomorrow. I\'m very sorry for that. I am here now to confess, please take my sins away, please take it off. Thank you for everything. I will pray for forgiveness tonight, because I love you. I\'ll pray with you and the rosary.\r\n Amen. I love you.
Please help me God.Please guide me.You know my struggles.
Please help me God.Please guide me.You know my struggles.
Prayer in Need
Dear God,\r\nplease help me find my birth certificate. It is very important that I do, or at least give me a new passport so I can go on the class trip to Japan. Also, please convince mother to let me go as this trip is very important to me and I don\'t want to miss it. Amen.
dear jesus,i was alwyas walking with you....\r\nbut now i feel like iam alone,i know that iam not perfect,sometimes i giveup,sometimes i get weak in my faith,i have questioned it,,\r\ni sleep in nights like i never want to wake up in morning ,,have you left me because iam a sinner,,,\r\ni want only to realise that you aRE WITH ME,THATS ALL I WANT\r\nI cant take this anymore,,take the wheels of my life for simetime...love you\r\n
got job
Dear Father, Since from the start of my carrier, you were with me, even though am an imperfect below average guy, i was person who is least talented still you carry me till today so that i can carry myself and my family. Today i got a job with really a high salary and also will bring a bright carrier in my life. Thanks a lot for your blessing and support. The intention of this mail is to let the world know the glory and power of my father. Your son will be always with you to serve and to know you. Bless me my Father to cherish in my world with a good health so that i can spread your name and glory. Thanks again for your blessing Your Servant, Terry Thomas
losing faith
dear god please help me find a job I have attended an interview today I got 3 weeks remaining to work on my current position please make a miracle now ,they say you are the god of miracles and I lost trust it will probably take a miracle to help me in such a short notice, my baby does not have a father just do it for him if not for me.
Jesus give me strength i know what i have lost in these days be with me there is no one with me be it father mother brother sister or my husband..i know i am a sinner and you are just testing me give me strength that i may cross this phase help to be patience and never leave you.. you know what is right and i now you will give me the best help me to crack the interview tomorrow..help to get my confidence back..be with me jesus
dear Jesus why do u give so much of pain that my heart can bare anymore..you took away everything i loved and gave me things that i did not want or asked for..I lost everything..now at least help me get a job i want and help me to be strong enough to let go all the bad things happened to me.. i love you but at times i also get angry with because i am unable to understand your plan for me..
my worries
My Lord,\r\n\r\nI chose you, YOU over my sinful life. I need you to deliver me. When the Holy Spirit told me long time ago that my Depressions can only be healed if I stopped my smoking habit. \r\nBut I yield to sin. \r\nBut still, you seek me and comfort me\r\nI need you in my life Jesus\r\nI need a betterment for my life, my future \r\nI want to live in your grace and virtues and succeed in life\r\nWhy don\'t you give me the Holy Spirit anymore? \r\nJesus, I need you my Lord.\r\nCome show me your wonders and manifest yourself to me\r\nAnswer the needs of my family\r\nBless me and let me be in the likeness of you \r\n\r\nMy dear lord, this is your son, \r\n\r\nZubin
I thought of a demons name
Jesus, I am calling you because I\'m desperate. I thought of a demons name and i fear I am in danger. Please help shoo this demon away from my home, Vallejo drive, 92782 2101
stephanie curry
oh lord heal me today anoint my spirit and send me home in the name of my godly lord savior.amen
Hi, Brother Jesus
Hello Brother Jesus,\r\n 8 hours ago, when my friends and I go to RCBC to eat, I found a stand, full of books and rosary about you and Mama Mary. So I go near it, there\'s a nun. She asked me if I want to be a nun and then I said that I have many plans in my future. But at least I am very closed with you as brother and sister and you are always welcome in my heart forever...... :) \r\n URRRGHH! Brother help me, I want to stop masturbating, show me the way to stop it, keep me busy, please take away all of my sins and bless me.....\r\n Now I know as a Catholic, Masturbation is a sin......but I still did them...please take them away I don\'t want to be sinful person because I love you.....\r\n Forgive me brother, and I will never do that again. I promise.\r\n Please give my high grades too...hehehehe\r\n I love you, brother.\r\n Amen.
Hi, Brother Jesus
Dear My Beloved Brother Jesus,\r\n Please have me passed the prelim exams especially in Physical Science, Math and Filipino even Economics and English....Please? Please? Please? Please? 1,000,000 times \"Please?\". Please have me passed in my prelim exam, I don\'t want to disappoint my daddy and I don\'t want to transfer to another school, please? I don\'t want to let my daddy down. Please? Please? Please? have me PASSED! ue.. \r\n AMEN.
i don
[img]jesus[/img] loveme[color=orange][/color]
father thanks for everything...and would like you to show me the right way...and keep your blessing with me for now and forever...love you jesus..amen
Please save me
my heart beat lord Jesus , you know about me , i have faced so much of problem in my life every one cheated me , when i had money every one was with me today i don\'t no what to do i have so much financial problem , i am helpless now , my world is darkness ,i have never seen light in my life , i have only tears in my eye, where ever i go only sorrows and pains . God please help me i want your support, please i beg you help me please , no words only painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Hello Jesus\r\nSave me from hell, death is scary\r\nMuch love
Dear god I need your help in well everything I do as well as to lose weight I just need your guide nc pl do not 0fail me not ever again thank u\r\n\r\n
Dear jesus please forgive me and my family please helo me please i need u forever in my heart and in my brother and jesus can u.make these demons go away please,bring glory into my heart please jesus come help me please brother gabriel please come i am not evil i am a good person
help us oh lord
dear jesus,\r\n\r\nplease help me and my family.. with the trials and problems that we are going through each day. give us the strength lord to continue living our lives. \r\n\r\nespecially my mother,grandfather and grandmother lord give them good health and good long life. heal my grandfather lord for we love him so dearly. help my mother lord in her finances and enlighten her mind and soul. also lord my two siblings, my brother annd his family give them good health and take them away from pain and sufferings lord, my younger sister who is still in elementary right now i hope she has a bright future ahead of her,i will help them lord with all that i have, please do not allow us to suffer lord God. i ask for your guidance lord to bring us to the right path. help my brother lord to find the holy spirit in him. also my cousin which is currently staying in his father right now and is away from his, guide him in his everyday life lord and give him the strength lord to just continue living with his father until the right time to go home comes. \r\n\r\nwhat happen to our life right now lord is an unfortunate event for me. i did not see this coming lord and i did expect this to happen to us. \r\n\r\ni hope lord you will help us manage our finances as you help us in our life lord. \r\n\r\ni also pray for the safety of my family lord, especially my pamangkins,my gradfather, my mother, my sister, my brother, my husband, my po family, my aunts and uncles. \r\n\r\n\r\ni hope one day lord you will hear our prayers.\r\n\r\n\r\namen.
Feelin bad
Hello there,\r\n\r\nI would like to go to confession about this but I absolutely hate the way the Catholic Church is set up: however; I feel horrible about some things I said tonight. I spoke horribly of Jesus and god or whatever he is because they are the same person, right? Anyways, I shouldn\'t have spoken poorly of this god and understand if I get struck by lightning. Amen:!ps i really do love god, I feel if I were created in his image he would share the humor!\r\n\r\n\r\nJudas sucks. \r\n\r\nLove me
Dear God,\r\n\r\nOur creator, redeemer, and savior. I thank you for all these challenges that has been upon me. That they have made me stronger as a human being enlightened with our presence.\r\n\r\nHowever, Dear Lord. These new challenges that have been laid on my path is really taking me apart and is taking me away from you. I ask Dear Lord that you lay your hand on me and make me even more stronger and that you will take this cup away from me. And lay your hand on the persons involve that their hearts may soften and see Your light.\r\n\r\nThese I pray, not by my will but be of yours. For you are the power in heaven and earth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!\r\n
Hi, Brother Jesus
Forgive me brother, :( my dad\'s right, I made the stupidest decision ever. I should\'ve think about GLORIETTA and I should\'ve stayed at the library. I am not mad at you brother, I only need your help and acceptance and a chance, please make me go to school tomorrow, I hope daddy forgive me, I hope daddy accept my promise, please make that happen.....I love school, I PROMISE I will never do that again......just please make me go to school. At least I tell my mom the truth and my mom tell it to daddy and now I\'ve learned my lesson. I really promise brother that I will never do that again, I promise. Please make me go to school. Make daddy happy when I got home, so he can forgive me.....please? Please? Make my prayers happen from you. I love you. Amen.
help me to get loan
jesus i have no other options . i want loan for my business. help me help me help me. jesus..
Gave Kryseworth
So God my godfather is sick I\'m a sinner I think I\'ve got a lot ahead of me that I don\'t know about and I thank you for letting me do this walk of life with you because I\'m nothing without you! Love my mom to death enough said with that one! Worry about my dad sometimes he can\'t do this shit forever you know that\'s why I need to be on your side not the enemys?
god m broken from all sides
Dear god, life was so happy and suddenly a fight came and since then nothings going fine. I loved doi since i was 9 years old nd still love him for no reason. He was same wid me but suddenly aftr his mom caught us...everytng changed. He ignores me and often gets iritated wid me. Also my family isnt in a stable condition rite now. We have tribe conflicts..both our parents are sworn enemies. I had only one hope dat doi still loves me but now his love is also fading.he says that theres no future of us..this depressess me a lot. M about to graduate soon and always wished to live happily wid him forever and that we would together sort out things and would take care of our family but i can now see only 1% probablity. Also the last tym i met was on 1st july. We had first time sex and without protection and evn though i took the pills..its worryng me. He doesnt evn care..dats really hurtng me inside. M lost frm all sides..if i get pregnent i wl hv now where to go..and i cnt imagine my life without him.. i love him so much..i cnt live without him. I cnt evn think of livng wid other man. I see my future as an alcholic. I love him god and m worried dat how wl he live. Becos deep insyd i still feel he has some feelings for me..he jst fears of his family. I dnt know wer to go now. I dnt want to be pregnent. M lost. Pls give me strength\r\n\r\nI dnt want to live like dis anymore. I want to forgt rite now..becos i know talking to him wl only mks things complicated..i dnt want him to gt tense or hate me becos of my iritatng nature. I nvr knew love would hurt me so much...is this a test to test my true love or test my will power. But god m nt gvng up so easily. It still nt the end. I want to gt top rank in apcs exam nd wl win his heart nd his parentsheart. Pls help me find a way...m list god...pls help me...pls dnt let me be pregnent now. .m sorry for breakng my virginity...i love him...m so broken..cn u pls help me be strong nd mk everytng cool between me nd doi..i want to be happy...pls brng our happiness bk..pls gv doi happinesss nd also to my family..watch my family. Help me god....i love you..amen...
can i please be taller maybe like 2 inches
i would really like to be taller if you could make the time to help me that would be great, 2 inches would be good for me. also could you help my friend meg she wants to be taller too 5,8 1/2 would be ideal, thankyou for your time and i hope you can help us with our needs in gaining height not weight, thankyou again\r\nnicole p.s help meg find her evolve charm braclet it\'s MIA thankyou
Dear lord: I thank you for helping me out through my life and being mine and everyone\'s saviour. I would please like to ask for my parents to win the lottery, they have worked so hard to feed me and my brother and they deserve to win the lottery.
Dear Jesus: Please Help me Fully Believe In And Trusting GOD And you, In You Own Name I Pray, Amen.
Thank you ABA so much words can\'t express how grateful I\'m for your friendship!
Dear Brother Jesus,\r\n I praise you brother! I\'m sorry for what I have done this day (June 23, 2014) that I fought my little brother and sister again and I did not follow my parents properly again and that I masturbate again, I can\'t stop doing that because it was itchy.....I\'m very sorry. Thank you that you watch us, protect us, guide us for anything. Thank you that you love me and us all. Thank you that you help my dad fix my birth certificate even the affidavit for my school for college and thank you that you made my uniform finished by Wednesday. :) Please forgive me for all of my sins...And thank you for last week that you made me busy so that I won\'t masturbate again, I hope that today I won\'t masturbate anymore. Brother, when it comes to my college life, help me have straight As in my report card just to pay my dad for helping me to this FEU that I love. And thank you for the food and drinks and blessings too. Please feed the hungry and give them some to drink even animals. Please protect us from harm even demons in my mind and heart. Please make my prayers came true and give me luck and don\'t give me embarrassment and bad luck. I love VERY VERY VERY much, Amen.
oh crist en vaiyaths eek ene samatichadatholam ethavam kastatha ulla week ah pls help enk ariinjuda divame stress pressure strain ellam und enk divame save me please i trust more than any thing love you amen
Dear Jesus
Dear Jesus help me not to be do angry about what my son has done through out his life and how I resent picking up after him and to forgive my husband for not being a better father to him
jesus enk visvasikan vaya ente sree ene pineym vilichu thankyou enik nere samsarikan polum patila pedichu poy ninak ariyalo enk pineym avarude kude cheranam ennu i promise that i wont hurt them again thankyou yesu eh thankyou please matavilum kude samsarikan para enik avare venam pazayathu pole please njn sathyam ayihu avare ponnu pole nokikolam oru life eh ullu athil sathrutha undakale please avarkum ene pazayathu pole snehikan kaziyane divame pineyum nammal onnakane divame amen
Dear lord Christ, thank you for this opportunity. Please pray for me to your father god almighty that this job will go well for me. Dear lord I need you. I love you in Christ name I pray amen.
thank you xo
My brother!
When I went to America, my brother got attacked by these men in robes, said they worked for you, Jesus.\r\nThey forced me to go home without him, and now I worry that he\'s going to get hurt. He\'s miles and miles away.\r\nThey said he was evil because he was gay, but he\'d never harm a fly!\r\nHelp my brother, please!\r\nYou\'ve got to talk to your people!
I Love You Brother Jesus
Dear Brother Jesus,\r\n I praise you brother! I\'m sorry for everything even the worst part that I lied to my grandmother that I went to church but I didn\'t. I know that LYING is a sin, I\'m really sorry but no matter what I did something bad, I still LOVE you and really love me too even though I was a half-bad girl. And I\'m sorry that I always masturbate in the bathroom, it\'s just that I couldn\'t help thinking about that. Please help me takeaway all of my sins from your hands. Thank you for the luck that you always have given me everyday, even many many blessings. I love you! Amen.
dear Jesus christ, Remember when i promised you that i wont
Dear Jesus Christ, remember that I promised you\r\nThat I won\'t masturbate, hump the bed or do anything like that? Well I didn\'t. I thank you for stopping me from doing a sexual activity for more than 3 months. And on Fridays. But today, June 8th 2014. Something bad happened. I promised that I\'ll go to church for you and I wanted to. So today is Sunday. Yesterday I wanted to take a bath but it was late so I didn\'t. So today I decided to go to church. But something really baf happened. I was thinking about sex, feeling aroused but I didn\'t him or masturbate. So when I can\'t control myself, I humped the bed for a second and stopped then I masurbated, but not that long and not to much. I did it slowly for a very short time. I did it for 3 seconds. You see I\'m telling the truth. May you please forgive me Jesus and God? I\'m so sorry. People make mistakes. I\'m so sorry, please forgive me with heart and soul. Please lord! In Jesus name, Amen.
i am grateful
Im Ela from Italy. My husband left me for no reason on 24th of May 2011. He moved in with another woman, I felt like killing myself. Ive tried different spell casters and went to different churches to pray but all to no avail. My life was very bitter and sorrowful. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about a man called Da abacha. he said him gave him some lucky numbers that he played in a lottery and he won 5 fives consecutively. I didnt believe it because Ive worked with so many of them and it didnt work. He begged me further so I decided to try this great man called Dr abacha. I contacted him and I gave him the necessary information. after the days which he gave me, the next day which was on the 29th of July, I received a call and it was my darling husband. He apologized and came back to me crying for a second change and he even gave me money to start up a business as a means of compensating me on that very day before leaving. Im now a very a happy woman and our marriage vows were renew again and ever since he has shown me love like never before. Thank you dear Dr abacha, I will forever be grateful to you. You can reach him in this email:abachasolutiontemple367@gmail.com. she will solve any problem you are facing now. Try him today and share your own testimony. i know some people will look at it in the other way round, dont ever hide your problem, because if you do, you will never find the solution. also share your problem with friends, they might be of help to you. thanks for taking your time to read my testimony\r\n
Jesus please help me pass all of my classes this semester. I am so close to not passing math. Jesus I need your help more than anything please god please hear my prayer please help me please I beg you lord. Please. I love you for everything you\'ve done in my life so far and I would still love you for what you\'re about to\r\nDo but god please, help me in my studies. Please god, please help me pass all of my classes please Jesus Christ please.
Lifetime decisions
Dear Lord Jesus Christ,\r\n\r\nSincere thanks from my heart in helping me out in all the toughest times I had. It was completely a miracle how you have transformed my life. I did not expect and never thought I will have to say bye bye to a relationship that lasted for many years. Its your decision Lord and I completely accept. Now that its broken, please help her in making wise choices in selecting a life partner if not already married and help her from being trapped by strangers. \r\nNow that my parents are in search of a girl for my marriage, please help us find a decent one Lord. A family has been approached and her father has not been giving any reply. She loves me and if it is your thought, please help us in connecting and a pleasant future ahead Lord. Please touch her dad and make him think and accept for the proposal Jesus. Please prepare him to express his views and accept our proposal. I will get to you a soul that never knew you by marrying her Lord once her parents accepts.\r\nPlease forgive me for all the mistakes I have done in the past. Also help me change the way I think about my past and it hurts me lot thinking about my broken relationship.\r\nPlease fulfill your wishes planned for me Lord.\r\nKeep my parents healthy and happy throughout. My family members and relatives, give them peace. I pray for street children, please help them get new homes Lord. Amen.
jesus pls help i want become a gud homoeopathy doctor in kanchipuram nd i want manoj am proposwd but he nt responding am still love manoj he accept love he also told am accept pls bless me lord
My wish
Dear Father \r\nJesus\r\n I do love you papa am you are like the father of all so am calling you papa with love.Papa my exam was not good and I wants a good marks.I knows it very well that I didnt followed your rules and did many sins which you may didnt like.But papa I love you papa atleast for my parent\'s happiness and for my mom\'s happiness who blindly belives in you do.make me pass with a good percentage papa.It has been written in the bible to.ask u to seek u through prayer you will fullfill it.Lord do mercy on us please.I beg you I beg you forgive me for my all sins.\r\nAmen.
help im a screw up
I hope jesus help me with my problems.
hi god
I\'m sorry and I love you.
i missed writing to u
Dear my Dearest Father,\r\n\r\nOhhh! I long to write for u a letter, its been a while now, what a feeling of relieve to be in contact with u by letter.Lord Jesus thank u for my car, its stunning. Give me power not to fear while driving as its my first car.\r\n\r\nThank for my parents, brothers, fiancee, and my prophet. Bless him as he teach and guide us all times.\r\n\r\nGod u are my refuge, and u make most high in your dwelling.\r\nLove u, your sweet thing Buhle.:D
am sorry jesus
dear lord\r\ni love you .you have given me soo much. blessed me with everything that i ever needed. i have never thanked you from the depth of my heart and it pains me. :( bt i just want you to know that i love you. you have been always there for me. you have been always there to catchme when i fall. thank you lord. \r\nam sorry for all the sins i have done. i have been a bad kid lately. thinking that i dont need you. you know i was angry at you for taking my dad away from me. the only thing i have ever asked you was to look after my dad and when he died i felt betrayed........ but now i realise how silly i was. am sorry jesus.\r\ni have hurt you bad . am sorry. i love you jesus. love you soo much. please forgive me....... please.i just want you to know that you are my hero jesus!\r\nhugs n kisses\r\nsandra
2nd Chance for me Papa Jesus
I sent this letter to you for my biggest sin that i have done to you, because i had done it again you know what i meant. Please, give me a 2nd chance to conceal or to clean all of my sins to you.I love this girl so much and i don\'t want to ruin her entire life. I love you Papa jesus, you are the only one that i have right now, please 2nd chance :) Bless me :)
pls pray for my spirituality and my CET Exam ..i must pass in it...
Jesus, please help me pass my A&P class.
jesus pls help me i desire to marry on manoj realy i love him i want marry him pls god help me..
hi Jesus
Dude,\r\nWhat\'s up with all of your folowers posting memes on Facebook of how awesome you are because of your powers of healing through love, and then turning around and posting other memes demanding a violent overthrow of our government or ictures of their gun collection? I mean seriously, WTF (what the frankincense)? Would you please let then know that\'s totally un-Christlike and hypocritical?
I am sorry
I am sorry for my sins please forgive me Iu r in my heart
Dear father,\r\nForgive me lord .I\'m a sinner lord.\r\nPlease forgive all my sins and please dont leave me..I LOVE YOU Father.\r\nMake me as best person in my profession\r\nPlease give me a baby..I\'m praying for baby since 10 years.you answered all my prayers except this.Please answer this prayer ..Amen\r\n
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\n In consecutive 3 nights i have bad Dreams. Jesus please guide me and show me the truth. Jesus some people love to kill animals and my heart is broken. Please guide them and don\'t let them kill poor animals. Jesus I am very sorry for my sin. I confess my sins in May 10, 2014. I love you Jesus Thank you for saving us and thank you for all the blessings that you give to me and to my family.
Hi jesus can we talk about sin when I get to Hevaen?
please help my friend jim
Please help my friend Jim who was just diagnosed with cancer.:(
I whant to go to heaven with you jesus.
I love you.\r\n
Please help me
I have tones of tones of financial issue i have lost every thing in my life , is death is only my solution
may holly Jesus plese help me chage my work place,my life mey ur mercy be on me
Promises made
I have promises from my family and friends and devils that have come to me and hurt me against my will despit the fact I am a born again believer .... and they have stopped me from prayer against john 6:37 and many other scriptures that is in the WORD OF GOD that cannot be broken... john 10:35 , and Isaiah 12:24 , and Isaiah 55:11 ..... im getting raped by this devil and hurt and don\'t know why god would go against the scripture Hebrews 4:15 that says he was tempted in all points like me ..... and that he that is born of GOD keepeth himself and the wicked one toucheth him not ??? nor sure why he said I will know the Truth and the truth will set me free , I know truth , john 17 says he would keep them that believe on him through their word from evil , he swore to it !!! , and pornography is being put in my head and I was manually ejaculated by this devil , against my own will while the queer thing just did what it wanted , and im a born again believer mind you with no willful sin ,, and JESUS HIMSELF WAS TEMPTED IN >>>> ANYONE LISTENING >>> ALLLLLLLL POINTS >>> ALL POINT >>> ALL POINTS >>>> ALL POINTS >>> ALL POINT WHAT DOES ALL MEAN .... LIKE WE ARE YET WITYHOUT SIN WHERE DID JESUS GET SCRIPTURE WHEN HE SAID TO SATAN... THOUT SHALT NOT TEMPT THE LORD THY GOD ... OR THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE LORD THY GOD AND HIM ONLY SHALT THOU SERVE
Thank you
Hi Jesus!\r\nI just wanted to thank you. Thank you that I\'m alive and healthy.\r\n\r\nCan I ask you a question ?\r\nWhy do I Live in that family? Is this a punish for me? \r\nI\'m quite unhappy and sad...the only person who really Cares about me is my grandmother.\r\nI really love and appreciate her.\r\nPlease take care of her.\r\n\r\nThank you and have a great day\r\nYours truly\r\nLia\r\n\r\n
Help and Guide me each and everyday.
Dear God,\r\n\r\nFirst of all, I want to thank you for always being there for me. For not leaving me alone, for giving me strength, to fight and face everyday trials in my life.\r\n\r\nPlease guide me all through the day, help me surpass the problem and trials that I am facing right now.\r\n\r\nPlease protect all my loved ones and let them know I loved them.\r\n\r\nPlease help me in my studies, help me to understand clearly all the subjects that I\'m preparing for the upcoming board exam this coming October 2014.\r\n\r\nHelp me to become a good and better person, help me to become more like Jesus. Always remind me of your plans and for my purpose.\r\n\r\nThank You Lord.\r\n
juses help me
Dear god i am. father of two beautiful girl i use to be fun till i start hanging out wit the wwrong crowd now i got a bsd happit i need u to help me out of this sin please for give me i don\'t know wat to dfo i am struggling wit my addictions that i have been giving it to my self and its getting out if control please help me can\'t do this on my own
Am I forgiven?
Lord I have turned to you. I have committed lent. I\'m so sorry! Please Forgive me \r\n
Blessings for school
Dear Jesus,\r\n\r\nI first would like to thank you for all that you do to protect my family and I. You are truly amazing and it is something that I, regrettably, forget to say to you. Thank you for Leah\'s recovery and mine also. I am especially thankful for you and your angels constantly watching over Justin. That is only your grace. \r\n\r\nI would like to ask for one the strength to make to Wednesday afternoon. I am growing restless and weary. I need your strength to move on. I also would like to ask for your blessings for tomorrow\'s AP pre-test. I know if it is your will there will a way. If I do not make it, then there is something else left in store for me. Another thing I would like your blessings over is Prom, both of them. Please allow me to find the perfect dress and even if I don\'t then please allow me to have a great time. Allow my classmates and I to have a wonderful, safe time. Lastly, I would like to pray for my mom and my brother. They are on their last stretch and are about to move onto their next chapter in life, I pray for their blessings and safe-keeping. \r\n\r\nThank you Jesus again for all that you do. I am eternally grateful for everything you have bless my family and I with and in turn I hope I live and walk in your grace. Love you and thank you again. \r\n\r\nSincerely & Gratefully,\r\n\r\nCierra Chandler
Forgive me
Today i would like to ask god for forgiveness, he\'s given me well over enough chances to get on the right path and do better and all i have done was fail him. i would like to apologize and i pray that everything goes right from now on with me on a straight path...thank you
i am so scared about my life :(..please help me Jesus
Bless me
Please make me healthy to do a lots of beautiful work every day.
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,courage to change the things I can,and wisdom to know the difference?
Dear Jesus
Jesus I want to thank you for everything that I have and I want to pray for all the needing souls out there in the sinful world. Help all the weary but worthy souls find peace. Help all the needing children and abused. Thank you for all of your love and forgiveness and everlasting life! IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN
I lI love you
Lord\r\nI want to thank you for stopping me into doing something stupid\r\nI want to thank you for loving me with all your heart even if i am not the best daughter for you at the moment\r\nI want to ask for repentance and that i may not do this sin once again\r\nLord , I want to serve you and only you lord, so please Lord, be with me and guide me and send down your holy spirit upon me Lord \r\nAmen\r\n
missing plane
[size=100][/size]dear jesus the plane is missing and a lot of people are on it please make it come back and hope all people are well please jesus bring the plane back i ask this in your might name amen
dear jesus, please let my husband david Lindsay be with you and god. please let him be happy and painless. please let him contact me so I will know he\'s ok and happy and painfree, because I love and miss him so much. thank you, amen, and I love you too. carol lindsay
real or not?
dear jesus
remember when you were in my bed and you came in my bed and to calmed me down until i was a sleep love alexa.:)
Hello Jesus
Hello Jesus\r\n\r\nThank you for not giving up on me. You have never let me go, and show me grace when I feel I least deserve it. Feel like I\'ve lost you. Please find me again Lord. I miss you . Feel very lonely and keep making mistakes. Can\'t help loving you, though, if I\'m really to be honest. Love Alison
thank you
father sometime we get no words to describe and no words from where to start.. just to thank you for everything..amen
Father why not today father why not??? Why aint you hearing my prayers..why not jesus why not??
father are you really ignoring me and my prayers or you do really have some plans for me.. but father i really want to study abroad and for now it is what m in need the most so more and again I\'m begging you for the same.. so father please help me please
father please help me please
Father please today let it happen please father please.. Bless me one more time and bring back my happiness father please i beg you jesus please today.. I beg you beg you and i beg you again jesus please.. I have been begging you since one year for the sane thing father please grant me today please jesus please\r\nAmen
father will you help me again
oh heavenly father firstly i would like to thank you for everything what you have owed me.. m really thankful for your love and care.. but father as human desire is never ending but nothing is impossible in your kingdom. please help me one more time please father please let tomorrow be the one testimonial of my life so that i could give the example of yours miracle..please father help me please.. all prayers keeping in the name of jesus..\r\namen
god, i need answer for question arise in my life, i prayed to god to get a job , my prayer becomes true as i asked ,but the job as 5 year bond with sale ,so i became not interested in that ,u know i got what i prayed but .............. i have gone to the place where i have to join since dad told me,but after reaching there and i got confused and said my dad that iam not going to that job at the at the time of joining ,we return back ,so my relative said me to join in the company of my relative ,i don\'t like depending on my relative but i force to do , now iam working with him, its not a job for my degree ,so why my wish became true but why i den join....................confused ,depressed give me a solution please iam your child standing alone on the middle of the road hold my hands and take me with you god please......................
Father please let it happen today please father today please...
Oh heavenly father please help me please.. Make my way easy where i want to step n help me to cross this way father please this time i really want please father please
first sermon
please pray for me next wed. im giving my first sermon
I need you
Jesus, as much as I try to do things on my own and in my own way, I need you. I need you to remind me to love my wife and kids. I need you to forgive me when I do things that I know aren\'t right or good. \r\n\r\nI am thankful that I\'m forgiven through the power of Your sacrifice on the cross, but at times I feel as though there are things that I need to do to earn your forgiveness - I remind myself that nothing on earth and no one on earth could earn your grace and forgiveness. \r\n\r\nI suppose the entire sum of my life up to this point is one of gratitude for your grace - I don\'t deserve to be where I am and to have what I have. Thank you Jesus. Please continue to remind me how much I need you.
Heavenly father firstly i would like to thank you so much for keeping your blessings in my life.. Father i would like you to keep your blessing in my whole life.. More then than without asking you, i know you alrady knew wgat i want more and most.. Please father m really in need of your help father please obe more miracle i need pleasr help me father please.. Prayers in the name of jesus\r\nAmen
I want to thank you Lord for everything you have done for me !!!\r\nI want to thank you for the food you provide \r\nI want to thank you for the water\r\nI want to thank you for the shelter\r\nI want to tahank you for my family\r\nI want to thank you for my friends\r\nI want to thank you for blessing me\r\nI want to thank you for loving me\r\nI want to thank you for caring for me\r\nI want to say sorry\r\nI want to say sorry for the lies\r\nI want to say sorry for hte mean thoughts\r\nI want to say sorry for the films I watch\r\nI want to pray\r\nI want to pray for forgiveness\r\nI want to pray for the world and its peace\r\nI want to pray for poverty\r\nI want to pray for health\r\nI ask this all in Christ\'s Jesus name \r\nAme \r\nPS I LOVE YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
please father
father as u already know i have been applying for australia for my further study but its been a year i have been waiting for my student visa.. father please grant me a visa please father please.. it will be possible only if you grant me.. father please help me please.. amen
Dear God:\r\n\r\nI haven\'t been myself lately. I have been frustrated with my work, my finances and almost everything in my life. Please put me back in the right track. I miss the calm life that I used to have. I miss the time that I\'m spending with you.. I miss almost everything... I\'m so troubled. Please come to my aid..\r\n\r\n
I love you Jesus. Your my God and savior!
thank you
i want you to know how happy you have made me since you came back into my life. \r\nthe air is fresser, the sun is brighter, life is so much more enjoyable with you in it.\r\nim trying to break through some barriers that satan has built up around love one\'s.\r\ni pray for the strenght to break through that wall with your mighty force with such a glow that they will know without a doubt that it is you \'\'our savior\'\'.\r\nthank you GOD
When are you coming back.
father please help me
father please help me please.. m really in need of your help.. nothing is impossible in your kingdom..if you wish nothing is impossible if you wish..father please grant me father please... amen
Thank you I need and attitude adjustment, that would be a spiritual breakthrough? I love you thank you for the power of the good side! Plus I have knowledge that citrus is akalizing I pray that you deliver me from this dark void to place were I can be held accountable for my actions and love myself so I can love others?
father i love you so much
father m so so so happy to have him in my life.. all credits goes to you, m really very thankful to you my lord.. i love you so so so much... thank you lord i really appreciate it.. and all the things keeping in you my lord and rest of my life in you..all in the name of jesus\r\namen..
I\'m sick i might die from the world i did cry to my counsler about this smack him around for me? So much fear you gotta power of good side me i need a spiritual breakthrough that will change my life forever envelope me with your love?
Father m i the one
Father there is no doubt m so very thankfulf to you because you have always been there when i needed you but father m i the one to suffer everytime?? Why do i have to cry and why does my every work remains pending why does it gets stuck father please help me. Father m really in need of you because you know everything before i say it.. Father please grant me father please help me please please please.. Prayers in the name of jesus amen
father please pelase please
father i love you so much and i trust u aswel.. father do you feel bore of me coz everytime i come, i come with problems.. but father i hope you understand me.. m your daughter so i only can share and ask you my father to listen me and help me to solve my problems.. father will you please grant me a student visa for Australia where i want to make my future and have good studies during my stay if you permit me.. please father there is no more days left to start my class so father please help me father please.. prayers in the name of jesus\r\namen
are u really real